Christian Testimony - November 2020

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 He looked so adorable trotting across the parking lot of the restaurant toward me! I was smitten!  

Delaware Christian woman poses in beautiful white wedding dress with husband, also from Delaware, and in pale blue suit

A smitten Diane marries the love of her life, Bob :)

God led us to each other. We met on Christian Cafe August 05, 2018 and had our first date August 25, 2018.

Bob has a heart for God and had all the fruits of the spirit!

We were engaged October 6, 2019. Bob proposed on his knees on Rehoboth Beach, DE at sunset. Very romantic :)

We were married in an intimate ceremony before God in the beautiful gardens of the Causey Mansion in Milford, DE on May 31, 2020.

Bob posted the following online the day of our wedding ceremony:

We are so blessed and so happy that today we were able to stand before our Lord and to be among a small gathering of friends, old and new, present and in spirit, and on this gloriously beautiful day, to be joined as husband and wife.

It really doesn't matter what we thought our life's plans were, our Savior had this plan for us, and that is where our faith lies. We have individually been through peaks and valleys and He has yet to let us down. We have no regrets in our past lives because they have given us beautiful memories to share as we now undertake this journey together.

I love you, Diane. We love and miss our family and friends that couldn't be there in person and look forward to the day that we can be together again!

Here is our best advice for couples: Put God first in your lives. "Seek first His kingdom, and all these things will be given to you" Matt 6:33.

Second: wait. Even though the attraction was strong, we waited. We are in our 50's and through experience have learned that taking things slow, even though the temptation is great, is the best way to bond deeply. We talked and discussed each other's outlooks and values first before becoming intimate. And we fell in love with each other long before intimacy.

"A cord of three strands is not easily broken." Eccl 4:9-12

I've never loved anyone this deeply! May all Christian Cafe couples find love like this!

Diane-dancerreborn236 {Delaware} & Bob-justbob810 {Delaware} November 2020

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 We have traveled the world together literally and will celebrate being married for ten years.  

Christian Army man in black suit poses with young Texas Christian wife who is dressed in beautiful white wedding dress

A very happy Dustin and Maria will celebrate 10 years of marriage next month!

My wife and I met through ChristianCafe in October 2010. I was in the United States Army and my wife was in Texas.

After talking with each other on in the first week of October, we then met for the first time the night before Thanksgiving of that same year. I received orders to Germany in November and we decided to get married on the 31st of December 2010.

We have been going strong, continuously getting to know each other and growing in our faith in God. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of something that helped bring us together.

Dustin-sigboy518 {Oklahoma} & Maria {Texas} November 2020

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 I have deleted my account due to finding my soul mate.  

Thank you so much for your app/website!

Brandon-kingskid756 {Alabama} November 2020

 I am compelled with hope that I'll find what I've been longing for here. is so organized and keeps you wanting to know more. It's so enjoyable and less stressful than others. This site's authenticity and organization makes you want to look for the money asap :) Keep the good work going!

Esther-ethy874 {Uganda} November 2020

 For sure Christian Cafe is the most secure dating site.  

I am so grateful for you to give me this opportunity.

Sam-sam1282 {Ontario} November 2020

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 I want to congratulate Christian Cafe for the opportunity to meet people from different cultures in the same site.  

Cintia-cintia361 {Brazil} November 2020

 I found my soulmate on Christian Cafe!  

Thank you!!

Donald-wyoming325 {Montana} November 2020

 I had a good experience while on  

Thank you for providing a quality website for Christian singles to mingle and meet.

Denise-lovelifedee343 {Georgia} November 2020

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 I want to thank you very much.  

You are really stand up people trying to do your best for the members!!

Mitchell-mitchs349 {Florida} November 2020

 I found my soulmate on  

Thank you Christian Cafe. I met my Christian match and we got married. We had a beautiful church wedding on 16 October 2020. Thank you once again very much.

Esther-esther3752 {Kenya} & Charles-charles3668 {Kenya} November 2020

 I must say, so far is the best.  

I'm really enjoying myself here.

Joyce-joyce237 {Zambia} November 2020

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