Christian Testimony - January 2008

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 Another success story for you!  

Dave and Patricia smile in front of beautiful flowers on their wedding day was a success for Dave and Patricia!

Christian couple receive their blessing at the altar

Dave and Patricia exchange their vows

Senior Christians stand arm in arm looking very contented

The happy couple, now married

Patricia's wedding party

The bridesmaids

Hello at, two of your members are now a couple.

Dave and Patricia first met via in December 2006. Patricia noticed Dave, even though the reported match was only 65%.

They first met in person in January 2007, continued to correspond extensively in, then via private email and Internet chat (did a lot of that!).

They were engaged in May 2007 and were were married July 25, 2007.

Thanks for hosting us! I (Dave) met some ten fine ladies from your service. Patricia found me on her first try!

Dave-dave9172 {British Columbia} & Patricia-argyle182 {Alberta} January 2008

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 Thanks to for bringing us together!  

Proud parents wrap their arms around their cute baby

Keith and Rita along with "Cafe Baby" Edmundas

Rita first wrote to me in the Cafe during the summer of 2002 from Lithuania. We exchanged many emails for the next several months, until meeting in person in 2003 in Lithuania.

While we did not hit it off at first, I really enjoyed touring her country and meeting her mother and friends.

Gradually, our friendship evolved, as I took a few more short vacations to Europe, managing to meet up with Rita for a few days on each trip. Eventually, the relationship became more than just a friendship.

We were married in January 2006, and our first child, Edmundas, was born in May 2007.

Keith-legend979 {California} & Rita {Lithuania} January 2008

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 Our wedding announcement.  

NJ Christian single tries to contain his joy after meeting a beautiful Christian woman from Brazil

Marie can hardly contain her excitement after her engagement to Rick!

Marie from Sao Paulo, Brazil & Rick from Clarksboro, New Jersey, are happy to announce OUR ENGAGEMENT!

On 24 December, 2007 in Limeira, Sao Paulo in the country of Brazil in the presence of Alicee's Mother, Father, her sons, Daniel & Jonathan & her daughter, Samantha. to be wed in the Spring, 2008.

Rick-goodhearted112 {New Jersey} & Marie {Brazil} January 2008

 Another success story!  

An overjoyed couple of Christian singles hold hands and smile after meeting

Love happened quickly for Lynda and Rich

I was on for only 1 week when I met my now fiance, Rich. He'd been on the site about 6 months. We're getting married April 6, 2008. I'm attaching a picture of Rich and me.

God is good, people! God is good!

Lynda & Rich January 2008

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 Thanks to I am now very happily married.  

A man and woman stand together and laugh while hugging on their wedding day

Dave and Ceci took their time to get it right. Look at them now - married!

I originally contacted Ceci via after I had read through her profile.

As you can see from the attached picture she is a beautiful woman, but after reading her profile I began to perceive that she was also internally a beautiful person with a genuine love for the Lord.

At first I asked Ceci if she would be open to corresponding a bit through the website and so we corresponded regularly for a while in that way before I offered to send her my phone number. In response to that offer, she sent me her number and we started to talk regularly on the phone in early February 2007.

As we got acquainted I felt a click of chemistry even over the phone and so after we got to know each other as well as we could that way, I decided to take the chance and ask her if we could meet.

Since we live in different cities our first date was at the San Francisco International Airport. I remember wanting to make it a fairly comfortable meeting for her so I suggested that we just spend a few minutes together at one of the airport's restaurants and have a cup of coffee or something fairly simple.

But when we met we had just a great time and before I knew it I had to catch my plane. Well after that we went out every weekend with only about two exceptions, got engaged and then were married on December 15, 2007.

I just want to thank for your website, it is truly a great ministry to Christian single people. makes it easy to get introduced and meet like-minded Christians that you would never meet any other way. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

Dave-amanforjesus426 {California} & Ceci-redhead633 {California} January 2008

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 Marriage! I am writing because I met a wonderful man, Hal, on  

Selfie for newly engaged Christian couple

Sandra and Hal are engaged to be married!

We started talking in July and have grown to love each other over the last few months and are now talking about getting married.

I am so thankful to the Lord and for bringing us together. I have had horrible experiences with "secular" Internet dating sites and was hesitant about trying yet another Internet dating site. I am so glad that I went ahead and tried your site.

Hal and I are so in love and plan to marry in the Lord's timing. Thank you so much and God bless.

Sandra & Hal January 2008

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 Dear, we felt we must write and thank you for your service as God used it to help us find each other.  

A man looks really pleased to have married a beautiful UK woman, who leans into him and smile

After years of prayer and initial doubt about, Claire met the love of her life, Ingemar!

I must admit I wasn't very positive about Internet dating before I tried it.

Despite several success stories of friends (5 are now married having met their partners on Christian dating sites over the last few years!) I felt very uncomfortable about the concept. Having been hurt a lot, my self esteem was quite low, but after several years on my own and the "gentle" encouragement of friends I thought I should perhaps be more pro-active and work with God to see if it was something He wanted to use, even though I wasn't very hopeful.

My years of prayer were answered when I met my now husband on your site in October 2006. I was living in the South of the United Kingdom and he was travelling over here from South Africa, but based up North; there is no way we could have met but through God's grace!

We emailed for a few months and then talked on the phone for hours every night for nearly 2 months before we met in person. By "coincidence" I happened to be spending that Christmas with family near by him for the first time in my life!

We ended up spending that Christmas together, and to cut a long story short were blessed with a fantastic wedding on 3rd November 2007.

God has definitely "fast-tracked" us, and challenged every preconception I had about the person I thought I would be with and how we would meet. My husband is younger than me, very sporty and from another continent!

In fact in the age group I was looking at he just crept in the bottom and I was at the top; if it wasn't for that I may have even missed him because I wouldn't have considered looking at a lower age group. It made me thankful to God for His blessings, but also to encourage people to lay down their ideas on the future and keep an open mind with God's direction because you may never know but He does!

Thank you! I pray many more people will find their partner and best friend through your site, and I'm pleased to say this summer we will be attending the wedding of friends who also met here a few months before we did.

The success stories continue!

Claire {United Kingdom} & Ingemar {South Africa} January 2008

 We just want to tell you about another successful story thanks to  

Skiing leads to wedding for this couple posing outdoors after marrying

Avid cross-country skier Mary Ann met a cross-country ski instructor, Roy!

I was looking for someone local who enjoyed cross-country skiing, among other things. Well, I did even better and found a cross-country ski instructor (what an excellent way to improve my skiing skills!)

We connected several times through and when we decided we wanted to meet in person, did so at a Christian adult singles sports event (volleyball) without the stress of an official "date". Roy's profile matched my requirements 100%; however, I didn't fare so well with his. I was too small and too old! (He soon found out that small and older doesn't mean slow and feeble!)

Our second "date" was at another Christian adult singles sports event (bowling), again not an official "date". Our first real date was a short walk (by my standards) and supper followed about 2 weeks later with a more "serious" walk of 14 kilometres. Roy thanked me for not making him carry me the last 5 km. That was when he really started to believe that small and older, in my case, didn't mean slow and feeble!

After a year and a half of dating - skiing, skating, long walks, hiking, and mountain biking, we finally decided that life would be much better married. (Besides, how could I turn down a man who skied my first Birkie with me, with a broken elbow!) So we tied the knot on September 22, 2007. Thanks!

Mary Ann-thimblefingers712 & Roy January 2008

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 On December 15th 2005, I was sent a message by a lady who lived in Scotland, by the name of Lesley.  

Posing in front of limo on their wedding day

Ronald travelled 4000+ miles to be with Lesley

Lesley holds onto Ronald who looks very pleased to be married

What a joy to be in each other's arms!

At the time I was a member of, I was living in the United States, in the state of Kentucky. Prior to Lesley's message, I had received a few messages from ladies in the USA, but they were all more then 2 hours away from where I lived, and I was not interested in a long distance relationship. Well, I sure was not looking for one.

However, after reading Lesley's message something urged me to write back. "Lord, of all the people to write, you want me to write to someone 4000 + miles away?" Lesley and I continued to communicate with each other through messages, emails, then video chatting online, then with phone calls and text messaging.

On July 7th 2007, I flew to Scotland with my belongings for one reason only which I will mention in just a few moments. My arrival in Scotland marked the first time Lesley and I met in person. We were already in love with each other, but oh what a joy it was to be in each other's arms, something we had been praying for since the time we first met.

On July 8th, at the altar of her church she attends, St. Andrew's Parish Church, before service started, I asked Lesley to marry me. On December 16th 2007, Lesley and I got married in St. Andrews Parish Church.

Between our first contact, and our first meeting face to face, there were hours of prayer, worries, wonders, and doubts; the Lord brought us through all of them. We both would like to thank you for your service you provide, and ask the Lord to continue to bless your efforts in bring Christians who are alone, together.

Ronald {Kentucky} & Lesley {Scotland} January 2008

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 Wesley and I recently got married on October 14, 2007.  

Julie with beautiful wedding dress and flowers stands next to her proud husband

Julie and Wesley instantly knew they would each need to look no further!

We starting messaging each other on in November 2006. Wesley and I were in contact for a few months before he drove 6 hours to meet me in February 2007! I had prayed that if God wanted me to be single I would be content, but if by chance it was in His will for me to get married that it would happen fast, and it did! Wesley proposed in April 2007 and we were married in October 2007.

From our first encounter we instantly knew that we would each need to look no further. I never ever imagined that I would meet my spouse online but God knew exactly what He was doing.

My advice is that one should not just expect that your spouse is waiting online but should seek God earnestly and you never know; that is where the man or woman for you could be!

Julie & Wesley January 2008

 Richard and I started Cafe messaging in February 2006, and before long we both knew God had brought us together.  

A couple dance and lean close together on their wedding day

Alice and Richard knew God brought them together

A Christian couple sit outdoors each holding a baby while their 2 older children laugh

Alice and Richard and their blessed family, including "Cafe Baby" twins!

We're married for a year and a half now!

We met March 2006 when Richard came to meet me and my son and daughter. With both my children I visited the Isle of Man where Richard lived in April 2006. And believe it or not folks, we got married on 17 June 2006 - it was that FAST. When God lets you know something is right then there is no point wasting time.

We were only married a month when I found out I was pregnant! I gave birth to twin boys on the 28th of February 2007. God really does do more than we could ever think or imagine. We all are living happily in the Isle Of Man, and bless for bringing us together.

So for all the folks who are still praying for the right one to come along, hold on to him and don't give up, as God's timing is perfect. Wait for His best, not what you think you should have, and your world will be rocked by what God will do for you.

Alice-ali852 & Richard-nigel954 {Isle of Man} January 2008

 I am not presently single, because I met my lovely wife on your website!  

I cannot thank you enough. My wife and I advertise for your site every time we are asked "How did you meet?", which was often during the last year.

We first contacted each other on this site on September 15th, which is easy to remember, because that is now our wedding anniversary! Thanks again.

Thomas-tom564 {Georgia} January 2008

 I will not be returning to the Cafe!  

I have been so fortunate to have found my new husband on the Cafe a year ago.

God is good and He has been very good to Allen and me. Thank you helping us find each other.

Bonnie-bonnie7446 {Spain} & Allen January 2008

 I met my husband, Ronald, in the Cafe on the last night of my membership in September 2003!  

He moved to here, Independence, Missouri in late summer 2004, and we married in November 2004.

We are very happy and living in Independence.

Julie-jules933 {Missouri} & Ronald-windsong {Washington} January 2008

  I met my husband on over 3 years ago.  

We've been married for almost 3 years now, and just had a son.

No need for me to use the website any longer (smile).

Michelle-dixied909 {Pennsylvania} January 2008

  I met the most wonderful person on your site and we are going to get married soon.  

Michael-tiggerbear758 {California} January 2008

 It has now been almost five years since my membership on  

As a result of that membership, I met a very wonderful Christian lady, we have married and are the happiest ever in each of our lives and now our life together.

God has and is blessing us and we share His blessings with you.

Rev. Donald, retired-goldstar300 January 2008 is the best!  

I have been a member of other sites, but I must say has made me many friends, and when I'm available I'm coming back. This site is terrific and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Thanks and God's blessings to and its members.

Terry-craigriver225 {Alaska} January 2008

 As we celebrate the start of a new year, Darryl and I are giving thanks to God for a wonderful 2007.  

After meeting through the Cafe in August 2005, we developed a long distance relationship which led to our marriage on October 11, 2007. We believe that God worked through the Cafe to bring us together. We never would have met otherwise, and over the last two years we have grown deeply in love with each other and with God. He has been very good to us and worked out many details for this to happen. We are so thankful for your ministry and its vital part in our new life together.

Thanks and Glory to God!

Lois-abbasgirl722 {Saskatchewan} & Darryl-pilgrimheart471 {Manitoba} January 2008

 Thanks a Million!  

I have enjoyed my relationship with I have met many Christian women who will remain friends.

Elizabeth and I were married on December 8, 2007. We had a beautiful wedding at The Page House in Dublin, Georgia, half-way between Jacksonville, Florida and Gainesville, Georgia. That made it easier for all of our children to attend. All 7 of our children attended and participated in the wedding. We left two days later for a 6 day cruise of the Eastern Caribbean.

Thank you for making it possible for us to find each other and begin our new life together.

lighthouse {Georgia} & Elizabeth-apearl772 {Georgia} January 2008

 A Dream Come True.  

I would like to relate to you a short story of the introduction that God provided through your web site.

My wife Amy and I will be celebrating our 4th anniversary this month on the 24th. She and I shared many unfortunate experiences in our lives, though they occurred years and miles apart.

Our Ex-spouses had been unfaithful and left us each with one child to care for. Her Ex left her for another woman when her son was six months old in 1994, and my Ex left me for another man when my son was two years old in 2001.

We were each left with a small child to care for, her in 1994 in Houston, Texas, and me in 2001 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Amy's Story:

I was a divorced single parent of an eight year old son living in a little town in Texas. I was not interested in dating while my son was very young, as I just wanted to focus my attention on raising him along with my parents' help.

However, I eventually moved out of their home and even bought my own home. There came a time though that I longed for a meaningful relationship and was tired of the blind dates.

I was a member of a small church and even though I attended there several years as a single adult, no one walked through the doors for me. I worked full time and did not go to bars, and just did not know how I'd meet someone.

I thought I would "put legs" on my prayers and join a singles website. I knew I wanted to meet a Christian man, so I looked up Christian single sites. I found that had a really neat format, you could put in your information and what you like in another person, and it did not take a super long time to fill out your profile.

I also liked how you could check off all these different criteria you want in a person, even the distance for them to live. And, let me try the site out for free.

When I decided to pay for the service, it was easy on a single parent's budget. Now, don't get me wrong, I was a little skeptical and cautious about meeting someone online.

My prayer life changed, as I asked God to help guide me and find the man of my dreams. When I read about Richard, I decided to send him a Cafe message. Then, we started writing each other back and forth. He really seemed too good to be true.

I tell you, he is the man of my dreams and after a short courtship, we married in January 2004. I am very happily married. We are planning a nice date or quick getaway trip for our 4th anniversary.

Richard's Story: :

I was a single Dad living in Georgia with all my family back in Texas. The life of a single Mom, or Dad in my case, is very busy but very empty.

I stayed as involved in my church as ever and trusted that God did not intend for me to be alone or my son to be without a Mom. I knew that the church was the best place for me to find a spouse, but as a member of a small church that is not the easiest thing either.

So, I looked to the Internet and tried a few "free" sites but was always disappointed by the quality of people I found there. I decided that I should stop looking for a match in Georgia since I knew my future was back here in Texas, so I moved back here to Texas before I began looking for my match again.

One and a half years later I was living in College Station, Texas with my three year old and looking when I signed on to Christian

I knew that my son was at the age that he really needed a MOM in his life and I really needed a partner as well. I had emailed with a handful of people and even met a few, but I felt that God had something awesome in mind for me.

I got an email notification from one night and it turned out to be from this lady from Galveston County, Texas. When I read Amy's profile on, I remember thinking to myself, "If this is true, she could be what I have been waiting for".

We began chatting and emailing over the course of a few weeks until we felt comfortable enough to share phone numbers. Over the course of a few weeks we decided to meet for a date at Kemah, a small recreational area near her home south of Houston.

Amy was everything her profile had said and more. We were married four months later.

I have the wife I have always dreamed of. My son has the mother he needs and together we serve God in our church. Who knew that the answer to prayers would be to put two people from such distances together forever?

I have found the wife of my dreams.

Richard {Georgia} & Amy {Texas} January 2008

 I am now a married man.  

I met Lisa on and we got married. We are now expecting a little baby.

How exciting to be a part of something so special.

Eric-heavensent January 2008

 Thought you would like to know that once again your service has led to a satisfying relationship and marriage.  

About 6 years ago, my wife and I met through We were both in school in different states. She became a missionary in Guatemala for several years, while I remained in school.

When she came back from the mission field we renewed our relationship, and now we work together for a trucking company, driving in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. We were married this past March, and now live in Wisconsin.

Thanks for your website!

John & Laurel January 2008

 We are engaged! Thank you so much for your website!  

We wanted to let you know we met 5 months ago through your website and we are now engaged. We have deleted our profiles. Best of luck with your website in the future! I'm sure you will make many other couples like us very happy!

Thank you again and God Bless!

Ross-thankfulman191 {Florida} & Mercy-mercy703 {Florida} January 2008

 Two more members got married!  

We met on in spring 2003. Today we are married almost 5 years with two children Joshua 3, Josiah 2, and Baby due in March. Yep the Lord truly blessed us when we logged on to We never would have met, but for God using this web service. We lived in different parts of the country and completely different backgrounds. BUT God in His providence had us both at at the same time.

Neither of us had every used a dating service, let alone a network with other believers online before. We each just wanted to meet a believer in Christ. gave us the way to do that, and more. So to God be the glory for your web site.

We praise God for you and hope the Lord will allow this website to tarry only to stop on the great trumpet sounding the return of our King Jesus. We never met any Cafe staff in person, but we look forward to praising God with you when we get to heaven.

Yours in Christ alone,
Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rosemarie-christiantraveler346 & Timothy AND The Children January 2008

 I met my soul mate at in November 2005 and married him on January 7, 2007!  

We are happily married! Thank you and God Bless

Janel-psalms911 & Dennis-dennisfm624 January 2008

Editor's note: See January 2007 for their first post]

 I found love while on  

My now husband and I met in 2002, and after dating for 4 years we were married on May 13, 2006.

I would really recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a good Christian man/woman. I met the man of my dreams and God has truly blessed us and our marriage thus far.

Thank you so much.

Rebecca January 2008

 I met a girl on your site.  

We have been dating for over 3 years and still going strong. Thanks.

Jeff January 2008

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