Christian Testimony - September 2020

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 God answered our prayers. We are so happy and blessed.  

Senior Christian singles pose, with bride in rose dress and holding bouquet of flowers

Gayle and Frank have been tremendously blessed!

A couple months ago, we shared our dating and requested our profiles be removed from the Christian Cafe site.

We are now delighted to ask that our testimony be added to your site.

Frank and I were married on Saturday, August 29, 2020. We are so thankful to God and to Christian Cafe.

Both of us are seniors and our age didn't hinder us from finding true love. We hope others will take a chance on finding true love and starting a new adventure.

Again, thank you Christian Cafe.

Gayle-heartfelt137 {Arkansas} & Frank-borowalk658 {Arkansas} September 2020

[Editor's note: See July 2020 to read Gayle's first submission]

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 We hope that our success story will be an encouragement to others.  

Kenya Christian groom in white carrying his Kenyan bride as she laughs

William is over the moon he's married to Betty!

William and I met on on 12th September last year and got married on 1st August this year, in Nairobi.

Here is our wedding photo. Please do share our story with your community.

Betty-bedya168 {Kenya} & William-got455 {Kenya} September 2020

[Editor's note: See October 2019 to read Betty's first submission]

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 We are getting married this Sunday so we are one of your success stories!  

Beautiful Christian woman with her  husband who wearing a suit

The beautiful couple :)

Smiling selfie for Christian couple

BIG smiles for Cary and Sean :)

Christian husband holding wife for romantic kiss

Sean and Cary are very much in love!

Newlywed Christians posing by piano and smiling

The newlyweds pose after marrying

Kiss at the altar for Christian couple

Sean and Cary make it official!

It is quite a story.

Last year we both were in different relationships that ended and we weren't really looking much. I wasn't paying attention to my profile and he had just signed up for a trial. During those days he sent me a message about my special needs daughter. He has a special needs daughter as well and so that's how we first started talking.

We met on Christian Cafe in January and 6 weeks later he came to visit me in person and then the month after that I went to visit him. We went back-and-forth a couple of times and met each other's children, et cetera and then at the end of July I moved to Vermont to be with him. The rest is history.

We really are perfect for each other and I am amazed at how God brought us together from opposite ends of the country.

Thank you!!!

Cary-frontrangemom970 {Colorado} & Sean-sean354 {Vermont} September 2020

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 I met my wife on Christian Cafe so I'm no longer looking!  

Young Manitoba Christian singles just married, holding bouquet while posing outdoors

Nick proudly weds beautiful Diana

We got married in July.

Thanks very much!

Nick-nick747 {Manitoba} & Diana-Ann3570 {Manitoba} September 2020

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 Thank you Christian Cafe for your platform - without it I'm not certain our paths would have crossed!  

Christian family with 2 children stand outdoors in winter

Erin and Matt with their 2 "Cafe Babies"

Nearly eleven years ago, I met my husband Matt on Christian Cafe. We were both on the free trial, but that was all it took! We just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary in May 2020. We've added a couple Cafe Kids too - two little boys, now age 5 and 3.

We love telling the story of how we met, got engaged, how Matt moved to Alaska (where I lived when we met), and had a mutual friend, and how God's hand was so evident in all of it - it is quite a story and a great testimony to God's perfect plan! He continues to bless us and we see His work in our lives through every year we spend together.

We're now celebrating our 10-year anniversary and 2 "Cafe Babies"!

Erin-akfarmgirl633 {Alaska} & Matt-burrows885 {Oregon} September 2020

[Editor's note: See July 2010 to see their wedding photos from 10 years ago]

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 15 years married, 4 kids and counting! :-)  

Baby girl in white dress for Christian couple

"Cafe Baby" Eleah Rose at 6 weeks

Laughing baby girl in pink lying down

Isn't she just the cutest 5 month old!

2 barefoot boys pose with younger sister, who is dressed for school

Big brothers Kaden and Jamie with Ellie, who's now at school!

Christian couple being silly while wearing COVID masks

Proud parents Jon and Kellie celebrate 15 years of blissful marriage - COVID style

Another update from a successful Christian Cafe marriage:

We had our 4th and definitely last "Cafe Baby" in April this year, her name is Eleah Rose. She completes our family of 6 along with her sister Arielle (4) and big brothers Kaden (8) and Jamie (11).

Also, this September 24th, we are celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary!!

Still Loving each other and grateful to God for joining us from across the waves!

Jon-guitarplayingguy483 {Pennsylvania} & Kellie {Queensland, Australia} September 2020

[Editor's note: See March 2005 testimonial, February 2006 testimonial for their wedding update, January 2009 testimonial for "Cafe Baby" Jamie's arrival, October 2012 for "Cafe Baby" Kaden's arrival, April 2017 for the announcement of "Cafe Baby" Arielle Sarai!]

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 I have found the one.  

Thank you.

Bruce-branton137 {Utah} September 2020

 I met my husband on  

We got married in August 2019 and we are now missionaries in Kenya.

Brenda-bre379 {Kenya} September 2020

 We found our best friend in the other and it's been amazing!!  

Better late than never I guess. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you I am married.

I met my sweet wife on 2 years ago. We married in Oct of 2018. She moved to Kansas City from Utah. We dated long distance for maybe 2 months and to our 7 children's dismay, we married pretty quickly because we agreed we wouldn't live together before we wed.

This has absolutely been the very best 2 years of my life... and I just asked my wife and she said "Eh... you'll do". :D She loves me.. I promise. ;)

Thank you for your website. After 13 years, I had gotten my boys raised and wasn't even thinking about looking any longer. I had tried all the other websites and I had given up. I'm sure our story isn't the norm.

We just wanted to tell you "Thanks!"

Todd-knowwhouare310 {Missouri} & Tanya {Utah} September 2020

 I love your site.  

From what I've seen thus far, is the best Christian singles site on the entire Internet.

Rand-thebibleguy429 {Georgia} September 2020

[Editor's note: See March 2021 and May 2021 for more praise and encouragement from Rand!]

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