Christian Testimony - April 2009

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 I had almost given up trying to find the perfect partner for my life.  

Alberta Christian singles smiling in front of Christmas tree

Wolfgang knew after meeting Brenda she was the one for him!

One day I met Brenda from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada on

As I live in Edmonton, Alberta, and we are only 90 miles apart, we e-mailed every day for six weeks. Then on December 12th I drove down to Red Deer to meet with her for dinner at a nice Restaurant.

After we talked for only 20 minutes I knew that Brenda was the right choice for my life. We had a good time talking at dinner for more than three hours.

The most important part of our lives was that we were on the same wave-length in our Christian walk. That is what brought us together.

Since that day in December we have been together every second weekend. On Valentine's day 2009 I asked Brenda to be my wife and with tears in her eyes she said yes.

We are planning to wait and to get really well acquainted and be married in the Summer of 2010. I thank for their excellent web-site. Keep up the good work.

Wolfgang-Wolfgang109 {Alberta} & Brenda-morenrubies660 {Alberta} April 2009

 God used to help me find my true love.  

Filipina Christian finds love online and is hugged by her doting husband

Rose is happily married to her loving and sweet husband

I am happily married now with my loving and sweet husband.

We met each other here and now we are married, and praying to have kids. We're serving God faithfully in our ministry.

Thank you

Rose-rosy812 {Philippines} April 2009

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 Last year several Christian friends of mine suggested I try  

Texas Christian singles marry and are shown smiling at their reception

Ana extended her membership and met Eric. The rest is history!

After months of hesitating I joined in June last year.

After being single for 3 years I felt ready to seek God's mate for me and after running a search for a woman close to me in TX I saw a picture of Ana.

I wrote to her and we began chatting. I found out that she had experienced several disappointments (mostly long distance) and was at the end of her time on the Cafe but extended so that we could get to know each other.

After several weeks of emailing we decided to meet. You hear about this but we actually experienced love at first site and were married on March 14th.

God has been so good to both of us and we know that we are much better together than apart. Our love of God has brought our love for each other together and we grow closer every day.

We are the love of each other's life and we owe it all to God and to your site. Thank you for allowing God to work in people's lives through your ministry.

Eric-savedbygrace673 {Texas} & Ana-goodlady904 {Texas} April 2009

 I met my husband, Mark, at Christian Cafe in June 2006.  

Mature Christian single is hugged by a man at a mountain lookout

Amy was 48 when she married her soul mate, Mark

He had never even seen a computer until about a month before we met when he had a friend set him up with one so he could email his daughter in college.

Another friend told him about, so he decided to sign up. And, there I was!

When I read the part of his profile where he said he could dance all night, I knew he was the one for me! The rest is history.

When we met, I was living in Melbourne, Florida and he was in Tallahassee, FL. We talked online for a couple months and he finally wheedled my phone number and address from me.

I was actually the one who drove to see him first and fell in love with his home in the woods that he built himself! I moved to Tallahassee in April of 2007 and we have been married since November of that same year.

It took me till I was 48 years old to find my soul mate, and I never would have without! Thanks so much! God bless.

Amy-heavenly516 {Florida} & Mark-avitar340 {Florida} April 2009

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 It all started with a wink.  

UK single Christians no more. A happy man and his new wife hug while smiling

A very happy David and Dawn

Newlyweds enter hand in hand on the red carpet

Moments after marrying, David and Dawn as husband and wife

Christian wedding reception with groom in big smiles

Dawn was a real answer to David's prayer!

During some down time while on a business trip in California in May, Dawn sent me a wink on

I was over 5000 miles away in England!

We met up a month later, got engaged on Bonfire Night in November and we just got married last week on the 4th April 2009!

Thank you for the work you do in the Lord's name - our relationship has been a real answer to prayer!

David-jump976 {England} & Dawn-chiral397 {England} April 2009

[Editor's note: See July 2011 for David's sister's testimonial!]

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  I owe you so much and God is using your site to help Christian singles meet Christian singles all over the world.  

Australian Christian single marries Filipina who smiles radiantly

A very happy David and Dawn

Groom presents a bouquet to bride

Moments after marrying, David and Dawn as husband and wife

A man leans in to kiss his beautiful bride

Dawn was a real answer to David's prayer!

Kiss at the altar surrounded by flames

David and Dawn seal it with a kiss!

I just want to thank you for having this wonderful site.

I want to update you - you posted our testimonial January 2009 - we thank you so much because we are now married.

We got married April 5 2009 here in the Philippines. If not for your website I would never have met my wonderful loving husband. I'm so blessed I have him and am now his wife. He's such a wonderful husband.

I always recommend your site to my single friends here and some of them are trying their luck and it really works! Thank you so much again and more power!!!

Thank you Lord for making this marriage possible and for using this site.

Theresa-theresa387 {Philippines} & Paul-childofgod {Australia} April 2009

[Editor's note: See January 2009 for their engagement post and June 2011 for their "Cafe Baby" announcement!]

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 It Works! Thank you,, for being used by God to bring my husband and me together.  

Jason and I met on in December 2003. Then in February 2004, we met face to face for the first time.

We are enjoying married life immensely!

Jason and Kenda-noncedo701 {South Africa} April 2009

 I just wanted to post a praise report! I just got married to my love, that I met here on!  

Just now thought to put in a public praise to my wonderful God and savior for how good He is to me.

I was widowed two years ago, God took care of me through this journey and now God has brought me a wonderful man. I just thank Him for who He is!!

Jeannine-jeannine575 {Illinois} April 2009

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