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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Are you seeking a truly dating conservative website that can help you connect with someone who has similar faith, values, and outlook in life as you do? Ready to make the big commitment of marriage? If you're seeking a safe and secure matchmaker service, then the solution is at your finger tips. Your satisfaction is our goal, as it has been with over 25,000+ couples who met because they all started with a free trial profile. It could happen to you, too!

Single men and women who are conservative-minded with a similar outlook on the world, prefer to be around others with the same convictions and views about life. This is why so many come join us. We focus on Christian conservatives and it's important for them to know that we're one of the few dating websites that is actually owned and operated by fellow Believers. Being single nowadays isn't easy, and even moreso when you're a conservative Christian seeking someone with the same convictions and political views. And, believing in Jesus when seeking a compatible match online.

We've been assisting the singles community since 1999. The online Christian community trust us as one of the most authentic and reliable dating sites for Believers who are seeking long-term relationships, with the goal of marriage. Come experience am exciting and fun way of meeting and connecting with potential soulmates for you. It doesn't matter if you are searching for fellowship, friendship, or a serious relationship, it's all up to you. You'll be able to mingle with all kind of conservatives who are members with us. Dating conservative doesn't need to be hard or complicated when you have us as your main meeting point, your love life can start going in the direction you always wished it would. Our singles are exciting, accomplished, and fun to be around.

If you've been unattached for a long time and you're getting discouraged with the dating scene, then come check out our dating platform. Our singles are here because they're serious about meeting other conservatives who are seeking true relationships and fellowship. And, the desire a mate who loves Jesus as much as they do. At our matchmaker service, you can quickly create your very own free trial profile, where you'll be able to communicate for free for 10 days (7 days for creating your account and 3 more for posting a photo). Our goal is to connect like-minded Believers based on their faith, values, interests, likes, dislikes and above all, their love for Christ. As the Bible commands, we should seek only equally yoked relationships and what better place than a website dedicated to single Christians?

Perfect matches are easier to find and pursue when you don't have to deal with secular folks in the mix. When your join our matchmaking service, you'll quickly see that our members chose because they were tired of dealing with so many secular people on other dating platforms. How can you mingle with fellow conservative believers, when there are so many who aren't?

Dating conservatives is a great way to help you stay strong with your convictions by meeting and mingling with like-minded single people. Relationships aren't always easy to find and a good one even harder. Except, not with as your meeting point online! You, too, could just connect with your true love here, as so many before you have.

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