Christian Testimony - October 2020

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 I'm marrying someone I met on!  

Young Brazilian Christian single poses next to fiance in beautiful Brazil

Don't Matthew and Leticia look happy together!

Happy young Christian couple smiling in selfie

Matthew and Leticia in beautiful Brazil

I am so grateful to say that I am engaged to someone I met on

She is from Brazil, and I am from the United States, so we are starting the process to get her a K1 Fiance visa.

Thank you so much. I am so, so, grateful for your help!

Matthew-matthew723 {Mississippi} & Leticia-leiicam663 {Brazil} October 2020

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 Found the most amazing woman!  

Christian couple dressed all in white hold hands while looking at camera

A very proud Samuel marries his amazing wife, Clara

Beautiful Christian couple in front of pool at resort in Tanzania

Clara and Samuel enjoying time together in Dar Es Salaam

I am here to extend my gratitude to Christian Cafe for being the medium from which I found the amazing love of my life, Clara, from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

I met her in Christian Cafe in November 2019 and we finally had our beautiful wedding on the 25th September 2020 In Dar Es Salaam city.

Thank you Christian Cafe for being a part of this great miracle.

Samuel-chilkan286 {Sweden} & Clara-mussie513 {Tanzania} October 2020

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 Still going strong!  

Christian family at lookout in South Africa

The happy family in South Africa

Family looking at camera with ocean and hills in background

Don't they make a beautiful family!

Silly faces on plane ride for Christian couple married 14 years

Nathan and Ingor still enjoying life together!

Selfie on plane showing parents and 3 children in background

Family selfie on the plane!

In January 2006 my wife and I met on Christian Cafe. You shared a beautiful post of our story.

Today, in 2020, we're still going strong by God's grace. Little Dana in our photos you posted is now 18 years old and graduated from high school and we've added two other beautiful girls to our home. Thought we'd share how far we've come. Our journey started on your site. Adding some wonderful family pics from our trip to South Africa where we got married and the link to our post from 2006 on your site. Thanks so much for the work you do.

Nathan-shalom569 {Ontario, Canada} & Ingor-swit306 {South Africa} October 2020

[Editor's note: See June 2006 to read their marriage post 14 years ago!]

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 We would like to testimony our happy end story :)  

Swiss Christian couple holding hands in tree-lined garden

A very happily married Leyla and Philippe!

Swiss Christian couple just married, sitting on bench looking to the side

Philippe and Leyla in a beautiful wedding in Switzerland

The highlight for all Christian singles:

God is great, merciful and faithful. His hears our prayers and hears our cries to Him. Have patience and have persistence in your prayer - God sees your heart. We are a true testimony of the Greatness of the Living God!

We met on 2016 August on I had been on for a year and Philippe only for a few weeks, when he sent a wink, which I didn't take seriously, since his profile was empty :) After 10 days of thinking I responded to his wink and from there our journey began!

We met many times, here and there, visiting each other's families. I took the courage to travel first to meet Philippe in Switzerland, so ladies take courage!

Philippe proposed on the 7th of September 2018, in an idyllic place next to a mountain lake in Switzerland. Since then, the time went by quickly and we got our civil marriage last year in September and got married before God 3 weeks ago.

One more thing - don't let bad experiences stop you. You might as Leyla did, go through heart-breaking moments in life or on dating sites. The most important is to keep your heart intact and keep looking because there is someone waiting for you, somewhere.

Leyla-leyla624 {Azerbaijan} & Philippe-keymaker000 {Switzerland} October 2020

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 Update: my engagement and wedding!  

Brazilian bride in white dress lighting wedding candles with American groom

Don't they both look so contented on their wedding day!

Christian mother of the bride in red dress posing with daughter

Proud mother of the bride!

Brazilian formerly single Christian smiling with American Christian husband

A joyous Aparecida with an equally joyous Aaron!

Married couple surrounded by flowers

A very happy Aparecida and Aaron after marrying

Family wedding shot including parents next to vases and bouquet of flowers

Posing with Aaron's parents

Aaron and I got engaged in January, 2020 and had decided to marry in Brazil in May. Then, the pandemic came and we went through many situations.There was a ban to enter in Brazil which was extended for 3 times and we could only marry in August.

Even though we've had busy days, we needed to return to where everything started to share with you how God has blessed us till now.

James1:17 "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."

Aaron's parents came and we had a small but beautiful ceremony. People always ask me how I met my love and I say: in

God bless you always and thanks again.

Aparecida-shiddy333 {Brazil} & Aaron {Kansas} October 2020

[Editor's note: See October 2019 for Aparecida's post after first meeting Aaron!]

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 I want to thank God for using Christian Cafe as a medium for me to find my wife.  

African Christian couple standing on grass and smiling

A very happy Dwayne with his beautiful bride Liz

I have been an active member since 2017. In May, I found my wife and got married on the 3rd. October, 2020. We are both living together now. She moved from Cameroon to join me in Liberia. Thank you Christian Cafe and God bless you.

Dwayne-ebizi765 {Liberia} & Liz-lizblessed793 {Cameroon} October 2020

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 We are very happy with married life!.  

Christian groom smiling at his Brazilian Christian wife while she beams at camera

Josue smiles at beautiful Katiuce who beams with joy after marrying

[Editor: translated from Portuguese]

I met Josue here on Christian Cafe, thanks to God. God brought us together for our courtship, which was fast, about 6 months. We met in March and had our first meeting here in Goiania-GO, Brazil, in person on July 6. On September 30 we got married.

May the Lord fulfill the desires of your single members.

Katiucea-katiuce543 {Brazil} & Josue {Brazil} October 2020

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 I would happily renew if it were necessary but...  

I am more happy to report I have met someone and we will be marrying in the near future!

This couldn't have happened without the grace of God partnered with ChristianCafe, there is no doubt. Know that I am tremendously grateful, and after an exhaustive search and investigation of over a year I am resting in the faith of our Lord's provision and she is the one. Hallelujah!

Personally I know several people who are now excited about this process/opportunity. I believe brings glory to God and the kingdom that much closer together. Bless you all for being a part of the solution, at the very least, "renewing" the faith in the Father, knowing He is there for all members in all situations no matter what no matter where; overcoming this world through His son Jesus Christ.

Shane-forhim327 {Texas} October 2020

 I have met a wonderful gentleman who has been to meet me and my family.  

I will be going to meet his shortly.

Linda-lynne667 {Kansas} October 2020

[Editor's note: See April 2021 to find out what happened next!] is the best dating site I've ever joined.  

I've been here about a month now. I've enjoyed reading profiles and the forum interactions. I am on free days every now and then as I think about paying for subscription. Keep up the good work.

Esther-esther2562 {Kenya} October 2020

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 I'll definitely recommend to my friends and family or who are in need a great dating app.  

Thank you so much.

Hani-solideogloria364 {California} October 2020

 It is great to know y'all are looking out for people who set up fake accounts.  

Kathleen-kat8104 {Maryland} October 2020

 I just wanted to say a quick thank you! I met the man of my prayers and dreams on!  

We are getting married in 2 months! Thank you!

Heather-heather5551 {Pennsylvania} October 2020

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 Cancel my membership.  

I found someone on Christian Cafe I am talking to :)

Karla-karlaf873 {Tennessee} October 2020

 My husband and I met each other through almost 2 years ago.  

We were both located in Melbourne, Australia.

Margaret-Megstellah856 {Victoria, Australia} & Dan-dan7598 {Victoria, Australia} October 2020

 Thank you for the opportunity to meet the woman of my dreams.  

Back in April 2020 I winked at Jeannette and had no idea that God would lead us to marriage on August 27th. Praise Jesus!

It's truly been an amazing experience and we both owe Christian Cafe a special Thank You. Please let us know if you want/need a more formal testimony.

Ed-charter420 {Minnesota} & Jeannette October 2020

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 I have really been impressed with  

I knew I didn't want to use a traditional dating site, as I have seen and heard from friends the lack of values on them. However, I never expected when I Googled "conservative christian dating site" to have an actual website pop up. Ha! It has been enjoyable and not creepy.

Regardless of whether I meet someone, I know my spirit was moved to find a site for a reason, and I am thankful I was led to one that provides safety under biblical guidelines and values.

Christine-legacyroad503 {Louisiana} October 2020

 I found my match on Christian Cafe, we are currently planning our wedding.  

Gabrielle-gabrielle770 {Texas} October 2020

 Christian Cafe is the only site I would deal with.  

Christian Cafe is the best and they're Honest. I'm a Born Again Christian and I tried [another dating site] but they were Christian in name only. I'll be glad to get rid of it and rejoin the BEST site. Blessings for your wonderful site.

Judy-annatasia321 {New Zealand} October 2020

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