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 One man caught my eye. I sent him a message and just said hi. Little did I know that those 2 words would change our lives forever.  

The beautiful bride at the shore

Chris and Mwali with family

Could their smiles get any bigger!

The happy couple

Chris is not letting go of Mwali:)

Chris and Mwali make their marriage official

More smiles from Chris and Mwali

Selfie time!

I first learnt of Christian Cafe in October 2018 and tried the 10 day trial. Nothing happened in these 10 days and I deleted my account.

This year, March 2019, Christian Cafe invited me for another free 10 day trial. I initially ignored the invite but after I had fasted for 21 days I decided to give Christian Cafe another try.

On the third day of my new trial, I went through profiles of the single men who had joined that week. One man caught my eye and I wrote him. Chris had invested in a year's subscription and gladly wrote back. We corresponded for a while before moving to texting, calling and finally video chats after several weeks.

We saw each other literally every morning and evening for 5 months. We found a way around our work schedules. In June Chris asked me to marry him. I said yes and we chose a day each week to pray and fast for our union.

Chris flew all the way from New Zealand to Zambia to come and marry me on September 1st 2019. When we saw each other at the airport that Sunday afternoon I was so nervous hahahaha and we shared an awkward hug lol. By the next day, we were even more in love than before (we had spent the whole night talking). He proposed in front of my son (he is almost 17 and Chris had asked him for my hand in marriage) and his cousins on the 3rd of September and paid my bride price on the 4th. We were gloriously married on the 7th, 6 days after he arrived, in front of family and friends.

God did for us exceedingly, abundantly more than we could have ever asked or thought of.

**My encouragement to everyone on this site is to never give up. God is too faithful. I had no idea my husband would be on the opposite side of the world.**

Mwali-anthea665 {Zambia} & Chris-chris7590 {New Zealand} December 2019

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 Celebrating 4 months!  

Boniswa is overjoyed now she's engaged to Thokozani

I first met Thokozani on Christian Cafe in August 2019 and we've been a happy couple since 30 September 2019.

We recently became engaged! He bought me a ring and we are planning to get married between January and June 2020.

Boniswa-boniswa613 {South Africa} & Thokozani {Malawi} December 2019

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 Thank you Christian Cafe for kick starting us.  

Beautiful romantic shot at Christmas!

11 years of marriage and still going strong!

Chris and Josie full of smiles

The proud couple

Chris and Josie kick back and relax!

It was Christmas time when we met. Two weeks prior we had both just signed up for Christian Cafe, and within one week spoke for the very first time. We haven't stopped talking since.

He and I are so much alike that we think the same thoughts, order the same foods, have the same interests, and laugh at the same jokes. We are inseparable best friends. We started our friendship through email, and funny as it might seem we still write each other every single day. We really admire and love each other and are so grateful to God that we found each other.

After 12 years of dating and 11 years of marriage we know, by the grace of God, we're absolutely perfect together.

Josie-godchild264 {Washington} & Bill-goose441 {Oregon} December 2019

[Editor's note: See August 2009 testimonial for their 1st anniversary post and March 2012 for a romantic story of their engagement!]

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 I no longer need your services!  

I have found my forever love! Thank you for your site.

Angie-rockysmom465 {Georgia} December 2019

 We are engaged!  

I met Zuzana in 2018 and now we feel God has a plan for the next step in our lives.

All Glory to our Lord!

John-john8705 {Germany} & Zuzana-zuzie779 {Czech Republic} December 2019

 I have found a match!  

Thank you Christian Cafe for helping me find my match.

God bless.

Jamie-bambosalt432 {Georgia} December 2019

 Beautiful ministry.  

My friend convinced me to join. I live out in the middle of nowhere practically and it's hard to meet other like minded Christians. Happy I joined.

Marie-mariegabriel749 {Florida} December 2019

 I met my fiancee back in January 2019 on Christian Cafe.  

Jay-jaybeanstalk436 {California} December 2019
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