Christian Testimony - February 2008

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 I am married now!  

Texas Christian single blushes as a pretty woman hugs him

David and Theresa are very thankful for being connected through

I have never taken the time to thank for your services and I don't think my wife has either. So I'd like to thank you for getting us together!

My wife has actually referred friends to you guys and they are married now because of their signing up with you! At least two that I know of.

Thank you for all that you do, and have done for my wife Theresa, and myself, David.

David-pureinart763 {Texas} & Theresa February 2008

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 David and I met on in 2004 and were married June 30, 2007.  

Newly married couple toast their marriage while seated outdoors

A toast to the beautiful couple!

Thank you for providing the opportunity for Christians to meet!

David-[No username given] & Wife [No username given] February 2008

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 I want to thank for demonstrating true wisdom in a world where it is nonexistent!  

Tony-ecclesia258 {California} February 2008

 I was not really looking to get involved in any relationship, I just wanted to see what was about.  

Since being on your site, I have checked out other christian singles site but none of them compare to

I like your format, it is easy to follow for a computer incompatible person.

anonymous February 2008

 I just wanted to let you know how blessed I am when I read the prayer section of  

When I first joined, I was looking for a man to date and have dinner with, etc. It was several weeks before I even noticed the prayer section.

Now, however, that's the first place I go, and I pray daily for each and every one of the people who post prayers. Some break my heart, and some seem to just need a place to vent their frustrations, pain or joy. Others seem to be a bit confused and off-track with God, and although I pray for them as well, it might not necessarily be the prayer that they're asking for.

I have met some wonderful friends - men and women - and didn't expect that!

Elise-Easter420 {Tennessee} February 2008

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 Great set up!  

Congratulations on your good efforts at helping us singles.

Kylie-Tiggs460 {New Zealand} February 2008

 I really just thought it was important to tell you how GREAT your site is.  

People nowadays are sooo quick to make a fuss over the things in life that aren't good but I'm all about being uplifting and I wanted to lift you all up because I have had sooo much fun being on this site. It's great. really is like a BEST KEPT SECRET!

I seriously can't tell you enough how much I love it. I had an issue with a male who was a bit aggressive in an unGodly way and well just out of line and rude and you guys took care of it, like that. It's soo easy and so fun.

Dating is intimidating so this place I feel makes it easy and fun and even speeds up the process a little more by getting to know people first. I absolutely loved this site!!!!!! I am going to tell all my friends about this site and tell them to try this one out and can guarantee they will love it cause I love it!

Kendra-kleighe360 {California} February 2008

 I think what you are doing to help the right people get together is great.  

Never before has it been made so easy to meet someone that could be the perfect match. Thank you.

Bev-bev418 {South Africa} February 2008

 This is a message from a very satisfied user of your website.  

I have met a very special lady through so I must say a big "Thank you" for all your hard work here.

Phil-sell300 {New Zealand} February 2008

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