Christian Testimony - March 2009

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 I began writing to Rose in August. After two failed attempts at a relationship previously on I had just about given up.  

English Christian engaged in Northern Ireland. A man in a kilt stands next to his seated wife

Iain persevered and met Rose and they're now engaged!

I was in the chatroom one evening, English time, when Rose came in. Her time on was about at an end.

We talked in the chatroom and when Rose left I sent her a mail to which she replied.

About a month later in September I flew across to Belfast to see Rose for the first time and we just hit it off big style.

I flew out again in November and Rose came to England at Christmas. We got engaged on the 7th February at the Ulster Folk and Transport museum.

Many thanks to the folk who run this site and keep it running so smoothly, it is fantastic and I will recommend it to single folk I meet. Keep up the good work, God Bless.

Iain-preacherman568 {England} & Rose-queenofsheba167 {Northern Ireland} March 2009

 On June 28, 2008, Padre and Windchime113 were wed.  

Christian single not too old to marry and walks down the aisle with her new husband

Constance beams with joy after marrying Padre

You are never too old to be surprised by the wonder and joy of the gift of a spouse!

Each day we experience new dimensions to Christ's love as we share this beautiful journey of faith. The Holy Spirit definitely led us to and brought my bridegroom from the West (Texas/New Mexico) and me from the East Coast together.

Our prayer for you is that the Lord bless you with the one he has chosen to be your faithful and loving spouse. Thanks be to God! Thanks also to

Constance-windchime113 {Virginia} & Padre {Texas/New Mexico} March 2009

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 I was a widower who wanted to meet a woman who shared my faith and values.  

A very happy man stands hand in hand with a beautiful bride

God blessed Rick with a miracle in Ivonne!

I was not really looking for an international relationship, but when Ivonne contacted me and I read her profile I had to respond.

We spent a couple of months getting to know each other by email and then she sent me her phone number. I flew to Bogota for the first time in November 2007.

Ivonne was exactly the type of woman I was looking for - a woman of intelligence, kindness, and faith (plus she is very beautiful!). Her profile had been viewed over 7000 times and I was the one that God blessed with this wonderful woman.

Our first contact was on May 20th, 2007 and we were married in Bogota on December 20, 2008. If God never blesses me with anything else for the rest of my life, I would have no reason to complain.

Thank you, God used your site to do a miracle for us.

Rick-rickd783 {Washington} and Ivonne-ivoncilla566 {Colombia} March 2009 is a God send!  

California Christian couple at Christmas

Michelle found her wonderful Godly man, Dustin

I'm a 35-year-old single mother living in California, and I had pretty much given up on finding a wonderful Godly man here, in my hometown.

Thankfully, I received an email from, which is where I found my Prince Charming last August.

I always knew God had a plan for my life, but I never dreamed that your Web site would play such an essential part in that Plan! provided the perfect safe-haven for my fiance (and yes, I said "fiance" !!) to get to know each other before meeting face-to-face. We were both confident that the person on the other side of the emails was a genuine, God-fearing individual (you never know with those other online dating sites).

Long story short, (whoops! too late) your site led me to the man God intended me to share my life with.

"Thank you" hardly seems sufficient. But, THANK YOU!!! And if you happen to be in Lake Tahoe on August 1, we'd love for you to attend our wedding.

Michelle-belle642 {California} and Dustin-khenzarovich826 {California} March 2009

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 I had been on several dates with semi-decent guys I met on the Cafe but none sparked my interest until I started chatting with a chivalrous guy from Kansas City, one night in December of 2008.  

An elated couple hug and sit together

Chivalrous Kyle drove 8 hours to find Dana

Little did I know, he would travel 8 hours to meet me in Denver within the next two weeks, and a whirlwind romance would begin.

We met for the first time on New Year's Eve after exchanging numerous e-mails and wracking up outrageous phone bills!

After our beautiful time together, hiking in the Rocky Mountains and spending time with his family in Denver, he called me on his drive back to Kansas City and said he was committed to "pursuing me wholeheartedly, and would never give up."

I have never had a guy say this before, and I knew God was somehow orchestrating our circumstances and intertwining our lives to create a picturesque love story.

We are planning on being engaged by September. I want to thank you for creating such a God ordained site, where finding true love is possible and God remains the center of it all!

Dana-shopgirl544 {Colorado} & Kyle-kylerfour651 {Kansas} March 2009

[Editor's note: See August 2009 for the marriage proposal and March 2010 testimonial for their wedding update and January 2020 for their 10th anniversary post!]

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 We were blessed by your site and have been married almost 10 months now.  

An overjoyed Christian man hugs his new bride

Love knows no bounds (or distance!)

"He" was from BC and "She" was from Ontario. We started communicating on the site in the fall of 2006.

We progressed to email and then, after months of phone calls, we decided to meet in person. We had become best friends and we figured there was more....

We got engaged one year after our first contact and married 7 months after that. Neither one of us wanted to move away from our homes, but we (or God) worked that one out and we are very happy in western Canada.

My husband said that he never would have contacted someone so far away, so I'm glad I contacted him.

I had been in his small city for an afternoon a few months before. Who knew that the words, "Hi, I know where your city is. I've been there." would lead to "I Do's"?

Patricia-desertlilacs331 {Ontario} & Trevor-mindfull358 {B.C.} March 2009

[Editor's note: See April 2008 for Trevor's original submission]

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 I have been grateful for the people I've met on here and continue to meet.  

Thank you for setting this site up...I have recommended it to many over the years and I have two friends who have met and married on here. So, I know it can work.

Mark (currently: still single!) - rendezvous934 {California} March 2009

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