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 I have to say when I first went on I didn't really believe it would work.  

Jennica and Ryan, beaming after their match on!

But when I met Ryan we just clicked right away. It is a great site to meet other fellow christians. I am now convinced and would recommend it to anyone! Ryan and I were married last June and thanks to Christian Cafe we both couldn't be happier!

Jennica-jen788 {Ontario} & Ryan {Ontario} November 2012

 I used to be a member 4 years ago and I met my husband on  

Julia with her husband and their "Cafe Baby"

The happy couple!

Julia, with her husband and family

This month is our 4 year anniversary and we have a 2 year old daughter. [editor's note: yet another Cafe Baby!] We would like to thank you for being God's channel to connect Christian singles with one another. I am from Brazil, but was living in south Florida and he is from TN.

Julia-veronica161 {Florida} & Husband {Tennessee} November 2012
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 Jan and Jarka got married together in Calgary, Alberta in September.  

Jan and Jarka travelled the globe to find each other

Jan and Jarka on their wedding day

Jan and Jarka cut their wedding cake

We were matched in June this year. Jarka is a pastor in Czech Republic and Jan is a preacher in Canada. Thank you for

Jan-dubajan322 {Alberta} & Jarka-jarka780 {Czech Republic} November 2012

 Here is a update of us and our marriage 3 years later.  

Barb and Bud have been happily married for 3 years

Since then the Lord has started my husband back in the printing ministry with gospel tracts to Mexico and has moved us to Arizona where he works with the church that he gave all of his printing equipment to when he retired from the printing business in Minnesota in 2007 when his first wife died. Never did he ever realize that was what the Lord had in mind for us. Since then we spent our honeymoon in Europe for a month with a cruise on Royal Caribbean.

Barb-barbie794 {Wisconsin} & Bud-seekyefirst564 {Minnesota} November 2012

[Editor's note: See March 2010 testimonial for their initial marriage announcement.]

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 I wanted to share how awesome God is by using to connect and minister to people from all parts of the world.  

I posted a prayer last week and had numerous responses. One person in particular caught my attention, a lady in Vienna. We communicated on and then I asked if she would like to chat via private email. She declined due to safety reasons which I respectfully accepted and understood. During the same time another lady posted her prayer which sounded very urgent and distressing. This person sent me a message that she was praying for me when I posted my prayer, so I responded with the same message that I was praying for her too. When I checked her profile I noticed that she lived in my local area so I sent her an email saying that I live in her area and asking if there was anything I can do for her to help her in any way. She responded back saying that she knew me and that it was a miracle we connected here she also mentioned that she was friends with the lady from Vienna and that she had told her that I was safe to talk to and make friends with as I was a strong Christian. The lady who lives in my area is very ill and house bound and I am able to minister to her now. I talk to her daily via phone and am taking her to see my Physiotherapist to see how he can help her with her health issues and I have also connected with the Lady in Vienna and communicate with her both on this site and on our private online accounts. Now that is a testimony of God's miraculous power at work through your site. I want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! from the bottom of my heart for making a difference in people's lives. I may not find the man of my dreams on here but that is not important to me any more - God is truly using this site to Glorify his name and Bless and minister to others who desperately need it through this site.

Dee {New South Wales, Australia} November 2012
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