Christian Testimony - August 2009

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 Kyle proposed to me on Mt. Evans.  

Ecstatic Christian single gets engaged and can hardly contain her joy while being hugged from being

Dana and Kyle, ecstatic to be engaged!

We stopped at Mt. Goliath Visitor's center to catch a breath and the gorgeous views. Then, he decided that he wanted to go on a short hike.

We hiked up a moderately difficult slope where he took hold of my hand and led me across snow covered drifts so I would not slip and fall. We found a secret spot to take a break, and of course I took out the camera to take a few pics.

Kyle decided to prop the camera up on a log. He ran full-speed down the underbrush, making sure to beat the self-timer, and tripped and fell, while screaming in agonizing pain. He immediately grabbed his left ankle and I did not know what to do--you could say I was in a slight panic-y state.

He instructed me to take off his hiking boot, and my hands started to shake as I untied each of the laces...I immediately noticed writing on his athletic sock: "Will U Marry Me?"

I was in total shock from what was penned on the sock in permanent marker...then he pulled out the ring. He got the whole thing on tape without my knowing it!

We're planning a vintage themed wedding in February of 2010 in Kyle's hometown of St. Louis. Thank you once again for helping our cafe connection!

Dana-shopgirl544 {Colorado} & Kyle-kylerfour651 {Kansas} August 2009

[Editor's note: See March 2009 for Dana's original submission. See March 2010 testimonial for their wedding update and January 2020 for their 10th anniversary post!]

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 We would like to thank for facilitating our meeting and allowing God to bring us together.  

Overjoyed Christian bride smiles at her new husband

Yvette and Leslie, now married!

Smiling Christian couple on their wedding day

Isn't Yvette's smile the best!

Happy Christians full of laughter as they exchange vows

Yvette and Leslie exchanging their vows

Bride plays piano in her wedding dress

Yvette plays a song for her new husband, Leslie

We began corresponding in June 2007. Sheff493 initially wrote to me in April/May 2007, but I had decided to let my membership expire and hadn't checked my messages for some time.

Thankfully, before giving up on this dating site, I decided to check my mailbox one last time and found Sheff493's letter waiting for me.

A deep friendship developed over a few months and we soon realized that we were falling for each other. We met in Canada on December 21st, 2008 for the first time and I joined him in England in the new year so we could be together.

We became engaged on March 14th, 2009 and married on April 18th, 2009 in Moncton, NB. At this time we reside in England as newlyweds.

Yvette-browneyedgirl103 {New Brunswick} & Leslie-sheff493 {Sheffield, England} August 2009

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 Another, in a way, reluctant testimonial!  

A very proud man holds his wife's hand on their wedding day

Rick feels like it's a dream he met Melanie!

Dream wedding for Christian couple who kiss on the stairs outside church

Rick and Melanie moments after marrying

What I mean is -- a lot of people like myself and Melanie thought, "we'll try it but we're not sure it's worth it--but what else can we do to meet a good Christian date!?"

Well what do you know--miracles do happen in God's right time. Of all my dabblings on Christian internet dating sites, I kept coming back to to try to meet the balanced spiritual person I was looking to meet.

I told myself, if you keep working on growing and being genuine as a person i.e. as a Christian, then she has to be out there. It turned out about 6 hours away!

God in His love knew it had to be--when we each were ready, having had the experiences in life that we needed to mature as Christians each on our own life journey; that we would be ready and really appreciate it when we (finally!) met that special one we were meant to share our life with.

Melanie and I have been through the mill of life, both as care givers, who often tended to be in emotionally unavailable relationships because of our family of origin issues.

Yet it didn't stop us from learning to work through the baggage we all have--and must deal with. But that's the wonderful thing about doing the hard work of looking at ourselves and trusting God to heal whatever stuff as we mature into his likeness in Christ--there's always hope.

And our loving Lord builds on the past so something even more beautiful can happen. And thus He ministers to our hearts desire to share a life with that someone unique and suited, so we can give and receive love, care and affection.

It sometimes still feels like a dream (and I was awfully patient waiting, which is a spiritual discipline it itself) as I've tried to do the Lord's will for my life. God is good and I can say without a doubt--I've found my best friend, lover and sister in the Lord, who is also a woman of God--as someone once said truly--a Proverbs 31 woman!

She provides for the needs of her household starting with rising up early to pray! Someone suited to support me and discern God's way for me in ordained ministry as we desire to do the Lord's will together in service to Him, as a couple. And on this week of our first year's anniversary of having connected through are celebrating our third week of marital bliss having had a beautiful ecumenical wedding at St. Joe's Church in Ottawa.

Along with it went a beautiful reception at the Strathmere countryside estate surrounded by God's creation. Enjoy the pictures, including two reflections that share implicitly what we feel for each other...

Rick-gurps243 {Ontario} & Melanie-candleindark542 {Ontario} August 2009

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 I'm writing on behalf of my Dad and step-mom Carol.  

Blended Christian family pose at wedding

John, Carol and the whole family at their wedding

They both joined the site in 2003 because their Christian values are extremely important to them and they each wanted someone they could share their beliefs with.

My dad pretty soon found Carol and started exchanging messages with her. He was worried at first that having 5 kids might scare her off, but then found out she had 3 of her own, close in age to some of me and my siblings.

After a few dates Carol and her kids came to our house for dinner. It was awkward at first, but at the end of the night we were getting along pretty well and having some good laughs.

They married around Christmas in 2008. Carol gained 5 step children, a daughter-in-law and grandchild in the process! We are now one big happy family (most of the time) and thanks to my Dad meeting Carol I now have a step-sister who is also my best friend.

I'm glad that my Dad has found happiness again, thanks to!

Kalia, on behalf of John & Carol August 2009

 Before joining I was a little skeptical and unsure, but knew that if God was going to choose to use this method to introduce me to my future spouse, I had to at least sign up!  

Attractive Christian singles find love online and hug just after marrying

Dave and Chandra are no longer skeptical of!

Then during my 10-day free trial in February 2007, Dave and I met. (I still signed up for a 3-month membership "just in case", which I never ended up needing!)

We lived fairly close to each other in Ontario, Canada and actually discovered we had grown up around the corner from each other! We hit it off right away, and were engaged by January 2008.

Married in July 2008 we are now celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary, and we are so happy and blessed to have found each other. We are very thankful for, as God definitely used this site to bring us together.

After years of waiting and praying for my future spouse, we finally met! God is good! "Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4)

Dave-daveyj116 {Ontario} and Chandra-cevenden386 {Ontario} August 2009

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 We'd like to thank all of you at so much for producing such a brilliant website.  

Romantic carriage ride for Christian couple

Robby in his top hat with his beautiful bride Jo

Man tries to hide his tophat but fails to do so while laughing next to a pretty woman

Jo and Robby having fun on their wedding day

It was so easy to use, great fun and best of all - we met each other!

Robby & Jo met using Christian Cafe in March 08. Robby was still only on his 10 day trial and I was half way through my 1st paid 3 month membership thanks to a special deal you offered.

We only wrote for a short time before beginning phone calls and meeting up. We knew almost straight away that we were the one for each other and Robby contacted someone about making my engagement ring after knowing each other only 2 months.

He proposed on our 6 month anniversary up in Edinburgh and we got married 7 months later - on May 3rd 09.

We are totally loving married life and have never been happier. Praise God for making it happen, and thank you for being the instrument He used to bring us together.

Jo-missjo567 {England} & Robby-robby220 {England} August 2009

 It's our one year wedding anniversary! Praise God.  

Christian couple selfie

Josie and William can't believe how much they're alike

Northwestern Christian couple hug on beach

Josie and William are are so glad they're in each other's lives!

Who would have ever thought that two Christian people living in two small towns, in two separate states, 2 1/2 hours apart, in towns they didn't even know existed would end up meeting each other?

Both of us were so reluctant to try online dating, scared actually, yet it turned into one of the most memorable times of our lives.

We are so much alike it's unbelievable. We're best friends and do everything together like scuba diving, white-water rafting, hiking, and exploring volcanoes.

Never does a day go by when we fail to say to one another, "I'm so glad you're in my life!"

Thank you for "introducing" us...and thank you Jesus!

Josie-godchild264 {Washington} & William-goose441 {Oregon} August 2009

[Editor's note: See March 2012 for a romantic story of their engagement and December 2019 for their 11th anniversary post!]

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 We just wanted you to know that we are at the end of our honeymoon celebration.  

Christian bride laughs off nerves

Randi is so happy to have met Jon!

Christian soulmates shown as newlyweds walk away arm in arm

Randi and Jon are soul mates

Christian singles perfectly match as a man hugs a beautiful woman who laughs

Randi and Jon are a perfect match!

Elated Christian couple filled with joy after marrying

Randi and Jon can't contain their joy after marrying!

We met on your site 12/31/08, and immediately knew we were a perfect match! We are so thankful for your site and the chance to meet each other there, soul mates for sure.

Jon-zowieee863 {California} & Randi-canuck121 {California} August 2009

 I joined at the end of December for the free trial and didn't know if I should pay for the membership.  

Northern Cali singles hug in front of palm trees while laughing

Kim and Ken enjoying Valentine's weekend in San Diego

Laughing Christian couple

Kim and Ken at the beach in northern Cali - July 2009

I didn't have much success with internet sites and didn't want to pay a lot of money. I finally joined and met Ken a few days later.

I did extend my boundaries to meet someone out of my area...and Ken's profile caught my eye. I sent him an email and he responded saying that it was too bad that I lived 500 miles away...BUT WITH GOD ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...and so it began!

We emailed and then went to talking on the phone all the time. Thank God we had the same cell phone plan! I ended up driving down to San Diego with my girlfriends to meet him for Valentine's weekend.

I was nervous but excited. We had a great weekend and clicked right away. It was a romantic weekend and I was on cloud nine! I was sad to make the trip back home.

We agreed Ken would come up for my Easter break and meet my family. It was a great time! To make a long story short, Ken ended up moving here to Northern California at the end of May!

We are having a great time learning about each other. It has been a wonderful summer romance and we look forward to what the Lord has in store for us! To all of you who are looking for love - Keep the faith and Trust in the Lord for He knows your heart's desire!


Kim-snowwhite172 {California} & Ken-kenneth935 {California} August 2009

[Editor's note: See February 2011 for their wedding announcement!]

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 My beloved is mine, and I am his.  

NC Christian single marries NY man and looks very happy

Cheryl found a happiness she didn't know existed!

Christian Newlyweds smile and hold hands

God gave Cheryl the desire of her heart, Harvey

Cutting wedding cake

Cheryl and Harvey cutting the wedding cake

I just wanted to give an update to my August 2008 testimonial. Harvey and I met online in July of 2006, were engaged July of 2008, and recently married on July 18, 2009.

We have overcome many obstacles and found a happiness that I did not know existed. It proves that God will give you the desires of your heart if you trust Him and have patience.

Thank you for providing a great service for Christian singles.

Cheryl-ncshirley546 {North Carolina} & Harvey-harv755 {New York} August 2009

[Editor's note: See August 2008 for Cheryl's original submission]

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 I would like to Thank GOD for using for allowing me to meet Gina.  

Years of prayer leads to marriage for this interracial couple who hug

Steve found Gina after many years of prayer

American Christian meets his Filipina love and leans in for a kiss

Steve and Gina are a very, very happy couple!

Christian couple smiling while standing

God opened doors for Steve to meet Gina in person

Married couple introduced by pastor

Steve and Gina on their wedding day

I submitted our story last year about how God used Christian Cafe to bring Gina to me after years of praying.

Update. GOD opened the door according to GOD'S TIMING and I was able to bring Gina to the USA in March 2009 and we were married on MARCH 14, 2009.

Gina's green card is all approved and we are a VERY, VERY HAPPY COUPLE. We are also expecting a baby Boy around Dec 4th, 2009.

We wanted to Thank GOD. GLORY BE TO GOD !!! and for their web site. GOD uses many different ways to bring two hearts together and all the THANKS AND GLORY BELONG TO GOD.


Steve-steve7026 {California} & Gina-gina522 {Philippines} August 2009

[Editor's note: See July 2008 for Steve's original post of thanks.]

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 I met my husband, though not on I did meet some wonderful friends here and this story does show the faithfulness and provision of God.  

Christian couple in park

Brenda and Chris

Wedding kiss for Christian seniors

Funny photo shows woman with large cowboy hat at wedding

Christian Widow finds love online in this outdoor wedding shot

Senior Christians smile after marrying

Truly He works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

A Modern (True) Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a woman named Brenda who had a wonderful family, but had lost her husband many years earlier.

During the days of work and long nights alone, Brenda had learned to find joy in her relationship with the LORD. Brenda was rich in good friends and sought to encourage them also in their relationship with the LORD.

One day, Brenda's Aunt Sue was in Uvalde, filling up her Mini Cooper with gas at Pico, when a handsome man on the other side of the pump asked about her car.

One thing led to another as Chris mentioned his ranch in Mexico and Sue told Chris of her niece, Brenda, who was interested in ranching in Mexico. After hearing that Brenda was currently on the top of a mountain looking for a bobcat cave with her son, Chris responded that he would like to meet a woman like that.

Sue agreed that might be mutually beneficial as she took Chris' business card. Sue asked if Chris were a Christian, as she told Chris that Brenda was a bit of a radical Christian. Sue faithfully delivered the business card to Brenda as she told her of the handsome man with the Mexico ranch.

In the course of time, a meeting was arranged at Appleby's in Uvalde where Brenda quizzed Chris about ranching in Mexico over a grilled chicken Ceasar salad. Conversation turned to arrowheads and Indian mounds and ended with a prospect of an arrowhead hunt at Brenda's ranch in South Texas.

Soon Chris visited Brenda's ranch and went arrowhead hunting. After his hunt was over, he stayed to visit and share a meal with Brenda and her friend, Melba. During the course of the visit, Brenda told Chris of Bible studies that she and Melba attended with friends. Chris expressed an interest in attending a Bible study.

A week or so later, Brenda invited Chris to go to a church in San Antonio with her. Brenda had met Jeff, pastor of River of Life Church when he had come to look at her ranch with a view toward buying it.

Brenda had shared with Jeff her vision of a refuge for God's people in times of trouble. Jeff delivered an interesting and animated sermon followed by an offer of prayer for anyone so inclined. Brenda was surprised when nearly all of the church responded by lining up across the front of the auditorium. Planning to just sit and watch, Brenda responded when invited to go down also by another church attendee.

This meeting was a far cry from services where the pastor prays for each person quietly and individually. No, Pastor Jeff was announcing to the congregation a word of knowledge, wisdom or prophecy for each person lined up across the front. As her turn neared, Brenda planned to ask for prayer that she would love God and her neighbors more fully. Brenda was taken aback when Pastor Jeff stopped in front of her and began to laugh as he recognized her from the ranch and said, "Brenda, you are a bride in waiting!"

Embarrassed and unsure of how to react, Brenda stood while Pastor Jeff continued his prophecy of a husband in Brenda's future. He detailed how this husband would share Brenda's vision of a refuge for God's people and enable the vision to come to pass. He even sang a portion of Barry Manilow's song, "Strangers in the Night". As Brenda was leaving the auditorium, Pastor Jeff called out to her and said, this is just from me, not from the LORD, but if I were you, I would go buy a wedding dress!

Sheepishly, Brenda got into the truck with Chris, who was recently divorced and very agitated at the thought that the Pastor might be expecting him to be the husband of the prophecy. As they discussed the prophecy on the return trip to Uvalde, Brenda assured Chris that he didn't have to worry that he might be the prophesied husband.

Unknown to Chris at the time was the fact that Brenda had a strong aversion to cigarette smoking, in her mind disqualifying him as the prophesied husband. A couple of weeks later, Brenda returned to the church in San Antonio alone, only to be accosted by a lady who had heard that she was getting married and had a wedding dress for sale.

With no likely prospects for a husband in view, Brenda nevertheless acted in faith and tried on the wedding dress. To her surprise, it fit as if it were made for her, other than the length, which was too long. The lady was asking $250 for the dress, which she explained cost her niece $1700. Despite the beauty of the dress, Brenda declined to purchase it, not wanting to spend $250 with no groom in sight.

A couple of months later, Brenda saw Pastor Jeff again, and he asked if she had bought a wedding dress yet. Embarrassed, she said no. Later, as she was praying, she asked the LORD that if He wanted her to have that dress that it would still be available, even though it had been advertised for sale in the months that had passed since she had tried it on.

She made a call to the owner of the dress to find that, amazingly, the dress was still available. Coincidentally, the LORD had provided the funds to purchase the dress at the same time. Brenda's father tried to hide his doubt as she explained the purchase of the dress on their next trip to San Antonio. Brenda's grown daughter was less inhibited, laughing outright that her crazy mother would purchase a wedding dress with no groom in sight. Not knowing what to do with the dress that would inevitably spark embarrassing questions, Brenda delivered the dress to her cousin who did alterations.

As her cousin saw the dress, she questioned Brenda as to who she was marrying. Sheepishly, Brenda replied that she didn't know. Her cousin tactfully swallowed further questions and agreed to do the alteration on the length of the wedding dress. A bit relieved that the dress was out of sight, Brenda returned to life as usual.

Over the days, weeks, and months ahead, Brenda and Chris became close friends, finding they had many interests and experiences in common. Still, any thought of anything other than a platonic relationship was banished from Brenda's mind by her aversion to cigarette smoking. In a discussion at one time, Chris told Brenda that he was a smoker and would always be a smoker. Brenda accepted that as his choice, thankful that he was very courteous in his efforts not to expose her to the cigarette smoke.

As the months progressed, Brenda and Chris became like Jack and Jill, often together. They even spent four days in Mexico with Brenda's father and son, exploring Mexican ranches for sale. Brenda grew to respect Chris more and more as she came to know him better, and Chris grew fonder of her as the days passed.

When Brenda moved from the South Texas ranch into a travel trailer, Chris responded with an offer to park the travel trailer beside his house. Brenda gratefully accepted the offer. Now in proximity every day, Brenda and Chris often ate together, spending more time in each other's company.

One evening, Chris asked Brenda if she had considered the possibility that they might ride off into the sunset together. Brenda honestly explained to Chris her aversion to cigarette smoking, not asking him to quit, but simply wanting him to understand. The conversation ended soon thereafter, Chris feeling a little perturbed at Brenda's revelation.

Chris remembered his own past assertion that he would never quit smoking for a woman. Yet, he reasoned, he really did want to quit smoking anyway, remembering that his own father had quit smoking in his 60's. Chris began to cut back drastically from his three plus pack a day habit, until one day he told Brenda, "Pray for me, all my cigarettes are gone and I'm not buying any more."

Brenda did pray for Chris in his struggle to end the habit. Gradually and with great effort and much prayer, Chris broke his smoking habit. It seemed to Brenda that her eyes were opened to Chris as she saw him struggling valiantly to quit smoking. She began to realize just how much she treasured his friendship. Little by little the friendship Chris and Brenda shared blossomed into an even deeper and more meaningful relationship.

Soon discussions of the future prompted Chris to ask Brenda to marry him. Brenda accepted with tears in her eyes and joy in her heart, that her dear friend was to become her husband. That evening, Brenda read the book of Ruth to Chris, and repeated the words to Chris, "Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me."

Plans were made to have the wedding at Aunt Sue's house, as Brenda and Chris recalled how instrumental she had been in their meeting the year before. As they shopped for rings in Uvalde, they were unable to find anything that they really liked, however, when they went to James Avery in San Antonio, they found golden bands with a Hebrew inscription taken from the passage in Ruth that Brenda had repeated to Chris.

They knew immediately these were the rings for them! On the day of the wedding, Brenda's cousin who had done the alteration on the dress, got to meet the groom, and was laughing to find that Brenda really had not known who the groom would be when she delivered the dress for alteration months before.

On July 25, 2009, the prophecy given to Brenda on July 27th the previous year was fulfilled. Chris married Brenda and became her husband and soul mate.

Together they are joyously living the adventure to see what God yet has in store for their future. Where Brenda had walked alone with her Saviour, three now walk...

Brenda-brendamc532 {Texas} August 2009

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 We're married!!!  

My name is Elena and I joined your free trial offer in May. On my second day I met a wonderful man named Douglas.

We chatted on and then eventually on the phone. Within two weeks he purchased a ticket for me to come meet him. Now I am a VERY cautious and bright woman, but the grace of God was all over this relationship.

We met and had our first date on May 30th in West Virginia. On July 5th he asked me to marry him in front of the historic Alice Austen house in Staten Island , N.Y..

I am truly blessed because I met the man of my dreams through your web site...

We wanted to inform you that we are planning a wedding for February 26, 2010 in West Virginia. And thank you for being the tool that God used to bring true love together.

Elena-sunshine9086 {New York} August 2009

 I want to thank you for being the ones who caused Ponygirl and I to meet back in the fall of last year.  

We subsequently met on another site as well, but you get the credit for being the first!

PS. Things are going very well...

Scott-chlzdad514 {Ontario} August 2009

 I met Dalida on  

She lives in Cartagena, Colombia. I first wrote to her in January of this year.

She is very special and wonderful and is blessed with awesome beauty! She has a soft, exotic, Latina voice. I love to hear her sing and tell me about her day! She has the most beautiful eyes!!! She prays with faith and fire. She is very intelligent and deeply spiritual and loves me very much. She works for a charismatic church caring for children and the elderly. She is studying to be a leader in the church and knows profound concepts of the Bible very well.

I was first attracted to her exquisite beauty and to the glory of her countenance. I was taken by her crown of flowers! Now I love her with all of my heart!

She has accepted my proposal for marriage. Her engagement ring is a pure Colombian emerald set in diamonds with gold interlaced like a rose. We are moving in faith, knowing that the Lord must make a way for us through a difficult path of compliance with the laws of two nations on two continents and the understanding of two languages.

Yet, our love binds us together in faith and patience as the Lord works things out. As soon as God opens the door for us, I plan to travel to Cartagena to marry Dalit.

This is the dream of my life, to marry my hidden treasure, my Pirate Princess of Cartagena, Colombia (mi Tesoro, mi Pirata Princesa ..."la mas hermosa de todas las mujeres" - Cantares 6:1). Te amo siempre, Dalits! .

Joey-joeyfireheart650 {Alabama} & Dalida-perla439 {Colombia} August 2009

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