Christian Testimony - April 2017

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 11 years married, 3 kids and counting! :-)  

Former Australian Christian single now married to American Christian, surrounded by their 3 happy children

Jon and Kellie with Jamie, Kaden and Arielle Sarai

Cute baby girl sitting on grass in white dress and laughing

"Cafe Baby" Arielle Sarai

Adorable brothers in suits hug baby sister on grass

Isn't this the cutest! 3 "Cafe Babies" for Jon and Kellie!

Just an update from 2 of your former members!

We met online in October 2003, Jon was living in Pennsylvania, I (Kellie) in Queensland, Australia. We met in person March 2004, spent a year flying back and forth and got engaged Feb 2005, followed by a wedding in Australia in September 2005 and a second in Pennsylvania for Jon's family in October.

We are now living in California and have 3 beautiful children, two special boys, Jamie (8), Kaden (5) and our beautiful baby girl, Arielle Sarai (8mths). We celebrated 11 years last September and are still grateful to God for connecting us through Christian Cafe and confident and happy with our choice we made way back in 2005!!!

Thanks again Christian Cafe! :-)

Jon-guitarplayingguy483 {Pennsylvania} & Kellie {Queensland, Australia} April 2017

[Editor's note: See March 2005 for their engagement post, February 2006 for their wedding post, January 2009 for "Cafe Baby" Jamie's arrival, October 2012 for "Cafe Baby" Kaden's arrival and September 2020 for "Cafe Baby" Eleah Rose!]

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 We were both sceptical about online dating. But at one point we decided to try  

Terry calls his connection a miracle

Kjelle and Federica didn't give up hope and look at them now!

Kjelle was on there for about 3 weeks and slowly losing hope. Federica was on there 3 days, only with a trial account, and a prayer to God, having decided she would give it only these 10 days of trial membership.

On the 23rd February 2016 we found each other and hit it off pretty quickly. We started talking and doing a regular Bible study together. Then Kjelle decided to drive from Belgium all the way down to Italy to meet Federica on March 30th. We had an amazing time together and shortly after decided to start a relationship.

Some flights and months later, Federica moved to Belgium at the end of July and went to live at Kjelle's mom's. A month later Kjelle proposed to her. Now... we are happily married since March 3rd 2017.

Kjelle-kloos1903 {Belgium} & Federica-fede898 {Italy} April 2017

 I prayed not to make a mistake, and our God was faithful.  

Terry calls his connection a miracle

God answered Jenny's prayer and she found Ernie!

Ernie and I were married in July 2013. Quite a change from Indiana to Florida. I love it! Ernie was everything I'd asked for: more mature than me in the faith, not boring (we laugh about that - he always has several projects going), can visit with anybody, loves coffee (drinking coffee by oneself is so lonely), and the same age as me! I had asked for a spark and there was one!

As for advice-if I'd followed your advice on the site I'd have saved myself some grief...such as staying on your site to correspond using the Cafe's mailbox, and not going too quickly to email to chat with people I hadn't got to know.

Jenny-quinn530 {Indiana} & Ernie-cherokito311 {Florida} April 2017

 Married 4-2-17  

Terry calls his connection a miracle

Jim and Marilyn full of love on their wedding day

My Wife Marilyn and I met on over 2 years ago. We Married 4-2-17. Thanks for your website.

Jim-newtoday463 { New York} & Marilyn April 2017

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 My wife and I met on Christian cafe 10 years ago this September.  

Jacob-ecko226 {California} & Rebekah April 2017

 I met my fiancee because of!  

I want to say thank you!

Tim-colorado870 {Wisconsin} April 2017

 I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful welcome to a very nice web site!  

I found your web site only after looking at a rating web site that rated various dating web sites. I only wish I had seen this site BEFORE I joined another site, an absolutely horrible web site, just four days ago. I hate it!

I know these sites are there to make money, but the site I joined up with just came up with a couple of what I call scams to squeeze more money out of their patrons without delivering anything to them. I've asked for my money back, but don't expect to see it.

But I really like, and appreciate the true trial page that actually gives me the opportunity to message and converse with others to see if I like it, and I do! You had an over 4 out of 5 star rating on the site that rated dating sites. I hope you never compromise the values you have on your site :)

Karen-contentedkade681 {Texas} April 2017

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 To me, the other singles sites seem like a candy store.  

I prefer over [another singles site], which has a lot of scammers.

Craig-passionforu703 {Arizona} April 2017

 Could you please permanently remove my profile.  

I don't need it anymore. I have met my future husband :)

Maryna-maryna477 {Ontario} April 2017

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