Christian Testimony - March 2008

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  I never was a believer in Internet dating--until I tried it.  

A tall handsome man leans against a tree and prepares to kiss his beautiful bride

Isn't the look on Shelly's face priceless!

My husband, Keith, and I have been married for 16 months now. We have known each other for almost 3 years.

We met on It is wonderful to see how God works in so many different ways.

Keith and I had a great experience with Christian Cafe. We would highly recommend it.

Shelly-safnp433 {Michigan} & Keith-keithmich454 {Michigan} March 2008

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 It was one year ago on Valentine's day that I met the woman who has captured my heart.  

A romantic man kisses his wife's cheek while she tries to take a selfie

Jason with his Valentine, Dora

An overjoyed Alberta Christian single man sits next to a beautiful Christian woman from Nicaragua

Jason, beaming with joy, next to his fiancee, Dora

A couple ride in a convertible and smile together while looking up

Dora is everything Jason hoped and prayed for

In the beginning it was her smile, her beautiful smile which enticed me, and I thought WOW, this woman is beautiful! I was soon to realize that her beauty shone forth from treasures deep within.

Since I was planning on being in Central America for exploration and adventure, I decided to meet my new found friend from WOW VAVAVOOM!!!!

We knew there was something there as soon as we laid eyes on each other because romance sprouted right away, and now a wonderful relationship is growing in the sunshine of God's Love.

I swear the sky is bluer and the grass is greener for I have found my Baby!!! She is everything and more than I prayed and hoped for, a rare woman among ten million and brings joy to my heart every day through her smile, laughter and expectant hope.

I can't wait till April 18 when we will become one. Thank You Daddy God, I am blessed!! oh, and Thank you!!!

Jason-JesusRevolver136 {Alberta} and Dora-beijaflor342 {Nicaragua} March 2008

[Editor's note: See February 2010 for their wedding update!]

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 You're doing a great and important service and the Lord is using you to help people find their match!  

Dutch Christian woman marries her love and looks very happy on her wedding day

Ilan never gave up and look at him now - married to Thamara!

A woman in a beautiful bridal dress holds her bouquet and laughs next to her husband

Ilan & Thamara are matched spiritually, emotionally and physically

Here is our testimony of how we met on

We are very thankful to the Lord for Christian Cafe! The Lord has used it to bring us together. This is how it happened:

We come form different countries, Ilan (age 34 - justme383) comes from Israel and Thamara (age 27 - ster4440) comes from Holland. Ilan had been looking for a wife for many years and had tried very hard in many ways until he decided to go in to where he was a member for about 3 years - many contacts and disappointments. However, he got to meet many friends who supported him on his quest.

Thamara realized that she was ready for marriage. It was Thamara who first contacted Ilan with some practical questions to start the conversation. Ilan answered hoping to get some more details about this mystery girl.

From there we started writing e-mails to each other and a few days later we started talking via webcam. After 6 months of talking we had to meet and Thamara was the brave one to come to Israel for 1 month (though she'd been there 10 times already).

In Israel we got to know each other better, and eventually Thamara stayed 4 months - so we could continue praying to see if we are God's will for each other and in order that Thamara could see what life's like in Israel.

Ilan later came to Holland to meet Thamara's family and get her dad's blessing. On 13th of August 2007 we officially got married in Holland. On October 25 we had a wonderful wedding celebration in Israel, then 2 beautiful honeymoon weeks in Israel.

We are very happy together, our love is continually growing and we have much in common and we match spiritually, emotionally and physically. We really feel like we are one.

We are amazed at the Lord's work in bringing us together - it looks like a miracle to us. God is good, God is faithful and he is worthy to be praised! Keep up the good work,

Ilan-justme383 {Israel} and Thamara-ster4440 {Netherlands} March 2008

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 Sharon simply just left a comment that she loved my profile and thought it was the best...well she had no clue what she was in store for!  

A couple cuddle on the couch and smile

A simple letter from Sharon was all it took to capture Michael

Sharon and I have met and it's going very good. Whether it's this year or a year from now, Sharon and I will be married. Thanks for this site.

Sharon-hamiltongirl548 {Ohio} & Michael-manofgod479 {Ohio} March 2008

 Thank you for the happiness you played a part in making.  

A man can't contain his joy after marrying a beautiful woman from Colombia

Steven can't believe he's married to Karem!

Overjoyed Christian couple smile after marrying in a monastery

The bride and groom shine for the camera!

Happily married couple pose inside a 16th century building on their wedding day

A picturesque setting for Steven and Karem's wedding

A carriage ride for the bride and groom who sit close together and smile

Steven and Karem ride off in a carriage

I thought you should know that my wife and I met on in 2005, and we've been really happy ever since.

Karem is from Colombia. We had a beautiful wedding in a 16th century Spanish Monastery in Cartagena, Colombia that we have some great pictures of.

Steven-stevenh392 {Indiana} & Karem-karem845 {Colombia} March 2008

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 Some time ago I was a member of I hadn't met anyone but then...  

A well dressed man smiles at the camera while indoors

George persevered and met Arlene

A woman holds a teddy bear and laughs in front of flowers from her Australian boyfriend

A smile from ear to ear from Arlene

Married Christians in love prepare to kiss while holding hands on a couch

George and Arlene are inseparable

On October 6, 2007 I met a lovely lady by the name of Arlene from Manila. I flew over to Manila from Australia to visit the lovely lady.

5 months have gone by and we fell in love with each other. Anyway, to cut a long story short we are to be married on the 26 July 2008. Arlene and I wanted to share that with

The beautiful day for us will be in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We thank you so much for having the site available to us.

George-hope8472 {Victoria, Australia} & Arlene {Philippines} March 2008

[Editor's note: See July 2008 for their wedding update!]

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 I'm very happy to report that I recently married (March 6) someone I met on  

Christian single from Texas looks very proud to stand next to a beautiful woman and hug her

Matthew waited for just the right person...Dina!

She's from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and I'm from Granbury, Texas, USA.

We started chatting on April 6, 2007. I've been on and a couple dozen other sites for many years, but to no avail. She'd been on for just about a week.

We had immediate chemistry, and we had a wonderful week together in Bishkek in June 07. When she came here in late February, it was even better, and we were married about a week and a half later.

We're both so happy with how the Lord has blessed us. Thanks for the help in allowing us to find someone we'd have never found otherwise.

Matthew-panther443 {Texas} & Dina-dina748 {Kyrgyzstan} March 2008

 I just wanted to share my experience with to encourage all the people out there still waiting on the Lord.  

Content Christian singles look very well matched while standing close together

Nicole was patient and was rewarded with Chris!

A man stands by the ocean next to a beautiful woman

Nicole and Chris are now engaged to be married this September!

I was a member of for a couple of years. I had met several people and formed some good friendships. However, no one fit the bill, so to speak.

One day, I was looking at the "Who's On" section and saw the picture of a friend of mine that I'd known for 10 years. He'd moved to Florida about 3 years prior and we'd lost touch, although his younger sister is one of my best friends.

We began dating long distance last July. He still lives in Florida and I live in St. Louis, so it's been back and forth logging lots of air miles since September of last year.

Two days after Valentine's Day he proposed and we're getting married on September 6. You never know what God will do! I never thought a year ago that I'd be marrying Chris (someone I'd known for 10 years) let alone selling my house and leaving my life to join him in Florida.

We both are so excited for what God has planned for our marriage. We are so compatible and see the Lord's hand so evidently in bringing us together.

We never knew it could be this good or this easy.

So, you never know what God will do. Keep waiting on the Lord. It will be completely worth it when it's his perfect timing!

Nicole-nicolerenee903 {Missouri} & Chris-ckwilkerson834 {Florida} March 2008

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  I had talked to some very nice people, but had not found the one for me until alerted me of a 100% match!  

A couple hug tenderly just after marrying

Ruth and Mike are united in Christ and in ministry

A newly married couple pose and laugh with a friend

Ruth and Mike full of smiles on their special day!

Last fall I met my soulmate on! I could not believe it to be true, but Mike and I were sure that our connection was orchestrated by God as we got to know each other and shared our musical gifts as well.

We were married on November 24th in a small private ceremony.

I am the Music Director at our church and Michael is a concert pianist. He was hired as our church pianist shortly before our wedding. Now we are united in Christ and in our ministry. Thank you for offering a wonderful alternative to the secular dating web sites.

Ruth- isingpatsy875 {South Carolina} & Mike {South Carolina} March 2008

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 I have met someone on and we have fallen in love and plan to marry.  

It was really awesome to actually meet a man who is everything on the list I had been praying for. Thank you for your website.

Barb - truthseeker681 {British Columbia} March 2008

 Thank you so much for offering a truly Christ based site!  

Melinda and I met on your site 6 months ago and now are engaged to be married!

We both were very skeptical about online dating. However, we both want to encourage anyone who may be reading this to hang in there. It might take some time but it can work. We are a match in so many ways...emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, etc. Thank you!

Mark-rdasame598 {Ohio} & Melinda March 2008

 Advice for all the women my age (50-something)  

I'd recommend that they don't hide anything, but be as honest and complete as possible about who they are--their likes and dislikes, their hopes and expectations, shortcomings and strengths--and who they're looking for.

Even though men in their 50's are sometimes not looking at women their own age, some men will appreciate the fact that we women in our 50's have some experience under our belts. I'd also be sure that women understand that they have to be a little tough; they have to get used to, and ready for meeting many different men, either by email, on the phone, or in person.

I probably went through more than 100 before I met Don. And I wasn't thinking he was going to be anyone special because he hadn't answered half of the questions or posted a picture! But he is a very special man, and we have been happily married now for 18 months, and we met 4 years ago in March.

I've had the chance to tell different people that my husband and I met at your website, and I'd definitely recommend it to others who're looking for a special someone.

Susan-suecd228 {California} & Don-don539 {California} March 2008

[Editor's note: See January 2007 for their wedding submission]

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 It's through I have now met a lovely man from the north of Scotland and we are dating seriously.  

Sarah-sallytravel706 {Scotland} March 2008

 Sharon and I have met and it's going very well.  

Whether it's this year or a year from now, Sharon and I will be married. She simply just left a comment that she loved my profile and thought it was the best.....well she had no clue what she was in store for!

Thanks for

Sharon-hamiltongirl548 {Ohio} & Michael-manofgod479 {Ohio} March 2008

 We would like to thank for having given us the chance to meet each other.  

We exchanged nearly one hundred messages before we contacted each other by phone. During that time we found ourselves much drawn to each other and are now in courtship.

We would never have found each other without the Lord's hand leading us through Hurrah for!

Laszlo-ArtistThinker654 {Washington} & Cindy-Amfound719 {Oregon} March 2008

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