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Yes, we're Christian owned and have been successfully matching Christian singles since 1999.


Are you seeking Christian dating for marriage? Having difficulty in meeting and connecting with potential matches? Are you tired of the same old singles scene? When singles are serious about finding a long-term relationship, they come to the premier matchmaker service online, So, if you're searching for the best online personals to find your ideal partner, you've just landed at the perfect place to find your true love. has been assisting the singles community since way back in 1999. In fact, we've helped over 25,000 couples connect with their perfect match. If we were able to make their dream of connecting with their helpmeet come true, we could just help you, too. Single men and single women are joining dating services such as ours on a daily basis. For those Christians dating for marriage, though, you want a serious singles site, not a casual one. We're all about connecting single Christians for marriage.

Now, you'll find Christian dating for marriage websites out there, but none are as good or, more importantly, as authentic as ours. We're real Christians working behind the scenes here. We share your faith in Jesus Christ, so have the same values and traditions as you. Most dating sites are actually owned by secular companies that are using Christianity as a way to make money off of Christians. Don't be fooled by them. They don't care about your faith or worship Jesus. They don't have Him as their personal Savior. So, why spend any time with dating sites owned by unbelievers? We operate our business with Christian values. If you want to support a business that has our shared Christian faith as its top priority when seeking a mate, you've come to the right place.

When we designed our singles site, we also wanted make it safe and private for our members. You can safely mingle with your potential matches online with us, while also enjoying a great venue to make new friends and have fun. So, if you're looking for a reliable matchmaker that also has a safe and secure environment for Christians seeking their soulmate, you've come to the most trusted dating service you can find online.

More and more single men and women are taking their search for true love to the Web. We exist to help those who want to be matched by a Christian matchmaker. We're a popular dating service among Believers. Sure, you can find many different personal services, but we're the best and most authentic relationship service online. We think our 50,000+ now married singles would agree!

So, if you want to check out a great dating site, then come join our free trial online dating portal. Let us help introduce you to your future spouse. Create your free trial profile with us and make your search for a Christian dating for marriage an enjoyable and exciting experience. C'mon in and join thousands of singles who are searching for their true love with us. Could that be you?



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