Christian Testimony - August 2013

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 My husband and I just got married on June 15 and we met each other on in July of 2012.  

Beautiful White woman affectionately hugs her Asian husband under a tree

Theresa and Jonathan knew they were made for each other

very excited newlywed Christian couple pose together in front of plants

Theresa and Jonathan can't keep the smiles off their faces!

A man catches a beautiful woman as she falls into him on the grass

The wonderful couple pose for the photographer

The Lord is so good and faithful! For me, joining was a prayerful decision as there are so many Christian dating sites. I researched which was the best Biblical site and from my extensive research was on the top.

I joined and paid for a year initially as I thought it would take some time. When I entered in what I was looking for the "computer" matched us on my third day on the site. I was married before my membership expired!

I really needed to pray for wisdom that the Lord would also direct me on the site to the centre of His will. My husband and I spent a lot of time asking all the hard questions right away and sharing a lot via email before we met in person. We both knew pretty soon after connecting online that this was of the Lord matching us and using this site.

After meeting each other in person and obtaining wise council we knew that we had found the one that Lord had in mind. We got engaged in Feb of 2013 and married in June.

We are so grateful to this site as we both knew the Lord did do exceedingly, far above all that we could ask or imagine. We both were single for a long time and spent many years waiting for the desires of our heart to be granted as we sought first His Kingdom and His righteousness.

Thank you for having this site and allowing Jonathan and I to have met. Our wedding text was "That in all things He might have the preeminence." Colossians 1:18

Theresa-annejoanne377 {British Columbia} & Jonathan-abovethesun480 {British Columbia} August 2013

 Just want you to know that we met through 8 years ago.  

A shy Christian woman smiles as a man takes her hand and they walk together

Lawrence married in June

We dated for 7 years and got married 6/8/13.

Lawrence-samson242 {Massachusetts} August 2013
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 I always knew God did exist, but never felt like I had experienced His presence or the true magnitude of His awesome glory and power in my life until now.  

Stunning Christian couple hug in a street after marrying

Mary-Frances and Steve all smiles on their wedding day

Cute baby stares inquisitively at camera while his proud young parents laugh

Mary-Frances, Steve and Sebastian

Beautiful model couple unmasked at masquerade wedding

Mary-Frances and Steve ham it up for the camera

A baby in diapers rolls around and laughs on the couch

Sebastian, their 4 month old "Cafe Baby"

2 years ago my life changed so quickly and in such a huge way, I could hardly breathe while it was happening. After I gave my heart to the Lord I was over the moon! I'd wake up with a giddy smile on my face and delighted in the day. Soon after I was attacked by the enemy which I can see now was to prevent my sanctification and from learning how to walk properly with God. It was the hardest and most painful time of my life....

After many stupid mistakes, I finally "quit" my life. I told God that I wanted no more of the mess I was making of my life and that clearly I was incapable of making appropriate decisions. I knew there was a whole "spiritual" world of God but I never experienced it and wanted to so badly. I needed answers and I took desperate measures to get them. I quit my friends, boyfriends, going out anywhere with anyone and spent my time alone with God. I finally just asked the Lord to take over....everything!

One mistake I swore I'd never make was marrying the wrong man. I believed that if I existed just the way I am then somewhere, somehow, a man would exist who would be just like me in many ways. Well.....I got to praying. Every. Single. Day. All day.

I wrote my prayers in a journal and from that first day I did, the same day I "quit" my life... God moved. He swept me off my feet and I fell madly in love! Three days later (I don't know why but all I can say is that the Lord moved me to do it-I didn't want to and resisted it) I made a profile on The NEXT DAY Steve contacted me and when I read his profile I cried. I just knew.

He's a concert pianist, I have an opera degree, we are both very much into fitness, same exact Christian and political views, I knew I wanted to marry an older man, he likewise wanted a younger girl, we are both from the same area way upstate NY, I could go on but I don't want to bore you with a 10 page letter. Steve changed my life. His long term walk with God and his knowledge of His word was exactly what this "baby Christian" needed! He was the man that God made for me and not only did we have so much obviously in common, but The Lord answered the secret petitions of our hearts with each other as well. You know the ones you don't even know you want until you do (or don't) have them? I told his father that I was saved twice in my life. First by the most amazing Lord Jesus, and then by his son.

We started out by talking on the phone (of course) for HOURS a day. It was just so easy to talk with him. After 3 weeks we decided to meet each other. The first time we met, I knew that this was the man I wanted raising my children. I'd say ironically enough, but I know it was the glory of God that I had just purchased a wedding magazine the day before he brought up marriage!!

Nine months later we were married in New Orleans. (It would have been sooner, however my Dad is a Sergeant Major in the US Army and needed clearance to come home early and give me away). What a blessing to have him there! It was fast. Very fast and the only thing I could do to make sure I was following the Lord's will for my life was to pray. God spoke to me in a dream. I know this because I don't usually put much emphasis in dreams, but this was not just an ordinary night fantasy. I woke up in tears, crying in my sleep and knew without a shadow of a doubt, Steve was to be my husband and from that moment on I wouldn't have to question with every spat we have "did I marry the right man?" but also, that dream was exactly that experience of the spiritual world I was so longing for.

I was questioning whether to marry this man because I didn't trust my judgement but the Lord was saying to me "You pray and pray and pray to me for something and when I give it to you you question. Learn From Me and Do Not Question Me again". It was loving and strong and the most amazing experience of my life! I will cherish that morning always. What a wonderful way (and a crash course) to learn discernment!

Today we have a healthy, gorgeous and extremely happy 4 month old baby boy! (Stephen) Sebastian and ready for more!! Every couple is blessed in some way. Some financially, with ministry, wisdom....but we feel that the Lord has set our marriage apart to be an example of His work in people's lives who seek Him. Some couples take years and years to get to know each other, but I feel like God made it so that Steve and I felt we have known each other our whole lives! Couples get married every day, however what God has given to Steve and me is truly a miracle. We are BLESSED!

I want to thank you for your service and opening up to allow the Lord to work through your company. You were what God chose to use to give me the biggest miracle of my life and I can't thank you enough for what you do. You were such a huge part of our lives and I am grateful to you. With our 2 year wedding anniversary on July 23, I have been contemplating all these marvellous things God has done for us and knew it was time I no longer delayed in writing to you.

May the Lord continue to bless you and I pray for your continued success and that many blessings come your way!

Mary-Frances {Louisiana} & Steve-stevie684 {Tennessee} August 2013

[Editor's note: See April 2021 for an update with 4 "Cafe Babies" and May 2021 for their "Cafe Baby #5" photos!]

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 God is amazing and so incredible. Karl and I met on at the end of April this year.  

Interracial couple smiles shyly while serenaded by crowds of people around them

Debbie and Karl were married among orphans and widows

A beautiful White woman poses next to wedding guests

The radiant bride poses with her family

Karl flew out to South Africa and proposed on my 40th birthday. We went on a missionary trip together to Limpopo where I needed to seek God for an answer and found the place my heart has desired for many years.

Karl and I got married on Friday 2nd August 2013 in Limpopo among the orphans and widows in the Sigugule Village of Hoedspruit, South Africa. We had wanted to get married where God has laid the foundations for our ministry to begin.

Karl has been to South Africa 3 times in the past 3 years only this time...he met his wife :) Thank you for your wonderful site and a door of Gods opportunity to meet the right person we have been waiting for !!

Just to add that we are so grateful and thankful for which God most certainly used for us to bring His people together and that anyone on must NOT lose hope, wait on the Lord and allow God to control and steer the relationship.

This is a typical yet wonderful example that nothing is impossible for God and that two people from different continents and opposite sides of the world, can be united in the eyes of God.

Debbie-faith4475 {South Africa} & Karl-kingskid559 {Florida} August 2013

 Hyunmi and I are so happy to have met on  

A White man smiles ear to ear as he hugs his beautiful Korean bride

Dale's smile couldn't be bigger as he wed Hyunmi in July 2013!

Our first online contact started sometime in January of 2012. Hyunmi lived in Tokyo and I lived in Yunfu, China. We contacted each other regularly and I went over to visit her in Tokyo in February of 2012. This relationship really blossomed.

We got married on July 27th, 2013 in the backyard of my parents' house. We will be moving to Pusan, South Korea and live there.

We want to thank team for such a wonderful venue for meeting even those who live outside of the USA and Canada. Thanks so much!

Dale-hifriend934 {China} & Hyunmi-abigail866 {Japan} August 2013

 I met someone on in January  

and we are planning on getting married. Thank you for helping me find Silvia!!

David-teddybear568 {Ontario} & Silvia-sisa519 {England} August 2013
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