Christian Testimony - January 2009

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 I was about ready to give up on dating websites, but I thought I would give it one more try.  

BC single Christians smile and hug after meeting

Tricia gave one more try - and is now engaged to Eric!

Within about half an hour of posting my profile, Eric messaged me.

Eric and I met on in March of 2008. After chatting for a few weeks, we met for our first date on April 12th.

On December 12th, we got engaged! So, don't give up...give it one more chance. You'll be glad you did!

Tricia-canucklehead751 {British Columbia} & Eric-jesusfreak604 {British Columbia} January 2009

  I'd like to give a somewhat belated update to our testimonial from October 2003.  

Sister holds happy baby

Bryan, with a huge smile on his face, and Miriam

Proud Christian parents out for date night at a restaurant

Meet "Cafe Baby, Nicholas"!

Meet Nicolas, the latest addition to our family.

Much like our means of meeting (, Nicolas' arrival was somewhat unconventional. After 3 days of labour, he arrived with a huge smile on his face, just like his daddy!!

Born on September 11th, 2007, Nicolas joined our blended family and has given us a reason to celebrate that day.

Thanks again for your site. I have friends who have visited and hope to hear their happy results soon!

Bryan & Miriam January 2009

[Editor's note: See October 2003 for their wedding testimonial.]

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 We began talking on June 11, 2008, and met for the first time on July 28 at the Applebee's in Macon, GA.  

Newly engaged Georgian Christians sit and hug on a park bench

Brian and Melissa will be married in June

A very happy newly engaged Christian woman in a white sweater poses with her very please fiancé

Brian and Melissa, moments after Brian proposed!

Brian surprised me by traveling up to visit on Dec 5-7.

We visited Stone Mountain's Christmas Village. As we went through the Plantation House and grounds, Brian proposed in front of the gazebo in the gardens behind the house, on Dec 6, 2008.

Our marriage is set for June. THANK YOU for making it possible for us to meet!

Brian-boroman532 {Georgia} & Melissa-vballfan337 {Georgia} January 2009

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 I'm so blessed and honored to have met Paul (now my fiance) .  

NZ Christian blessed with Filipina woman

Theresa's blessing was Paul

Hugging his new fiancee

Don't they look great together!

Happy Christian couple engaged

Paul and Theresa complete each other

Interracial Christian selfie!

Paul and Theresa will be married this year!

I met Paul January 10, 2007. He sent me a wink and we started communicating and chat extensively after.

We spent hours talking. He decided to come and visit me March 22, 2007 and when we saw each other at the airport there was something magic that glowed in our eyes!

Romance blossomed into something that was even more than we asked for. I knew he was the one for me because I asked God for 7 signs if he was the one and God was great!!! He answered my prayers! He confirmed it to me, all the 7 signs that I asked were answered.

Paul had travelled 4 times already just to be with me and my family. I knew traveling over a thousand miles was so tiring and was never easy but he never complained, instead he was so excited!!!

We are very much in love with each other, deeper and deeper everyday. Paul completes me. He has brought me more happiness, joy, love and I've never ever been so secure about a relationship - to be with a true born again Christian man who has such a loving, caring, kind, compassionate heart and who is so faithful, like I've never known..I'm truly blessed!

We were engaged September 30, 2007. We are just waiting for some important papers, and are getting married this year!!! We are so thankful to the Lord God Almighty for bringing us together and we want to thank also We would never have met each other without your service.

I would like to thank God for using


Theresa-theresa387 {Philippines} & Paul-childofgod {New Zealand} January 2009

[Editor's note: See April 2009 for their wedding post and June 2011 for their "Cafe Baby" announcement!]

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 I honestly didn't think I would meet anyone on this site.  

Skeptical single Christians meet and smile while taking a selfie

Lena has made Justin the happiest man alive!

Missouri Christian couple happiest alive as they do a goofy pose

Lena and Justin have an amazing connection

I was bored at home and just found it. I looked at a couple profiles and got a couple messages that day but wasn't really interested in anyone that I saw.

I got a message the next day, which was September 23, 2008, and looked at the profile and was very interested. I sent a message back and met Justin. We later decided we wanted to talk on the phone.

We stayed on the phone for two or three hours the first night and I felt so connected to Justin without even meeting him. We talked constantly for the next few days and Justin drove an hour and a half to pick me up and take me to eat and to a Cardinals game.

The minute I actually saw him it was like God said: "This is it, the person you are going to spend your life with." I had an amazing time that night and we had an amazing connection.

The next weekend Justin came and spent the evening with my family and they got along really well which was awesome for me. I went the next weekend and met his family. They were amazing and I fell in love with the whole family.

We then discussed marriage. It was really soon but we knew that it was right. We looked at some rings and on December 13, 2008 Justin proposed in the most perfect way I could ever imagine...

I love penguins and I love them because when the male finds his mate he gives her a pebble and they are then mates for life. This was something I shared with Justin within the first week of talking to him. He took me to the zoo and when we got to the penguin house I was taking pictures and he walked up behind me and proceeded to tell me what I had told him about penguins and turned me around and took my hand and put a pebble in it. He got down on one knee and asked me to make him the happiest man alive and I said yes.

We are getting married on August 1, 2009. And I owe it all to Without them I don't know that I would have met the love of my life and the person God planned for me to be with. So thank you

Lena-lenamarie439 {Missouri} & Justin-jonesy933 {Missouri} January 2009

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 Hours after Candy posted her profile I searched and found her and exchanged a message with her.  

A pretty woman smiles next to a very happy man

Nelson and Candy knew very quickly they were to be together

Engagement confirmed for Indiana Christian couple at outdoor cafe

Nelson and Candy are engaged!

She responded back and we exchanged a few emails and then talked a week later.

Then after several conversations over the next few days we met a week later on Dec 20th. We connected from the start as we are both spirit filled Christians and we dated 8 of the next 9 days and then she invited me to a Morris Cerullo conference in Nashville, TN from Jan 2-7.

We both prayed that God would confirm if we should either break up or continue to see each other while attending the conference. While at the conference we actually received 6 different confirmations from 4 different people and twice directly from God (as we were slain in the spirit several times at the conf and heard directly from God) that we were to be married.

So after just 30 days of Candy posting her profile and 17 days after we met we knew we were to be married !!! We are now looking to set a wedding date.

Thank you God for bringing us together using !!!

Nelson-gottarun766 {Indiana} & Candy-candyo407 {Indiana} January 2009

 The cafe worked!!!  

Man catches his wife's dress on a very windy wedding day

Cindy and John full of joy on their wedding day

Here is our picture for you.

Cindy-meggie313 {Ontario} & John January 2009

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 I was made for you, you were made for me, in this lonely world, we were meant to be in love.  

Outdoor wedding in Poland for an attractive Christian couple

Ola and Jose moments after marrying

Gorgeous Polish scenery for hugging newlyweds

What a wonderful wedding location for Ola and Jose!

Beautiful sunset at Mount Sinai

Ola and Jose on Mount Sinai on their honeymoon

"I will never forget that first moment we met, when two worlds collided and I found my best friend. You're a Godsend, a blessing from above, you've been god-sent to me, you're the Godsend I've been dreaming of, you're a Godsend..."

These words of the dc Talk song Godsend so well capture the situation we've found each other in since February 2007 when we first talked on

We started with e-mails that were followed by lots of phone and internet conversations and then came to the first meeting in Poland in July 2007 at the end of which we got engaged.

We were and still are amazed by how God connected our lives in a way that after only three weeks of communicating we knew we were meant for each other.

We got married in July 2008 in Poland where we now live.

We are so happy we got this chance to meet each other (Ola after two years of being on and Jose after only a week there! ) and we are so much looking forward to what God has in store for us. Thank you God and thank you!

Here are 2 pictures from a wedding and then a picture from our honeymoon - sunrise on Mount Sinai, Egypt.

Ola - lilbee225 {Poland} and Jose - goodhope986 {Portuguese living in France} January 2009

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 I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I met on  

Hawaiian Christian singles marry and pose on a bridge

Yana and David married last June

Beach hug for newlywed Christians. Hawaii single Christians marry

The happiest day of their lives!

Christian couple laughing at their wedding

David has eyes only for Yana!

We got married on June 28th, 2008. Thank you so much! we are sooooo happy!!!

Yana-smiles388 {Hawaii} & David-einstone484 {Hawaii} January 2009

 I met the man of my dreams on  

California Christian marries dream man who sits beside her on the couch

Linda with Darrell, the man of her dreams!

I have been a single mom for over 16 years. As an elementary school teacher, and mother of two, I didn't have the luxury of time to pursue a relationship.

Although, these past years have had challenges, my children and I have been blessed and happy. I really didn't think I could be in a better place in my life, but I was wrong.

Last year a I met a lady that had been happily married for a number of years. She told me that they found each other on She said that it is a good way to meet people even if I wasn't interested in getting married.

I gave it a try, and to my amazement, I met my future husband, Darrell.

He is the most wonderful man I have ever known. We have so much in common; most importantly our faith. We will be married this April.

Thank you for all you do in making dreams come true.

Linda {California} & Darrell-sterling849 {Florida} January 2009

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 We met on during the month of April 2007. However, the circumstances regarding how we met were quite unusual.  

Polish wedding for Canadian Christian

Jim and Sylwia on their wedding day in Poland

Beautiful Vancouver honeymoon for happy couple holding hands

Jim and Sylwia on their honeymoon in Vancouver

Vintage car wedding

Jim and Sylwia married in style!

Beautiful Poland in the background as a married couple prepare to kiss

Jim and Sylwia share a moment on their wedding day

I (Jim) gave up my membership on February of 2007 and decided to take "time off" from relationships for a while.

But I had already booked a flight from Toronto to Prague for May to meet someone that I met few months ago on the Cafe (we corresponded for a month and decided that we were just going to be friends).

However, in April, during the Easter weekend, I received some free days, so I decided to take advantage of this, and just look around and see who was online.

I saw this woman's profile from Poland and was so touched (she turned down my wink a year ago) but I decided again to send her an e-mail saying "Just saying Hi, did you have a Good Friday?" And that was God's time.

We ended up corresponding by phone and our availability to meet was perfect - I was able to see her the following month while in the Czech Republic. I was able to take a train to the Czech-Polish border and Sylwia picked me up there - she lived only 15km away!

I ( Sylwia) was on and off for about a year and I met a few interesting people but I never felt God's peace regarding starting a more serious relationship. That was till I met Jim...everything changed...he was that one.

I prayed about it and had peace...God's peace. After spending just 4 days together we knew we want to start a serious relationship.

Just 3 months later we started talking about marriage and we got engaged on Sylwia's Birthday (December 2007) right after Jim's first Christmas in Poland.

Our Wedding took place in Poland on June 28th, 2008, where we now live and work. We thank God every day for his perfect time to meet each other and for helping us to be patient to wait for the right person. We wish all of you God's guidance and His peace in any relationship. Greetings from Poland.

PS. Here are our wedding pictures and Vancouver picture from our long Honeymoon journey to Western Canada.

Jim-jimmymac864 {Ontario} & Sylwia-polands596 {Poland} January 2009

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 It's all in God's timing. That is the truest thing I can tell you about finding the "one".  

Christian biker engaged in Hawaii stands next to his new fiancee on the beach

Kira and Todd engaged in Hawaii

I had been on and off the Cafe casually looking at profiles while no one in particular stood out to me.

Little did I know, Todd sent me a wink back in August '07. Thanks to God and His plan, the Cafe gave me three free days and I was able to check my mail in October '07.

Immediately I was attracted to his adventurous spirit (he races motorcycles) and I have a motorcycle of my own. Our attraction toward each other grew as we were spiritually yolked and wanted the same things in life.

We slowly moved from e-mails to phone and finally met up in December 2007. It was so exciting to finally meet, we hit it off right away.

Over the next year, God tested our faith individually. We each had illness in the family and felt our focus shift. A few times we agreed that a relationship may not be in the cards for us but ultimately God showed us that His will meant for us to be together.

Todd and I flew to Maui right before Thanksgiving where he proposed to me on 11/23/08!

We have set our wedding date for 5/30/09 and we are ecstatic to start our lives together living for the Glory of the King!

Kira-lilmisss384 {California} & Todd-shinysideup781 {California} January 2009

[Editor's note: See November 2009 for their wedding post!]

 A third installment to our testimony has been born!!  

Cute baby lying on his side with eyes open

"Cafe Baby" Jamie Alexander

Jamie Alexander arrived January 15th 2009 and he is a perfect little miracle. We are so blessed and happy to have him and also each other.

After 3.5 years of marriage we are still going strong and closer than ever!! We love being parents and love each other's abilities as parents, so life is good!

Praise God and thank you again for your part in our wonderful love story. Enjoy the pic of our handsome little man!

Jon-guitarplayingguy483 {Pennsylvania} & Kellie {Queensland, Australia} January 2009

[Editor's note: See March 2005 for their engagement post, February 2006 for their wedding post, October 2012 for "Cafe Baby" Kaden's arrival, April 2017 for the announcement of "Cafe Baby" Arielle Sarai and September 2020 for "Cafe Baby" Eleah Rose!]

 My husband, Christof, and I met on in July 2003.  

3 children lie together laughing

Ruth and Christof found their missing piece in each other

Puzzle solved for Christian family at dinner table

"Cafe Babies" Jakob, Rebecca and Tabita

We started exchanging messages and chatting. After 5 months of communicating he came to visit me in the Philippines and see my family at the same time.

He asked my parents for my hand in marriage. It was really great that feeling, which answered all our prayers.

My husband had been praying for a long time for a wife to have and I had done the same, praying for the right man to come. God gave it at the right time and I was sooo thankful for the blessing.

After a year of waiting for my visa to come, we were married here in Germany. The promise of my husband that my parents will come on our wedding come true that my happiness fulfilled.

We were married June 4, 2005 and then later, our first baby, Jakob, was born.

Now we live happily as a family with our lovely three kids, Jakob 3 years old, Tabita 2 years, and Rebecca 7 months.

We include the pictures of our kids and as a couple. May God bless more people who come on your website and find the missing piece in them.

God is really working on your website.

Ruth-maidenmimi134 {Philippines} & Chris {Germany} January 2009

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 Thank you for the testimonials section.  

I am greatly encouraged HE has 'THE ONE' for me. GREAT to see you have baby boomers connecting long term.

I will be joining and look forward to having my own sunrise wedding :-) 2009 is MY TIME at the Father's direction and choice.

worththewait597 {Colorado} January 2009

 My sister met her soulmate on and is now married to him, with 2 children.  

Now it's my turn and I have been seeing the most wonderful man who went on a trial with the site. We KNOW that we are EVERYTHING God wanted for the other one.

Donna-happysoul993 {England} and Dave-pip January 2009

 I met the most beautiful lady in the world through your service and we are now engaged.  

Her physical beauty combined with her incredibly beautiful soul has totally changed my life.

Ernie-extate555 {South Carolina} & Candy-carolinagrl224 {South Carolina} January 2009

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 I would like to thank you for being the vehicle that God used to connect me with my now fiance.  

Yes, we are engaged to be married!

I was never one to participate in meeting anyone online but am glad that I ventured out last year. Since we started communicating last summer we have grown in our relationship richly, and it has been consistently covered with perfect peace.

He is who God has for me and I am so grateful. Again I wanted to express my thanks for offering a website with integrity for single Christians to meet.

I am happy and blessed and pray much success for We will always remember you!

Beatrice-stillwaters705 {New Jersey} January 2009

 I am now engaged to a person that I met on your site. was instrumental in getting us together. I would never have met her without it.

Charles-michaelsplace477 {Alabama} January 2009

 I subscribed in February of 2003, met Sandy that month, we were married in June, and we are 5 1/2 years into our 35 year life committment !!!!  

That will make me 89 and her 80. Thanks for helping make it possible.

Dean-irish852 January 2009

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 We were married over 5 years ago.  

My wife and I have since been blessed with two beautiful children - Luke, who is 3 years old, and Naomi, who is almost 11 months old. Christ's blessings to all of you.

Wade-mtnr525 & Rose Mary January 2009

 I was meeting women in different cities while I on training course or at conferences.  

I was working 80 hours a week, and didn't want to be "bothered" with a relationship in my home town, as I couldn't commit to being in a relationship with such high demands from my job.

I did this about 8 times or so, emailing the person beforehand, and then meeting them for dinner and a walk around the town. I still communicate with a couple of these people, as they have turned into good friends.

One day in early April 2006 did a random search one day for a 5'9" woman from Western Canada with a Masters degree. Only six or seven people fit those criteria, and I sent out an email to a couple of them. One of those people was Amanda (username starmoon77 I think).

She received many messages, and she responded to me. Within several emails, both of us could tell that we were connecting like we hadn't with anyone before.

Within two weeks we had planned that I would fly out to visit her. After I had booked the flight, it turned out that Amanda's best friend who lived across the street in Vancouver was the ONE person in Vancouver that I had met online and took out for dinner when I was there once on a training course! What are the odds???

After the first visit, we made plans for Amanda to come out to Winnipeg, and by late August 2006 we were engaged, and married one year later (almost to the day) after our first email!

It has been an absolutely fantastic journey so far with Amanda, and I can't imagine a better life partner for me.

Thanks, for having a great site where I could meet my wife! I definitely wasn't on the site to even start to date seriously, but sometimes interesting things can happen.

Since that time I have been a great advocate of I tried [another site] (too restrictive), and [another site] (too much of a meat market) and some other Christian single sites, but was by far the best set up and had the most users, which were the two most important criteria for me.

I have encouraged some of my single friends to use the site, and because of that two of my friends - Dale (and Theresa) and Rob (and Michelle) found a great Christian woman and are now married as well!

Tim-traveller694 {Manitoba} and Amanda {British Columbia} January 2009

 I found my soulmate on  

We talked on the phone for over two months then we were married in September 2008.

Thank you for your wonderful site and for helping to bring us together. We would never have met but for

Cheri-mtgirl930 {Montana} & Rick-augustacda263 {Idaho} January 2009

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