Christian Testimony - December 2020

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 We both felt extremely comfortable with the other, a feeling of being home.  

Christian bride shows proof of marriage as she hugs husband

The ultimate prayer hug on their wedding day!

A happy Christian couple hugging while having a drink

Sheila and Eric in yet another hug!

Christmas date outdoors in front of Christmas tree for Christian couple

Sheila and Eric in a beautiful Christmas setting

Christian couple take selfie in front of house in the city

Don't Eric and Sheila look so 'at home' with each other!

Sheila read Eric's bio on Christian Cafe in the Summer of 2019. Eric is highly opinionated, extremely conservative and holds to a rigid, strongly set moral compass. He is also artistic, silly and loves Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. Sheila and Eric started writing each other which led to phone calls, FaceTime and then a plane trip for Sheila to Texas in October 2019. Within moments of meeting face to face the two embraced in a ten minute prayer hug sitting in a noisy airport.

Engagement started on Christmas Day, followed by the "social distance" wedding, mid-July 2020.

We're both from the USA. Sheila was from the MidSouth (born in Arkansas now living in Mississippi); Eric had lived his whole life in Houston, TX.

Met on early August 2019, married less than a year later in July. Blessed!

Sheila-sheila473 {Mississippi} & Eric-ericafechrist661 {Texas} December 2020

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 I drove 400 miles to meet her.  

Senior Christians pose with adult daughter after marrying

Distance wasn't a barrier to Sanders. Here he poses with his beautiful wife, Beverly.

Date night at restaurant for smiling Christian couple

New beginning, new family :)

Beverly and I met on Christian Cafe in March, 2020. After many emails and daily phone talks I drove the 400 mile distance to meet her in person.

On December 6th we were married by her Mother's (who is bedfast) bedside.

We have committed our life to honor the Lord in our marriage, home and journey.

Thanks Christian Cafe, for providing the platform to meet.

Sanders-narrowpath656 {Kentucky} & Beverly-rdinnc717 {North Carolina} December 2020

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 Each Day Is More Incredible Than The Last.  

Joyful Christian couple smiling while dressed up for dinner

Tim and Sue - the picture of happiness in an incredible marriage!

Man on stairs holding his beautiful Christian bride

Tim with his beautiful bride 15 years ago

Christian newlyweds smiling and sitting on pavement just after marrying

Sue and Tim's marriage has been marvellous

It's truly by God's grace that we celebrate our 15th anniversary this December 2020 - a journey that began with the help of! And my testimonial from 15 years ago continues to ring true, that "[e]ach day since I met my wife through this service has been more INCREDIBLE than the last."

We're blessed with 2 sons, and having the same Christian faith unites us in modeling Christ to them - through our husband-wife relationship, and in raising them up to be godly and honorable men, who find favor with God and their fellow men.

Our wedding theme verse from 15 years ago - "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes (Psalm 118:23)" - well describes our earthly marriage, as well as heavenly one to Christ. And, you're a part of "the Lord's doing"! It's wonderful to see that continues to provide this invaluable service to Christians around the world.

Tim-twill667 {Ohio} & Sue-daffodil697 {Malaysia} December 2020

[Editor's note: See February 2006 to read their marriage post 14 years ago!]

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 I have fond memories of the Service and Integrity of Christian Cafe, and have recommended it to hundreds of friends.  

Met my love 13 years ago on Christian Cafe. After dating 6 other Ladies ~ (all wonderful, but not for me!) ~ I found Margo and we dated for almost a year before we Married ( the same year we met, 2008).

Thank You for being here for me and the many you've helped find Joy and Love in a Companion.

Garry-garry474 {Ontario} & Margo December 2020

[Editor's note: See January 2021 to read Garry's follow up and photos!]

 Thanks For Your Website! I Found My True Love!  

Within a few days on Christian Cafe, there were at least four that responded to my profile, I had prayed just before I joined a few days before, and had a vision: my mate had long dark hair, and appeared to be a foreigner. To my surprise there was one profile that stood out more than the others, and I responded, and glory and behold, we hit it off! Now we are getting together later this month of December 2020, and making out plans to be Married.

Thanks Christian Cafe, and most of all I'm thanking God for this site, and miracle.

Ricky-idealtas600 {Oregon} December 2020

 I was a member for many years and when I gave up all hope, I met Judi.  

I did meet my wife on Christian Cafe and we were married on August 1.

I had let me time run out but kept my profile posted. My wife was active on the site and wrote me. I then came back and we started corresponding, moving eventually to regular chats and finally phone calls. After six months I met her and four months later we were married. I have Christian Cafe to thank.

Tom-sojo115 {Illinois} & Judi-judi513 {Wisconsin} December 2020

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 I met my soon-to-be-fiance on  

He's my first boyfriend and I'm his first girlfriend. We have both saved ourselves for marriage. We share the same views and beliefs in almost everything. He's the most awesome person I've ever met.

I thought I'd only have my bf in my 30s but someone who's that awesome changed that. We're going to be engaged in less than a month, in the Maldives with my my sister and brother as a witness (he's flying in from NY). I'm so excited.

He has visited my family in NYC many times and slept at my parents house, and also brought my brother with him for their family get together. We're like big family already.

I'm forever thankful for And I see you have really amazing people in the site.

And because of that, I invited some of my very good, very faithful-to-God Filipina friends to join and some of them met their lovers in too!! I'm really happy for that! Now I'm introducing to my cousins :)

Chillpha-pastornellie242 {Philippines} December 2020

 I found a serious Christian on  

I leave it now to God ... His will should be done in my life, not mine.

Sandra-sandra1295 {Switzerland} December 2020

 You all do an excellent job.  

I do really enjoy and the way it's run.

Michelle-arielle273 {Michigan} December 2020

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 I met a guy more than a year ago, on  

I'm getting married next April.. yes, to him! :)

Thank you for creating the app!

Sharom-aeli918 {Ecuador} December 2020

[Editor's note: See February 2021 testimonial for their engagement announcement and July 2023 for their wedding announcement!]

 I no longer need Christian Cafe!  

I met someone on your site!

Benjamin-benjamin115 {Minnesota} December 2020

 I don't need Christian Cafe anymore :)  

Thanks to Christian Cafe I found someone and we are now married.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Joseph-ocg756 {Ontario} December 2020

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Already a member? Sign in here. is a safe place and would recommend it to anybody.  

Thanks for the opportunity.

Nosida-sissa502 {South Africa} December 2020

 I have watched over the years as you again in my opinion have surpassed other dating sites in every area.  

Such a relief to avoid all the hackers and frauds on other sites. I realize even you face this daily...but you are doing one great job in providing a safe haven for the members.

I want to thank you as well for the help you offered me in the past. That is exactly why has become in my opinion the number one Christian dating site.

Keep up the good work and I will, like so many others, be here to support your work with both prayers and membership.

Gene-tenderock709 {Indiana} December 2020

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 You folks are really wonderful!  

I wish I had joined years ago.

Marlene-angelwings669 {British Columbia} December 2020

 Going on 7 years of marriage.  

We met on Christian Cafe almost 8 years ago. We are so eternally grateful to the Lord that in His good providence that we found each other through this means. We met on here and 9 1/2 months later we were married.

What a testimony to God's grace and His faithfulness. Thank you for playing match maker and blessing us. I have the one in whom my soul delights.

We set our foundations and hope on Christ and His gospel alone. He has been the bedrock of our marriage. If we were left to our own devices we this wouldn't work.

Jared-jaredsg331 {Virginia} & Maryanna-lulabug391 {Virginia} December 2020

 Congratulations on your Newsweek #1 customer service award! deserves to have this prestigious award as per my personal experience with you guys.

You live by your vision and philosophy. I can say Christian Cafe is not only for profit being a business organization, but you serve your customers in an excellent way and distinctively, Christian!

Again, my congratulations!

Emily-joanna370 {Philippines} December 2020

[Editor's note: See March 2020 for more praise from Emily!]

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