Christian Testimony - July 2008

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 My wife's sister met her husband on and although they have already been married for a few years, I thought you would enjoy a copy of their engagement letter.  

Texas Christian single looks very happy to have met a single Christian woman from the Philippines as they stand together

George met his priceless treasure, Mahal !

Dear Loved Ones, what a priceless treasure I have come to know! Well, it all began on

I was looking to the East for a companion and that companion had to be a strong Christian (preferably in ministry). I felt called to the East for missionary service and for a spouse who would understand such things as honor, loyalty, dignity and serenity.

I was also starved for conversation at the time and everyone will no doubt attest that Mahal is certainly just what the doctor ordered in that regard. I remember the first time I spoke with her online, and it was so fulfilling as to cause a bursting out of joy!

She was just so wonderful to talk to; so full of life, energy, enthusiasm, warmth and so funny! I have to admit that right from the beginning she already had my heart.

I already knew she was doing a great work for the Lord in the seminary and her faith was formidable. I just had to talk more and find out just what kind of a Christian she was. I was amazed that she never judged anyone, instead she seemed to see the best in everyone including me.

The Lord showed me also how He was bringing us together to heal each other's wounds and to shower us instead with gladness. She needed a husband and a father to fill the void in her heart and home, someone strong in faith and even physically to lean on.

I needed my home back as well and a wife that could be gentle. Grief had stricken both of us in unimaginable ways, but now the mourning is turning into dancing!

I rejoiced in my wonderful discovery and will continue to do so for the rest of my life because she has agreed to become my wife! I told Mahal that I would not propose to her by letter but only face to face.

There was no tension, just a soft peaceful uniting of kindred spirits and a relief of finally touching the face of your beloved. Rejoice with me, celebrate for I am now the richest man on the face of the earth!

George {Texas} & Mahal {Philippines} July 2008

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 Ron and I met a couple of years ago on and we will be celebrating our first anniversary this coming August!  

A very happy man stands behind a beautiful Christian woman from Missouri as they both smile while looking up

God used as His instrument to connect Ligia and Ron

I know it was God who brought us together but you were the instrument he used for us to meet. Thank you!

Ligia-gigi647 {Missouri} & Ron July 2008

 Ed and I met in September 2006. I 'winked' at him and he replied back to me...he hadn't even been a member for 24 hours yet!  

A couple overwhelmed with joy hug on their wedding day

Ed was everything Gloria had prayed for over the course of 20 years

Divorced man poses with his sons and his new bride, smiles all around

Ed and Gloria continue to be amazed at how well they 'fit'.

I have since told him that he didn't even get his money's worth but he assures me that's not the case!

We emailed back & forth for a week or so and then he gave me his phone number. I was SO nervous to call him that I made sure I had an 'out' in case the conversation did not go well.

We chatted by phone a few times over the course of the next two weeks, and then after that it was daily phone calls. Thank goodness for a reasonably priced, unlimited long distance plan!

Hours turned into days and we decided to meet at a neutral location about midway between our homes. He gave me a rose and later that evening a pair of butterfly earrings because a few weeks earlier I told him I had butterflies in my stomach. How sweet is that!

We knew almost from the beginning that God had ordained our paths to connect. Ed was everything I had prayed for about 20 years ago...I just had to wait for God's timing.

We continued to talk on the phone daily and began monthly visits, alternating locations. I met his boys and his extended family and in turn he came to meet my family at Christmas time.

We were engaged on Easter Sunday, April 2007 and married on June 30, 2007. It was a short engagement but we could see the Lord's hand in all of it...from the encouragement of our families, to the sale of my home, to the job transition that was coming in my career, to how smoothly all the details came together.

It has been a challenge moving provinces, becoming a wife and a step-mom, living with a household of males, making new friends, but SO worth it!

We celebrated our first anniversary a few weeks ago and continue to be amazed at how God brought us together and how well we 'fit'. Thank you for your commitment to connecting Christian singles out there...we are truly grateful.

Ed - trucker853 {Manitoba} & Gloria {Saskatchewan} July 2008

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 I was at my gym one night and saw a really cute guy. Well, not too long after that I got an email from a guy on  

A very happy attractive Christian couple stand holding beautiful flowers

It took ChristianCafe for Sue to meet her neighbor!

Missouri Christian singles marry on a balcony

Sue and her husband couldn't be happier

A man dips a woman for a passionate kiss as she laughs

Sue's membership was well worth it!

I paid the $40 to join. It turned out it was the guy at the gym that night!

We lived in the same community, but had just kept missing each other apparently. It took Christian Cafe to get us together. We dated for a little over a year and got married two weeks ago out on the back balcony of our new house overlooking the lake in a wonderful, sweet, small ceremony.

We couldn't be happier!

We just wanted to thank you for FINALLY bringing "Bforreal" and "Happy Camper" together.

Sue-happycamper245 {Missouri} & bforreal797 {Missouri} July 2008

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  We have lots of happy memories together and we're enjoying every moment of our lives together.  

Australian man overcome with love only has eyes for her as she smiles while seated

George and Arlene full of joy on their wedding day

Earlier this year we sent our testimonial after we got engaged in December 18, 2007.

We met in October 06, 2007 on Christian Cafe and since then we started communicating with each other and things went well between us. I decided to fly over to the Philippines to meet her and her family.

In His perfect time, God created us to meet. In His wisdom, He planted the seed of love in our hearts. And in His kindness, He nurtured and allowed us to grow. In His faithfulness He blessed us and joined us as love.

And so with this, we want to share with you one of our happy memories in our life that can never forgotten, the day when we said to each other, "I DO".

We had our first wedding ceremony 28 June 2008 with the support of our families and friends who joined us in our happiness. And we're having another ceremony in the Philippines sometime this year.

Thank you for paving the way for us.

George-hope8472 {Victoria, Australia} & Arlene {Philippines} July 2008

[Editor's note: See March 2008 for their engagement testimonial!]

 God has blessed us with a strong friendship, prayer life and family. And it's all because of!!!  

A woman with a beautiful smile sits at a computer desk

A beaming Amy met romantic Dexter

A handsome man in a blue suit smiles

A very happy Dexter didn't waste time

joyful Christians walk arm in arm down the aisle

Amy and Dexter on their happy wedding day!

We met on June 2, 2007. I live in Detroit, MI and Dexter lived in Brooklyn, NY.

After endless phone conversations, night after night and any free time during day while at work....we met in person for the first time July 13, 2007. He surprised me with a romantic candle light, flowers and diamond ring MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!!!

We were married August 20, 2007. We now have a son together born early on May 16, 2008. Thanks CHRISTIANCAFE.COM!!!

Amy-dionna277 {Michigan} & Dexter-dexter856 {New York} July 2008

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 I would like to Thank GOD for using for allowing me to meet Gina.  

On the advice of a fellow Christian, I decided to use a Christian web site to meet someone, after years of praying. I was very hesitant.

So I prayed about it while I researched a variety of web sites. GOD led me to, where I asked GOD if this is the web site he wants me to use.

Then a few weeks later I met Gina, on Jan 14, 2008, after many emails, web cam, letters and phone calls. God opened the door for me to go on a mission trip to the Philippines, where we finally meet face to face.

God not only opened the door for me to go but also for Gina to join the mission group. We both have been praying as GOD confirmed to us in many different ways, usually through His Word (Bible), by giving us identical verses to read. WOW!

I am planning on going back to the Philippines in Aug. 2008 and I am pleased to announce we are engaged to be married at the end of this year.

GOD uses many different ways to bring to hearts together as all the THANKS AND GLORY BELONG TO GOD. I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU CHRISTIANCAFE.COM FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Steve-steve7026 {California} & Gina-gina522 {Philippines} July 2008

[Editor's note: See August 2009 for an update and wedding photos!]

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My beloved and I met on and we were married on May 18, 2008.

I found through a sermon and she was placed on it by her caring sister. Would you like wedding photos? She made a lovely bride.

Brian- brian306 {Minnesota} & Myrna July 2008

 I must say that overall, I am enjoying WAY better than [another singles site],  

where I was dealing with old profiles and no matches for YEARS. The overall quality of people is better on I really really like your site and your customer service rules.

Holly-joyandbooks215 {Minnesota} July 2008

 I am very intrigued by the simple layout and use of warm toned-down colors.  

I just wanted to compliment you on your website. The coffee cup on the homepage is a brilliant accent and it just welcomes browsers as well as users.

While browsing, I was not interrupted by silly pop-ups or distracted by streams of advertisements going across the page. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your fine work.

I will definitely add the company to my prayers so that you can continue to be one of the mediums that God uses to bring Christians together (for friendship or for love).

Esther-highlyfavored256 {New York} July 2008

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 I met this wonderful woman on  

We had to take our opportunity away from just chats. In time our feelings became great and our vision became united...and now we are happily married!

I want to say how amazing it was to have found the woman that God created to fit my needs on your site...what a blessing! Thank you and may God bless you for your vision in this area.

Elva-lissa427 {New Jersey} & Keith-keithmasseynj358{Pennsylvania} July 2008

 I wanted to share my success story with you!  

Thanks to, I met the man of my dreams on September 19, 2007 and we became engaged on April 25th of this year.

We will be getting married on February 21, 2009 in Rochester, NY. My fiance and I are perfect for each other - it was truly an act of God that brought us together in this way and we are so happy together.

Thank you for your site being the mediator for us! I am recommending you to all of my friends who are single and still looking :)

Rebecca-aprilrose851 {New York} & Timothy July 2008

 I am meeting wonderful encouraging, uplifting friends from all over, mainly the States.  

I feel that the prayer puts a whole different perspective and may the prayer warriors keep up the good work.

The there is no doubt we will all be Blessed In Jesus' name.

Cheryl-clah399 {South Africa} July 2008

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 I love Christian Cafe. I rate it higher than [another singles site] in many categories.  

The quality of people on is the highest that I've seen on ANY site. To those who created this, THANK YOU!

Trish-trish846 {New Jersey} July 2008

 Just a note of thanks to all who work on 'it does what it says on the tin!'  

I have found my dream girl, and things are looking good! So, I've chose now to delete my account - job done! Well done!

Martin-aroyaloak287 {England} July 2008

 You've probably heard this story many times, but we wanted to write and thank you for your part in ours.  

Seeking474 is from Montana, and Prayher300 is from Southern California, and there is obviously no way we would have met if it wasn't for

It started with an email with just a "hi" from Seeking474. Prayher300 was curious how Seeking474 had found her profile and sent that "hi" all the way from Montana.

Seeking474 had a good answer for that, and we began a friendship writing about what we thought about spiritual things and other things, what our lives had been like, our relationships with our kids.

Then we started instant messaging each other. Our record was 7 1/2 hours straight. Then we added phone calls. As God would have it, we both of us had cell phone plans with unlimited minutes, or it would have been very expensive (!).

Then we met in person, first in Montana and then in California. The relationship in person was everything our online and phone relationship had promised to be and more.

We are planning on getting married in September. We both see God's hand all over our relationship, and He used as a way of connecting us. Thank you so much!

Jerry-seeking474 {Montana} & Barbara-prayher300 {California} July 2008

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