Christian Testimony - March 2012

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 When I first signed up, I said "I don't know how this thing is supposed to work, meeting people on the internet. It's kind of weird" ... but, God used it.  

A very contented woman leans into a man as he takes a selfie

Stephen and Jen found love through this "weird" method of meeting

An overjoyed man hugs a woman who sits in his lap

God has overflowed his blessing on Stephen and Jen

I want to truly and sincerely praise God. Hallelujah!!!

I wouldn't be able to thank Him enough for the gracious and overflowing blessing he has given us, but we will try in our marriage and Christian lives to submit to Him, follow, and bless Him.

Well, we each feel like the other incarnated an answer to many different prayers, and God's response to those prayers was overwhelmingly, undeservedly generous. And neither of us understands how the other could think that we are an overwhelming blessing!

I just feel like me... aware of my faults, and need to be humble before God. Same for her. But God is good, and like I mentioned in my profile, he "creates shocking, resounding beauty, when you get your stupid self out of the way".

So, we met here on the site early December, and got married Feb. 13. It was a veeerrryy long distance 'getting to know each other', and courtship, as Jen was in the Philippines, and I was in the U.S.

But God worked everything out. Anyway, want to give a thank you and shout out to for running a good site, and being used of God to bring me together with the love of my life!

Anyone reading this, we'd appreciate your prayers for our marriage! We are aware this takes continuing devotion to God and each other. God bless you! He likes to do that! But you have to love and follow him!

Stephen-rainfall967 {Arizona} & Jen-ainejil208 {Philippines} March 2012

 Five years ago Bill proposed to me.  

A couple lie side by side and hug while at a beach in Oregon

Josie and William on a dry March day in Oregon

A sweetheart tulip

a sweetheart tulip (its actual name!)

He had my ring designed into a gorgeous tulip shape (my favorite flower) then drove me to a colorful tulip field in Oregon where we walked and talked for hours.

Then he, without my knowing, placed my ring inside the tulip that we agreed was the prettiest, where I found it! He asked me look closer at it, which I did, and I found my ring.

The flower was so pretty and the ring was so beautiful and the moment so special. Of course I said, "Yes!".

William's incredible...there are few men better.

We're in gratitude to Jesus and for helping us find each other. Thank you so much!

Josie-godchild264 {Washington} & Bill-goose441 {Oregon} March 2012

[Editor's note: See August 2009 testimonial for their 1st anniversary post and December 2019 - 11th anniversary]

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 I have been a member of for several years on and off. I had not met anyone in all that time.  

Upon arriving at a new ministry in Hawaii, I thought to give it one more try.

Looking for someone local I tried the search engines of To my surprise I came upon the profile of a beautiful woman who lives on a neighboring island. She quoted similar scriptures to my favorites.

After a few chats online we agreed to meet in person. With caution and safety we met and found much more in common.

We have been steadily in communication for several months now. Thank you for doing your part in bringing us together. We will pursue God's plan in our lives. May God continue to bless and use you.

Pastor Mario-major884 {Hawaii} March 2012

[Editor's note: See September 2012 testimonial for an engagement update!]

 We both met online via back late July 2010.  

I had bought a 12 month membership earlier in the year which was, running out and she had a 10 day trial membership when we met.

I have to be honest here I was almost ready to give up as I hadn't had much joy till then but then I stumbled across Andrea and I have not been disappointed since.

We recently got married in the north west of Alabama in USA on Nov 11, after visiting her twice and spending much money and time communicating with her, plus sending presents and flowers.

We are both in Australia at present undertaking pursuits but happily married!

Paul-blueyesmile970 {Australia} & Andrea {Alabama} March 2012
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 I was pleasantly surprised by  

It is well designed and is very easy to use. I believe I will be joining when my free membership expires. I have been to other sites that have touted that they were "Christian" only to be bothered by scammers.

Thank you for existing. I hope to begin new friendships on your site.

Beth-harpo835 {Florida} March 2012

 I met my husband, Geoffrey, on and we got married on 10 February 2012.  

Just thought I'd let you know! Thank you very much indeed for my wonderful husband for Valentine's day!

Naomi-naomi518 {England} & Geoffrey-gcshubert977 {Arkansas} March 2012
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 I met a very lovely Christian lady on in September & we plan engagement & marriage.  

Thank you for making our dreams come true.

James-rainbowjim524 {England} March 2012

 I'm engaged to be married! Thanks to, I might add.  

You've been aware of how long my search has taken. Thanks very much!

Scott-medusa193 {Arkansas} & Julie-rejoicing826 {England} March 2012

 I am very thankful for  

At first, I was hesitant to be a member. I found out about your site through my Christian sister in Christ. She is now happily married to a Pastor she met on

Had I not had a reliable source, I wouldn't have bothered to join your site. But now, I met someone and have been corresponding with him for the last six months.

We both like each other. I hope and pray that the Lord will guide as we embark on this journey. Our relationship is blossoming and I will leave it up to the Lord. Afterall, He is control of everything.

Helen-helen986 {Hawaii} March 2012

 Last March I met a man on and it took us just a few days to know that we want to spend the rest of our life together.  

In Nov 2011 we finally got married and we are surely the happiest couple on Earth. Thank you so much.

Kristine-mekki401 {Germany} March 2012
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