Christian Testimony - October 2019

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 I had not yet met the one who in my eyes and estimation, excelled them all...until Sarah  

Patient Christian single marries his dear bride who holds beautiful bouquet

Donald with his beautiful bride, Sarah

Proud Christians pose in front of Wedding cake

Could Donald look more proud!?

Sweet looking Christian couple seated and smiling after marrying

Aww, aren't they a sweet couple?

Husband and wife kiss in public surrounded by huge wedding party

Donald and Sarah only have eyes for each other!

Tender moment when groom kisses his beautiful wife tenderly on the head while outdoors next to corn field

A tender kiss from Donald to his new bride, Sarah

Donald's Story:

I decided the summer that I was six that when I grew up that I wanted to be married and be a good husband and father; it was this same summer that Sarah was born and her parents began praying for the man she would one day marry; it was also the summer I came to trust Christ, though it would be many years before I began living for Him.

I actually came to Christian Cafe a few times under different names, as years passed. My first time signing up was in January of 2001, because I wanted a Christian wife and knew no good Christian ladies at that time (mainly due to my own poor choices).

I was off and on, more off than on, until April of 2011, when I signed up to stay, until I met Sarah. It was a journey and there was some painful rejections along the way. But I also made some wonderful friendships. The forums and chat rooms (where I was even a monitor for a while) were a blessing and helped me connect, make friends, share views, and soften some of my hard edges. I begin to learn and meet many women who feared God and had done virtuously.

There were some ladies I met before Sarah that have remained friends and now are friends with her too, who helped me understand and relate to women as my friends and sisters in Christ. I first emailed Sarah June 16, 2018. My hopes were not super high at the time, but I hoped to at least encourage a sister in Christ and make a friendship.

Early on Sarah was more willing to discuss spiritual things with me than any lady I have ever known. I also shared with her some health issues: I was recently diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that had potential to have problems and was awaiting to know whether all the Melanoma cancer had been removed and that it hadn't metastasized. We began studying the Bible together daily on August 1st and have studied the Bible together virtually every day since. We began planning our first visit in September, to take place in early November, but agreed that it wasn't a date until we had spent sometime together and decided to make our relationship official by purposely dating, with the intent of determining we should marry.

I arrived at her parent's home early in the morning of November 5, 2018. I was greeted by a warm smile and an enthusiastic "You are finally here!" We love to talk about how true that was and much deeper in meaning than it was at the moment. Though we were both already pretty sure about the direction things were headed. After spending two and a half of the most relaxing and wonderful days I have ever spent with a lady and her family and being so warmly accepted by her family; Sarah and I went to her favorite grocery store deli, where I shared the details of my testimony that I had prepared her for and had been too hard for most women to hear. Sarah only responded with love and assurance of who she saw me now in Christ.

I asked her if we could make our relationship official and begin dating and she agreed and her face instantly glowed and showed an immense joy. We had agreed not to hold hands or hug, even though we are both huggers, until we were in a relationship. That first hug and holding of hands was truly special. We had also agreed and reconfirmed our commitment then, to save our first kiss for when and if we married (a commitment we kept).

We also bought her plane tickets for her first visit. The plan was to have her arrive November 26 and help with my church group at operation Christmas Child Processing Center in Denver the next day, before driving 5 hours to the area of Colo I lived in, but weather cancelled her flight and she did not arrive till the 27th, so we were unable to meet up with church group.

While she was here for a week she stayed with my pastor and his wife and became close friends with them, she also became good friends with my mother. It was during this week that we decided we would marry. We initially decided not to do the engagement ring, but I later decided to surprise her with one and actually asked her to marry me on my next visit. Her parent's helped me surprise her at a Valentine's Day lunch. She came to see me for her second visit and our last time together, before I traveled to NY for the wedding in early April and was here for about ten days.

A week before she arrived, I was unexpectedly let go; people expected us to call the wedding off or postpone it, until I was established in a job, but we were already committed and figured this was the second test of ''for richer and poorer and in sickness and in health.''

We married August 30th, in her dad's church, with her dad and my pastor sharing the ceremony. My brother and her brothers were the groomsman (3) and her three sisters and three best-friends were the bridesmaids. It was a beautiful wedding. I admit that the last 20-30 minutes or so I began to experience extreme nervousness and began to feel sick and twitchy, but as soon as she came through the back door of the church, it instantly melted away. We had traditional vows, but changed the order of the service somewhat. We shared a first kiss at the wedding and I married the only lady I ever dated.

I had asked many out only to be rejected, but Sarah was the only one I ever dated and I am so thankful that God brought this wonderful woman into my life and that we built our relationship first on spiritual things, then life goals and interests, then emotions, and then beginning only after we were married, on the physical.

Marriage has been far beyond my expectations in wonder. I have found the one my soul loves: a woman who fears the Lord and in whom I can and have safely trusted my heart. I cried many tears over the years and poured out a pained soul to God many times, but I can say that He answered my prayers above what I could ask or think and that Sarah was worth the wait and every tear and prayer.

My advice is to participate in the community and to come with an attitude of encouraging others and learning and not just seeking a spouse or date.

Sarah's add-ons:

First of all, I want to thank the Lord for His goodness and faithfulness! Little did I know, as I have prayed, waited and wondered all of these years, how remarkably He would answer my prayers in a way that only He could do. I honestly held out for a long time, before I tried an online site and only ever began, at the great encouragement of my sister.

I was on a couple different sites and met many people along the way. One man that I talked to for several months, was actually the one that first told me of Christian Cafe - God used him to bring me to this site, where I eventually met the love of my life.

I really appreciate the format of the Cafe, specifically the forums. Though I was not an active participator in the discussions, this gave me additional opportunity to read and learn the heart of Donald, and to further solidify all of the things that we talked about in our private discussions. I have been so greatly blessed by this man that God brought into my life and can look back and see His hand so fully in both our lives, bringing us to where we are today. The journey had its up and downs, but it was so worth the wait and God was faithful every step of the way.

Thank you for your site and for providing an avenue for God to do great things!

Donald-**redeemed680 {Colorado} & Sarah-sarah7780 {New York} October 2019

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 Christian Cafe was definitely a bridge used by God to accomplish His purpose to our lives.  

Bride looks out window on last day of being single

Rayana prepares herself for the wedding

Christian bride walking to church

One last moment of singleness for Rayana

Bride receives prayer and blessings for her marriage from Christians laying their hands on her head

Praying a blessing on Rayana's marriage

Beautiful Christian bride poses in dress holding bouquet in tropical setting

Rayana married - doesn't she look happy!

Groomsmen laughing and celebrating with groom while seated

The groomsmen relaxing and enjoying the celebration

Excited Christian couple with wedding guests in background


Beautiful setting for Christian wedding while bride and groom kiss

Rayana and Alexander share their love with the world

Christian woman in black dress in tender embrace from husband with Bridge in background

Rayana and Alexander in a beautiful setting!

The last few months were crazy, pretty busy in all aspects. We didn't have time to breathe.

But I wanted to update you on our story: We finally got married on October 6th, it was special, almost 50 people came from USA. The happiest day of our lives.

Here are a few pictures of the wedding.

Rayana-rayallforhim313 {Spain} & Alexander-ak313 {Michigan} October 2019

[Editor's note: See June 2019 testimonial for their engagement announcement.]

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 I don't wish to continue.  

I have found my match :)

Betty-bedya168 {Kenya} October 2019

[Editor's note: See September 2020 for a wedding photo!]

 I have no need to renew.  

Thanks to your services I have found my soulmate, and we are now engaged.

God bless !

George-geoconibear757 {New York} October 2019

[Editor's note: See March 2020 testimonial for George's update]

 Life is great: I found love!  

I am grateful: I met someone on and we are actively dating.

We met last year Dec and officially started active dating in May 2019. He got a visa to visit me in USA in July and we had the best of the times. He left USA in September to go back to Kenya. We are now meeting in Zimbabwe for a prophetic conference for a week.

Esther-emkin219 {Maryland} & David {Kenya} October 2019

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 I found love!  

I want to share the good news about the above mentioned headline!

God surely is awesome and He came through for us...that is the most beautiful woman I found on your dating site!

Her name is Ruth and she lives in Nairobi, Kenya! We are truly happy in our relationship and know that what God does is perfect... No mistakes here!

We are meeting April 2020 with God's help to get married! Therefore all glory to Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour for his favor and mercy. So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this site,and continue to bless you and pray for you in Jesus name.

Ramsay-humbleatheart366 {South Africa} & Ruth {Kenya} October 2019

 I really do appreciate the very good customer service.  

Thank you so much.

Sandra-tess264 {New York} October 2019

 ChristianCafe is such a blessing!  

I want to thank you for such a wonderful Christian dating site that you have! A wonderful place to meet someone!

I want to thank you for the free trial you given me in order to see what your site is all about. I've found it's a wonderful site! Thank you for the ChristianCafe site!

It's the best dating site to be on that there is today!

Don-tobyboy355 {Florida} October 2019

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 It really worked for me: I have found someone!!  

God answered my prayer through the Christian Cafe app. I won't need it from now on! Thank you so much - Christian Cafe was so helpful and I really appreciated it.

I want to say thanks a lot to God for giving you guys the wisdom of creating the dating site

God really brought us together for a reason: we both want to do God's work in Africa. How cool is that! We want to do so many things for God together. We are praying and trusting God to move in our hearts.

Ruth-tembo780 {Florida} October 2019

 Please delete my profile!  

I met and married a woman from!

Hembree-hsfmsc527 {South Carolina} October 2019

 Cancel my membership!  

I have met someone on and we're now pursuing a long term relationship. Thank you.

Kendall-kelseyk738 {Colorado} & Kathleen-gzusfreek945 {Arizona} October 2019

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 We just celebrated our second wedding anniversary in July.  

I met Bob on Christian Cafe on 2017. I am happily living on the shores of Lake Michigan, with my husband, in ministry together.

Lynn-arizbest783 {Arizona} & Bob-xman455 {Michigan} October 2019

 I'd like to thank you for allowing me to meet Aaron...  

After some time trying to get to know some people, God gave me the opportunity to meet a gentleman servant of Him.

We emailed each other for 2 months, then suddenly he said he was coming to Brazil from the U.S.A to meet me! And He came, stayed here for four days, met my family, my friends...we could develop a little more than just friendship.

Since I am an English teacher, I had already planned a trip to the U.S.A. before meeting I decided to visit him in Kansas on my trip. I met his family and stayed with his parents. We had a blessed time in God's presence. Then, we decided to start a relationship.

We're praying now for God's guidance to see what the future holds for us...but I couldn't miss sharing It with you since we met because of

Aparecida-shiddy333 {Brazil} & Aaron {Kansas} October 2019

[Editor's note: See October 2020 for a wedding update and some photos!]

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