Christian Testimony - May 2021

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 Our Cafe Baby # 5 has arrived!  

Newborn baby wide awake looking at camera

Welcome to the world, Soren!

A pretty Christian woman holds her baby while seated

Proud Mary-Frances holds her latest treasure, Soren

Very proud Christian mother poses with her son and daughter

Scarlett Evangeline hugs Mommy and little brother Soren

Beautiful Christian couple cuddle with their new baby

Steve and Mary-Frances love cuddling Soren - who can blame them!

A baby sleeps peacefully

Aww! Soren is tuckered out

Christian couple met on the Internet and now welcomes their 5th child

The whole gang welcomes Soren into the family

Beautiful Christian family poses in front of the fireplace

What a beautiful family!

Newest Patriot holds American flag

Soren was born on Patriots Day!

Baby lies sleeping on a white sheet with American flag behind

Isn't that the picture of peace!

Soren was born on April 19th, on Patriots Day!!! He was 9.4 lbs and born at home. What an experience! It was intense but I'm so glad I was able to do it at home! He gave me every secret petition of my heart during my pregnancy and delivery including the outspoken prayers as well. He is so faithful!

The other children are so in love and have no jealousy whatsoever. Honestly it's keeping them away from the poor baby so he can have some space ha! They are very "helpful" :)

I'm feeling better everyday and although I'm enjoying my 6 weeks of rest, I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym again. (All my friends are there and the gym is a big part of mine and Steve's life). It will feel good to move again at least.

Hope are doing well. I am praying for you!

Mary-Frances {Louisiana} & Steve-stevie684 {Tennessee} May 2021

[Editor's note: See August 2013 for their beautiful wedding photos and April 2021 for their family with their first 4 "Cafe Babies"!]

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 I soooooooo much appreciate that you are a true Christian site...unlike [another site].  

I've spent a "lot" of time through the years on various Christian single sites. And having done so, I can tell you that attracts a "different" kind of person.

And by "different"...I mean...your site has more true "Christian" singles. Would you believe that on most of the profiles on the other sites most of the members don't even mention God?

Not a word.

I find that quite unusual for sites that purport to be Christian. You would think that the members there would speak more freely about their faith.

Perhaps people sense the Christ-centeredness of Christian Cafe. And that setting-up one's profile here encourages people to share their faith.

Still looking here. But along the way, I have made some "life-long" (fired-up for Jesus) friends that I would not have met if not for

So keep up the good work! There are millions of Christians out here seeking someone to partner with in this life. And you are meeting a need that even the church has failed to meet.

Rand-thebibleguy429 {Georgia} May 2021

[Editor's note: See September 2020 and March 2021 for more praise and encouragement from Rand!]

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 I really appreciate your excellent customer service and your attention to maintaining integrity on your site.  

Your new photographs are so much better than the ones you used to have! I commend you for improving your graphics.

I chose to join Christian Cafe because of the value system and how if someone answers the questions it helps me discern where they are spiritually. is the only site that I have found so far that gives options that someone be single and never married, divorced, or widowed (but not separated) and a man looking for a woman or a woman looking for a man (and not same sex options).

Carolin {Idaho} May 2021 is the best dating site I have used.  

It's very easy to maneuver around and the women have been courteous!!!!

Tom-insearchof579 {Florida} May 2021

 I don't need your services.  

I have met someone on - we are engaged!

Thank you for your great site!

Tiffany-tiffany537 {Tennessee} & Tony-Tony2343 {Kansas} May 2021

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