Christian Testimony - January 2020

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 We are very happy together and we're making our memories!  

American Christian single finds love and poses with Brazilian woman

Tim and Rosana are making memories :)

In November 2016, I registered on Not long after, I got a message from Tim and we started conversing. We soon realized that we were in tune in all areas.

We thank God and Christian Cafe, a serious dating site, for our online connection and a solid relationship today.

Rosana-zanna336 {Brazil} & Tim-wutalife575 {California} January 2020

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 Thank you so much for bringing us together. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in February.  

Beautiful Christian couple enjoying 12 years of marriage

The happy couple 12 years later :)

First baby sitting on bed with Christian parents

Proud parents Dana and Kyle with "Cafe Baby" #1

Christian couple all dressed up and standing in front of water

Don't Kyle and Dana make a beautiful couple!

Beautiful Christian couple in beautiful mountain scenery

Dana and Kyle's marriage has been blessed!

Christian couple standing in forest while holding their 3 children

Dana and Kyle with their 3 "Cafe Babies"!

Kyle from Kansas and Dana from Colorado were married Feb 20, 2010 and met in person after messaging on your site for a few weeks.

12 years ago today (Dec 31, 2008!) is when Kyle and I met, parallel parked on opposite sides in downtown Denver, awaiting what could possibly be the start of something new. Our relationship has stood the test of time and while there has been brokenness there has been an equal amount of hopeful devotion, nurturing, people praying for us, dying to ourselves, and learning to love each other without unrealistic expectation.

Marriage is not just a slip of paper you throw into the air and hope it lands on takes a lot of effort that can be exhausting; it takes talking things out when you don't want to have anything to do with your spouse in that moment; it takes an unwavering commitment (if you have kids together especially); but it has been blessed by the One who knew what He was doing in the first place (the Bridegroom of all Bridegrooms).

The Lord has blessed us with 3 sons.

You are the bone of my bone and blood of my blood til death do us part, Kyle, and you were worth the sweat and tears to get our marriage of almost 10 years where it needs to be!!

Cheers to 2020 and all the mysterious things it holds for us. #lovestory #christiancafe #meetaversary

Dana-shopgirl544 {Colorado} & Kyle-kylerfour651 {Kansas} January 2020

[Editor's note: See March 2010 testimonial for their marriage testimonial, August 2009 for their engagement announcement and March 2009 for Dana's first testimonial!]

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 We have seen God's faithfulness to His promise that if we delight ourselves in the Lord that He will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalms 37:4).  

Christian couple at baby dedication at church

God answered Charity and Russ' prayers for a family

My husband and I met on Christian cafe in August of 2017. We are both so very thankful for the way that God has brought us together.

Not only has God blessed us with the spouse that we prayed for, but also He has answered our prayers for a family. We are pursuing adopting a two year old boy and five months ago we were blessed with a little girl.

Charity-romanseight647 {Michigan} & Russ-russell457 {Michigan} January 2020

[Editor's note: See January 2018 testimonial for their engagement announcement!]

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 She told the Lord she didn't want to date a widower. God had a different plan.  

Date night for happy Christian couple

Anthony and Genia, when they were engaged

I met my future wife on Christian Cafe in April 2018. I looked for profiles of conservative, traditional, evangelical women. Sadly, I found few. Then in April 2018 I came across the profile and photos of Genia. I was instantly intrigued. She was not.

We used the Christian Cafe message service and wrote back and forth for a couple weeks before we started text messaging and then calling each other by phone.

We met in Tampa where she lived on June 30, 2018 and spent 4 wonderful days together. We went to a museum, to church, to a fireworks display, worked out, ate meals, and had the most wonderful time together. For me, it was love at first sight. For her, she was already feeling that way even before we met.

She came to the Chicago area where I lived over Labor Day weekend, 2018. I proposed on September 2. She knew a marriage proposal was coming but didn't know when. She was stunned but accepted. We married in Tampa on March 16, 2019 in the presence of our 4 adult children, family, and close friends.

We thank God for each other daily. It's been 10 months since we married, and it's been challenging as we still have much to learn about each other, but we're on the path to becoming one. We are thankful for Christian Cafe as well. It's hard enough to find a good Christian online dating site let alone find a suitable marriage partner.

Anthony-veritas767 {Illinois} & Genia-gwood318 {Florida} January 2020

[Editor's note: See January 2019 testimonial for their engagement announcement and April 2023 for their 4 year update!]

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 Congratulations on being voted #1 in customer service !!!  

There's No doubt about that !!! Even with the short time that I've been a member, you have helped me out greatly on several occasions. And with a quick response !!!! You are truly and definitely #1 all the way !!! God Bless All Of You for your excellent service, care and concern !!!

David-shotune687 {Pennsylvania} January 2020

[Editor's note: See Newsweek's #1 Customer Service!]

 Please cancel my subscription!  

I met someone special here :)

Thank you very much.

Elizabeth-edavis806 {California} January 2020

 I have been delighted with Christian Cafe and am now in a great and serious, and I hope lasting, relationship.  

We met on around September 28, 2019 and I have recommended you guys to lots of people.

Levi-levipearson479 {New York} & mekia306 {New Jersey} January 2020

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 I will highly recommend your site to others!!  

I do really appreciate the service your company offers and I enjoyed my time experiencing Christian Cafe.

Hannah-minnesotagirl496 {Minnesota} January 2020

 Christian Cafe - it worked for us!  

13 years married now - thank you!

Tara-tjkcog309 {Minnesota} January 2020

 It must of been in 1999 that I was a member with Christian Cafe and I really enjoyed it.  

I think I was with you for at least 6 months or a year. Met Carl from Sacramento, California at that time and we are still good Christian friends after all these years. Have met him several times over those years....and he was a safe and very sincere person.

Michelle-michel589 {North Carolina} January 2020

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 Richard and I are engaged!  

We plan to be married this spring. Thank you for bringing us together!!

Cathy-cathy167 {Colorado} & Richard-gentlerich932 {Colorado} January 2020

 I have never trusted online dating websites and had given up hope of finding a Christian man.  

I had an account on Christian Cafe for almost one year. I lived in the Middle East. I met papasguy who lived in Canada. God brought us together in an amazing way.

I had lost hope, but it happened and we are together now!

Mimi-mea613 {Lebanon} & Isaac-papasguy940 {British Columbia} January 2020

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