Christian Testimony - March 2010

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 We are getting married!  

Birthday meeting turns to love for Christian singles who sit next to each other, smiling

It was a lot of work but worth it for Jeriah, who won the heart of Aurora :)

We met back on Wawatici784's birthday. It was September 26th, 2009.

It was approximately an 8 hour drive to her place. My brother came along with me and helped with the driving.

I spent a four day weekend there in the beginning of December and her home church fell in love with me right away!

Later at the end of January I bought her a plane flight here and she came and visited. We had a fun filled week together. She learned skiing, we visited an ice carving festival, we saw fireworks and dog sled racing and other winter events and I proposed to her with a ring over dessert one night.

She said yes! I couldn't believe it!

We will be married on July 10th 2010. I praise the Lord for the special woman I found on

It was a lot of hard work, but she met all of my picky qualifications, and she was there waiting for me!

Jeriah-courage268 {Michigan} & Aurora-wawatici784 {New York} March 2010

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 After being alone for a number of years I realised I wanted someone to share my life with.  

Canadian Christian meets his bride in Florida and poses with a young woman with flowers in her hair

Larry met the love of his life in Jan

In 2005 I was living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Being a believer, I chose as the vehicle to find that special someone.

I was about to give up when I was contacted by strikinggal from Florida. Wow! We had so many things in common.

After flying to Florida a number of times I knew this was the woman for me, and the love of my life. Jan and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary on Feb. 16/ 2010.

Larry-westcal790 {Alberta} & Jan-strikinggal814 {Florida} March 2010

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 We are another success story thanks to  

Monica holding on to Rick, both of them smiling

Everyday Rick and Monica grow in their love for each other!

Monica: One year ago I registered with in the hopes that God would lead me to my mate.

In November 2009 I resubmitted my profile - this time the Lord gave me the "go ahead". Not 4 weeks later I met Rick. Instantly, in our email and instant messaging correspondence, we "clicked", our conversation flowed so effortlessly!

We met in person at my church service two weeks later and it has been no turning back since. Everyday we grow to love each other more.

I had no idea that when God asked me to wait on His timing that He would bring me someone so wonderful - better than what I could humanly imagine. And, I know now that the Lord was fashioning me over time to be a blessing to Rick as well.

We can honestly say, together as a couple, we are in God's perfect will. We know that God is not holding out on us, but wants to bless us with His best and we thank for providing God a way to do that!

Rick: Thank you for providing such an awesome venue that provides single Christians an opportunity to meet in a safe and fun environment.

I have been blessed beyond words since meeting Monica. I always desired to wait for God's best when it came to a mate; little did I know how amazing it would be.

I now understand why God had us wait for each other. He was preparing us to be the best helpers for each other and to be a blessing to one another.

I tell everyone who will listen that while it's difficult to wait, hold out for God's best. If He has given you that desire he will fulfill it and it will be better than you could ever imagine! Thank you for all your efforts.

Rick-verrazano {Ontario} & Monica-victorious239 {Ontario} March 2010

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 Aaron first messaged me at the beginning of December, 2008.  

Minnesota Christian singles baking for Christmas together while laughing together

Could Darcy's smile get any bigger after finding Aaron!

We had our first date on Christmas 3 weeks later.

After that, we drove 4 hours to see each other every other weekend. 5 days after I closed on the sale of my house in May, he proposed!

We got married 9 1/2 months after first communicating with each other and have been married for 6 great months!

Thank you,

Darcy-mukkadee327 {Minnesota} & Aaron-aaronabc917 {Minnesota} March 2010

 I had misgivings about internet dating but I didn't seem to be meeting single Christian guys of my age, so I decided to give it a try.  

English Christian couple marry. Husband whispers in his wife's ear as she smiles

Csilla had misgivings about but she is now married to Phil!

A friend of mine recommended and I liked the site - you could find out quite a lot about a person before you got in touch.

During my trial period in May 2008, Phil sent me a wink and reading his profile I could see no obvious reason why we shouldn't have a conversation but I suddenly got cold feet and went off the site.

I eventually subscribed in the summer and in mid-July contacted Phil to see if he was still interested in having a conversation. Soon we were both writing each other daily and then finally met in person at the end of October 2008 when he came to visit me. (He was based in Cheshire and I in Durham, both in the UK but 250km apart).

By that time we have learnt quite a lot about each other and found that we had much in common in our thinking and Christian faith. Despite the distance we met regularly about every 10 days and as we discovered more about each other's personality our love gradually grew.

In the Christmas holidays he came to visit Budapest, where I am originally from. Although we didn't seriously talk about marriage, it all felt settled somehow.

In May 2009 we went on holiday to Rome and Florence and became engaged and we got married on 14th Nov 2009 in Budapest!

We are so very happy and grateful to the Lord for the way He led us together from the opposite ends of the world (New Zealand and Hungary and now living in the UK) and at a time when we have almost given up hope (we both turned 37 in 2009).

It feels like a dream come true and we still look at our wedding rings as proof that it really happened! Thank you for making it possible!

Csilla-star771 {England} & Phil-psaysell573 {England} March 2010

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 Thanks to your Christian dating site my husband and I were married on Sept 27, 2009.  

A cruise awaits for MidWest Christian couple who pose together with flowers

Barb was through with Internet dating but she is now married to Bud!

Wedding for widowed Christians at a church surrounded by flower girls

God is very capable of sending just the right match, as Barb and Bud found out!

It is a long story on just how the Lord works in his wonderful ways.

I had left the site telling the Lord that I was through with internet dating, so if he wanted me to have a husband fine and if not that was ok also, but I had 10 standards that I really wanted in a man.

I have had many tell me that my standards were too high and that I would have to change some of them if I ever wanted a husband. I told the Lord that if He couldn't find me a man that had all of the qualities that I would like, I would rather not ever marry again. The 10 standards are (and the Lord met every one of them and more):

1. Born again Christian man and not one who just said he was;
2. He had to love missions;
3. Not having been divorced;
4. Did not drink;
5. Did not smoke;
6. Did not Gamble;
7. Did not Chew;
8. Did not have a fowl or nasty mouth;
9. Someone who would possibly be a few years older than myself;
10. Someone who would be on the same political wave length;
11. Someone who enjoyed traveling;
12. Someone with a great sense of humor.

The amazing part is that you had 5 free days when Bud signed up and I had already left the site never to return, when I got an e-mail from saying that I had mail. I went back on your site July 23rd I think it was, very reluctantly just to read the mail that was there. It was from Burnie and he had just signed up for the 5 free days. He thought that was a place to eat, so when he saw Christian dating 5 free days, he said why not.

We were married 2 months later.

The Lord has done so many wonderful things in our lives already and we are looking forward to many other plans he has for us. We both had wonderful marriages before and both of our spouses are deceased. Bud was married just short of 50 years and I was married 43.

Yes God does have our best interest at heart. So don't change your standards as God is very capable of sending just the right one your way.

Barb-barbie794 {Wisconsin} & Bud-seekyefirst564 {Minnesota} March 2010

[Editor's note: See November 2012 testimonial for an update on what God is doing in their lives.]

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 Just wanted to send along a picture from our wedding.  

A man passionately kisses his Christian wife

Dana and Kyle have been blessed so much in their marriage!

We were married Feb 20, 2010 and met on your site.

Thank you so much for bringing us together. God has blessed our marriage so much, even in the early stages.

Dana-shopgirl544 {Colorado} & Kyle-kylerfour651 {Kansas} March 2010

[Editor's note: See March 2009 testimonial for Dana's original submission, August 2009 for their engagement announcement and January 2020 for their 10th anniversary post!]

 We were married last August 22 on Treasure Island in San Francisco.  

Giggles for couple photo shoot with wife on top of her husband's back

Don't Robert and Heather look happy together!

Happiest day ever for newly married Christians who hug and look very comfortable together

Robert can hardly believe his good fortune in finding Heather!

Thank You again.

Robert-italiananglo690 {California} & Heather-Heathie972 {California} March 2010

[Editor's note: See May 2009 testimonial for Robert's original submission.]

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 I met my Husband and my Best Friend on  

Christian army man pose in the cold

Jenny and Bill clicked right away

Utah Christian single now married

Jenny and Bill had both been praying for spouses and met each other!

Birthday wedding for a new bride

Jenny married on her 31st birthday!

It has been a long year but a very blessed year!

I signed up for your 10 day free trial in March of 2009. I was getting close to the free trial period ending.

I ran across his profile and sent him a message. He responded back and we just chatted from there! He was from Las Vegas and I lived in Utah and it just so happened he was visiting his parents in Utah about 45 mins away from me!

We clicked right away! We both felt like we had known each other for a long time and was very comfortable right away! He asked me out to lunch and I couldn't wait to meet him!

He came down from Ogden and we went out and we had the best time! I learned he was in the army and he was getting ready to go to training in Indiana for 2 months then from there he would be going to Kuwait that June of 2009! We talked and laughed!

We said goodbye. Later that same night he called me and asked me out again for lunch! He was heading back to Las Vegas and wanted to have lunch with me before he left!

We met up again and it was so cold that day! We enjoyed our second date! And again had to say goodbye except this time it would be for awhile! We hugged! And it was almost hard letting him go!

I thought I just met this amazing guy and he's leaving! So we stayed in touch. We talked on the phone and text while he was away training! We were inseparable when it came to keeping in touch!

By the time he was done training he had a 6 day leave to go where ever he wanted before he went over seas. He chose to come see me!

We spent 3 days together and the time we had was short but incredible! He was also going to go spend time with his family so I took him up to drop him off and met his parents and they were wonderful!

I thought I was saying goodbye again but the next morning he called and said his family wanted to invite me and my kids up to their family's home so we could spend time with him and them! So my kids and I packed and headed up and spent 3 more wonderful days with him! We had a big family bbq.

His family was wonderful, I felt so comfortable and like I had known them for so long!

June 2, 2009 I took my soldier to the Salt Lake City airport were again we would say goodbye! I did not want to let him go and he felt the same about me! I just knew I was to wait for him!

He flew back to Indiana and they flew out on the 6th of June for Kuwait! He would text me every stop he made and he let me know when he got there! For months he would make surprise phone calls every chance he got and we did see each other when possible!

We were in love and knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! We decided we wanted to get married when he had his leave!

He put in for Oct and when it was confirmed he got it, we set a date! I would go look at rings and would email him pics and we decided together which ones we wanted!

He flew in, in Oct and when he stepped off that on that escalator we just hugged and couldn't let go!

We were married Oct 19, 2009 on my 31st birthday! He is my husband and my very best friend! He has been such a blessing in my life!

It has been a long year with him being gone! He has done everything to make sure we had constant communication! He got me through the hardest days when I just missed him so much!

We are just 8 days away of him returning home and I'm counting the days till I can wrap my arms around my husband! We will be leaving for Las Vegas to welcome him home and we will start our life together!

I'm so thankful the Lord has brought him in to my life! We both had been praying faithfully that the Lord send us the one he has planned for us! And I just want to thank - I loved the site!

Jenny-jenny150 {Utah} & Bill-coffeejunkee318 {Nevada} March 2010

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 I was on as Rancher and I met Lou.  

Honesty is recipe for Christian singles who laugh while hugging next to a wall

Fortunately Lou didn't close her account - now she's married to Jim!

Cute wedding cake

What a cute wedding cake topper!

Happily married Texan Christian smile at a reception

Lou stole Jim's heart!

We married March 14, 2009 and just celebrated our one year VERY HAPPPY ANNIVERSARY, thanks to

After we started e-mailing she sent me the 3rd picture listed below. This one "stole my heart".

She told me she had decided to leave ChristianCafe but this Cowboy with a picture of him on his horse showed up.

We lived 207 miles apart and Lou adds: "I was very near closing my account." We were very honest and up front with each other from the beginning. Of course, this is what is required on ChristianCafe.

We have recommended the web site to many people.

Jim-rancher322 {Texas} & Lou-blulu751 {Texas} March 2010

 Christina is 22 and I am 28; neither one of us has ever been in a relationship before.  

Cute couple cuddle on the grass

Balazs and Christina each found the best possible match!

Christian singles sitting together and looking very comfortable while seated on steps

Balazs and Christina are STILL finding things that are so amazing about each other!

Canadian Christian leans in to kiss his Mediterranean bride who smiles broadly

Balazs and Christina are truly designed for each other in every way possible!

Although it was very challenging at times since we were young, we both believed that God had somebody very special for us.

We both wanted to marry a person who had kept themselves pure for marriage. Christina lived in Cyprus (Europe) and I lived in Calgary, Alberta.

We met on on April 14, 2009. We both agree that this is the most incredible match ever! We are truly designed for each other in every way possible and we are STILL finding things that are so amazing about each other.

We met in Toronto July 7th. I desired so much to commit to Christina that I bought her an engagement ring. After lots of prayer and asking for her parents' blessing, I decided to propose to her one beautiful evening in the park after a special dinner date.

Christina's reaction was one of great surprise but she was overjoyed. She said YES!

We got married on the 23rd of October 2009! Thank God with His strength we managed to keep ourselves pure and saved even our first kiss for our wedding day.

We had the wedding of our dreams!

Married life is better than either of us could have ever imagined! We match PERFECTLY in every area. Everyday we fall more and more and more in love! We are full of excitement not only about our new life together but also about the opportunity to encourage other singles and couples to never compromise or give up on God's promises. God is ALWAYS faithful!

Balazs-balazs358 {Ontario} & Christina-christina829 {Cyprus} March 2010

[Editor's note: See February 2013 testimonial for photos of their first "Cafe Baby", December 2018 testimonial for an update on their 3 "Cafe Babies"! and February 2020 testimonial for their 10th anniversary post!]

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 I had all but given up hope of finding the right lady to spend the rest of my life.  

Washington Christian man with his arms around a pretty woman from Florida

Russ had nearly given up but now he's married to Veronika!

I sent a "Wink" to Veronika, the woman who is now my wife!

She responded immediately and we began chatting and speaking on the phone in a matter of days. After only a few short months of communicating, I was compelled to meet her in person.

I took a 3 day trip to Miami in November and in December we were married!

She now lives with me in Seattle and we are completely happy! So I just wanted to thank you for those free days and let you know that your service does in fact work. It is sometimes difficult to meet like minded Christians in the real world and even more rare to find one with whom you can be totally comfortable.

Russ-Seventrumps902 {Washington} & Veronika-elenanita888 {Florida} March 2010

 I met someone on your site two years ago and am now married to him.  

Thank you!

Catherine-rockstander247 {Michigan} & William-waitingforher482 {Michigan} March 2010

 I want to thank you very very much for looking after my welfare here on  

I am very impressed with the care you folks put into running this site. I have enjoyed this site and I will miss it very much should I find my husband some day!

Sonnie-sonshine517 {Washington} March 2010

 Almost 4 years ago my wife and I "met" on  

As our relationship became more serious, it inspired family members to go on

One year after our first date in person - I proposed, and a year after that we got married!

"Internet dating" was still relatively new to family and friends and while we were often teased at first, our relationship inspired my sister, two of my cousins, and my wife's cousin, to all use

Each of those people I mentioned are now married to people who they met on!! ...well one of my cousins is not quite married, but her and her fiance are to be married in May.

Thank you so much for this wonderful service! It is so hard to find other "available" Christians, especially as you get older. This service did the work for us.

Mark-boomer647 {Ontario} March 2010

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 I met my new husband on this site almost 7 years ago.  

We just got married this past Valentine's Day! Thank you!

Becky-ltpeel159 {California} & John March 2010

 I just love!  

It makes me feel so secure in dating as a single woman. Any time there seems to be any type of indiscretion you stop it right there on the spot.

Sharon-ckinggodswill808 {California} March 2010

 My Christian Friends, I have been on the site just over a week and have had quite a few replies.  

It's amazing how quickly they came in.

I may already have found the love of my life but it is in God's hands and He must decide what is right for us.

Brian-rainbow693 {England} March 2010

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 I love, and that I feel safe and protected.  

As a Christian woman I love that I can chat with others safely and I am. Compliments for keeping us safe.

Francoise-ilovejesus960 {New Brunswick} March 2010

 I had used different dating sites in the past and had only ever wound up frustrated.  

As a result I gave up on internet dating.

Then in August of 2008 at the urging of my roommate's friend (who just happened to be Sam Moorcroft, the President of!) I created a profile on

I contacted several women and hit it off with one woman in particular. It was great to connect with someone whose beliefs matched up with my own in so many ways.

After a handful of messages we met and a little over a year later we were married. The funny things is that I met my wife within the first ten days of creating my account! I am very happy that I now have a wonderful woman to share my life with.

I recommend that single Christians give a shot - it worked for me!

Nick-natureboy588 {Alberta} March 2010

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 I was once a victim of a scammer and I know that GOD saved me from being scammed again in directing me to this online dating.  

Once again, thank you very much for protecting your members.

didith293 {Luxembourg} March 2010

 Kevin and I first communicated at the beginning of September 2009.  

We then met in October in person and just got married February 13th.

To those seeking a mate, we believe that there are truly, sincere Christian men and women are out there that are genuinely seeking a life companion.

I encourage anybody that is about to give up: don't give up, it is not too late. Pray, and keep clicking!!!!!

Wambui-borntopreach575 {Connecticut} & Esther-ekay353 {Pennsylvania} March 2010

 I would like to thank you and tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful work that you are doing.  

God used as an instrument to bring the most wonderful man into my life and I must tell you that words could never express how grateful and happy I am.

I am engaged, soon to be married to a former ChristianCafe male member. Whenever I share my love story to people, I recommend your site.

Thank you a million times, and may God bless you and the amazing job that you're doing.

Laura-lmm701 {Romania} & Michael-mtwing945 {Delaware} March 2010

 Thanks for your service to Christian singles I met my husband a year and a half ago on your site.  

We've been very, very happily married almost a year. I believe God can use any website or circumstances to get us to the person he has for each of us, but the experience on was so pleasant.

There's a lot less "weeding out" on and the format is very user friendly. I'd experienced three other dating/matching websites over a three year span and yours was the easiest, most straightforward to use.

Ann-annie495 {Missouri} March 2010

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