Christian Testimony - July 2009

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 It was very clear to the both of us we were a perfect match.  

Romantic wedding kiss

Gretchen and Marty are a perfect match

Beautiful outdoor wedding for a couple gazing into each other's eyes

Gretchen and Marty were married at the perfect outdoor wedding

We met on on July 5, 2008.

I signed up on July 2nd after my cousin Fara told me about the site. Three days later, Marty sent me an instant message request.

A bit hesitant at first, I accepted. After chatting on-line for hours, we called it a night at 3am!

After two weeks, it was very clear to the both of us that it was a perfect match and we were already talking about marriage.

In November, Marty proposed and on May 22, 2009, we were married at a bed & breakfast in Branson, MO. It was the perfect outdoor wedding.

Thank you, for providing an avenue for Christ-followers to meet other believers, to share our faith and meet like-minded people. We are both so very blessed and we thank God every day!

It is very evident that God was with each of us through each step of our journey - before we met up to today!

Gretchen-gaconner108 {Missouri} and Marty-tinner475 {Missouri} July 2009

 I thank you so much for your site!  

Very comfortable newly engaged Christian couple hug in this selfie

Analyn and Glenn lives were united!

I met my fiance here way back September 2006.

We were exchanging emails, then we were chatting and seeing each other through webcam. I feel very fortunate and blessed because Glenn is a very wonderful and great man. I love him so much.

We finally met face to face last May 2009 and he also met my family. We are engaged now and hopefully we'll get married once my visa is approved.

I thank you Christian Cafe for bridging our lives and making our emotions united. There's nothing I am dreaming of but to say ''I do'' to him and he to me.

I hope and pray you will still keep up the good work for the Christian singles and will spread love throughout the earth! Thank you so much!

Analyn-pureheartedf749 {Philippines} & Glenn-glenn769 {Maryland} July 2009

[Editor's note: See September 2010 testimonial for a wedding picture!]

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 There was absolutely no other way that we would have met without  

I was seeking a mate and I had rather high standards. I am a pastor looking for someone who was a mature Christian and interested in ministry in some unique ways.

The response I received was amazing. I met three very good prospects - two within a 2 hour drive and one quite some distance away within the first month.

I was married on Memorial Day to a wonderful Christian woman who was in full time ministry in her church. Thank You God and a thank you for those who operate this ministry.

Al-avantiarj446 {Washington} & Judy July 2009

 My husband Pete and I met 3 years ago on  

We are both rather unusual: he is a classical pianist and I am an artist. We both have been believers since the age of 10.

We got married after a whirlwind romance of only 7 months. Well that is now over 2 years ago and we have never been so happy in our entire lives.

We now live in a little village in the countryside in our lovely new home and I am busy with our garden and Pete has just started breeding Pekin Bantams.

It is really fun being together and we have done masses of traveling but are now quite content at home planning the many art and music events which we have been able to organize.

Thank you very much and of course Praise God.

Carol-shalomi800 {England} & Peter July 2009

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