Christian Testimony - June 2009

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 Thank you for being the instrument God used to bring us together!  

ex-single Christians from Canada sit together on a beach and smile just after marrying

Peter and Helga realized they had something special!

Great shot of newly married couple posing with waves crashing behind them

The Lord has blessed Peter and Helga

Bride and groom pour sand into marriage bottle at beach wedding

Peter and Helga were married in beautiful Costa Rica

We met on in February 2008, got engaged the following September, and were married in March 2009 in a beautiful destination - wedding ceremony in Costa Rica, in the presence of our close friends and family (some of who came all the way from Hungary to be there)!

Despite being three provinces apart, something about our wordy profiles intrigued the other person, and we each realized after a few e-mail exchanges and then telephone conversations that there was something very special about the other person; it wasn't long before the regular trips through both Edmonton and Sudbury's airports began!

We learned in a short while that we each have a wonderful balance of similarities and differences, and both had trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for our personal salvation in our mid-20's. We each also greatly desire to grow in our relationship with Christ, which is the most important foundation of our relationship, along with a deep and growing love for each other.

God has opened so many doors, and given us such a deep sense of peace, that we approach our future with confidence, knowing that He has blessed this union and truly desires our two lives to take one path.

Love, Peter & Helga - Song of Solomon 6:3

P.S. Also, for fun, we printed out nice, full-sized colour copies of our profiles, laminated them, and had them on display at our wedding reception for all of our guests to look at!

Peter-undaunted478 {Ontario} & Helga-helgah711 {Alberta} June 2009

[Editor's note: See April 2021 for their update and 2 children!]

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 Vivian and I originally met on in October 2007.  

Florida Christian singles connect and smile together in a hug

Scott and Vivian want others to have the same happiness they share

I proposed to Vivian on her birthday in May 2008 and we Married April 2009.

Vivian and I hold a very special place in our hearts for the folks at Christian Cafe and for those of you who are here looking for their soul mate.

We both know that we would not have found each other if it were not for our faith in God...and also for allowed us to put our search in the Lord's hands and we both feel we have a very solid foundation based on our walk. Now, praise to the Lord, Vivian and I will be continuing our walk together, as husband and wife.

Vivian and I would like to take this opportunity to give our sincere prayer that each of you finds (in his time) as much happiness as Vivian and I truly have.

God Bless everyone...and thanks a million to for helping me find the love of my life.

Scott-Chivalrousflm273 {Florida} & Vivian-myjoy807 {Florida} June 2009

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 Todd and I met on, summer 2008.  

Very pleased man and woman smile and lean in together

Linda found that special someone, Todd

Older Christian singles marry. Smiling man stands behind his new wife with his arms around her.

Linda and Todd, both beaming with joy on their wedding day

We were both "the last of the Mohicans" (as I like to call it) in our families.

We are both in our late 30's, never been married and praying/waiting for that special someone to share the same passion, service and love for God.

Our Lord Jesus has been very gracious to us because from the first time we met until now. We can see his hand upon us, guiding us and bringing us closer together in Him.

We chatted for a short 3 weeks, met on July 1st, got engaged on Feb 13th and got married in May 23rd 2009.

As a word of encouragement, wait upon the Lord for he knows our heart's desires and do not feel like you are a fool or not trusting God for using a tool such as It is only that, a tool - the Lord takes care of the rest.

Linda-chasehisface790 {Florida} & Todd-ttk794 {Tennessee} June 2009

 I first joined Christian Cafe after a trial offer. I then joined as a paid member.  

A woman laughs with a man who tries to take a selfie

Sharron was successful: she met Mark!

I found success the last time I signed in. I had received a 'wink' months before and responded.

Long story short, we managed to connect. We corresponded for a month or so online and on the telephone and met last July.

I am now very happy to announce that when he proposed in April I accepted and we are set to marry next April, in 2010.

Thank you for offering a completely Christian online experience where you meet people who are grounded in the same spiritual roots as you are.

Can I just encourage those of you still single, from someone who prayed for 10 years for a partner; to hang in there, it may not be online that you meet them, but our God IS faithful and He WILL answer and He HASN'T forgotten you. Blessings.

Sharron-dotk707 {Queensland, Australia} & Mark-justified178 {Queensland, Australia} June 2009

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 This is a long-overdue memo to let you know that in early May 2008 I proposed to, and on June 28, 2008 I married, a woman I met on  

Senior interracial Christians are very much in love as they walk hand in hand

Gordon and Antonia are still very much in love!

Our first anniversary is just weeks away, and we are still very much in love.

I will always be grateful to God that Toni and I each found Christian Cafe. I love telling people who ask how we met - "on a Christian singles web site."

I was not very optimistic that I would find the woman I was looking for but Toni was one of the first (if not the first) woman to respond when I posted my profile. It should go without saying that you can cancel the remaining days I have left, as thanks to my search came to a successful conclusion.

May God bless you.

Gordon-gordon124 {Maryland} & Antonia-tonne250 {Arizona} June 2009

 There were a lot of great people on this site and I really enjoyed the ministry of  

Kentucky Christian single finds her soulmate and poses next to him in a parking lot

Amanda and Jeremy found love at first sight

A Christian couple kiss tenderly indoors

Distance couldn't keep Amanda and Jeremy apart

Christian singles selfie

Amanda and Jeremy full of joy at having found each other!

Wedding rings on Bible

Praise the Lord - miracles do happen!

I began talking to this incredible man on here and had to meet him.

We planned a visit but couldn't wait and he came to see me sooner. He was from NY and I was from KY. With 740 miles between us the only way we would have ever met was through a site like this.

When we met it was love at first sight. We were both looking for who the Lord had for us and were seeking his will for our lives. The distance could not keep us apart and we decided to get married.

He is moving to KY! Praise the Lord - miracles do happen. God bless you. Keep us in your prayers and keep believing He has the right one for you too! Amen

Amanda-armwrestling975 {Kentucky} & Jeremy-liveforhim457 {New York} June 2009

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 I had been using the services of off and on since 2002.  

In August 2008 I met Gail and we were engaged in April 2009.

She is everything I ever could have imagined in a life partner. I have found the key to making the service work for you is to know who you are, who you want in a life partner, not to compromise in those attributes, and to trust completely in God.

Michael-kundera739 {Ontario} June 2009

 I signed up on your site for a 10 day trial on 12/31/08, then for 3 months as a paid member in 2/09.  

I found my Christian dream man in 5/09.

I had signed up with 3 other dating sites & blew them ALL out of the water ! There was no comparison to Christian Cafe ! THANK YOU!

From one person who will be forever grateful for your service. You have provided Christians who genuinely seek a match made by God, the sources & provisions we need to find someone whom God has ordained us to meet.

Nancy-nancy517 {Massachusetts} & braman957 {New York} June 2009

 I was on in 2005.  

Roger and I met on the site, dated and are now happily married.

I never dreamed I would be so happy. Wow - Married at 66 yrs of age! I can not thank you enough.

Roger and I will send pictures later.

By the way two other friends of mine went on line, whom I referred for some free time and they are now happily married also thanks to

Nancy-sparkleplenty579 {Florida} & Roger-drroger510 {Arizona} June 2009

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 It worked for me!  

I just wanted to let you know that I am getting married on Saturday, June 20th. We met on

Jan-jan6201 {Michigan} and Bill-willard467 {Michigan} June 2009

[Editor's note: See October 2009 testimonial for the wedding details and photos!]

 Praise for  

I'd like to thank you! I have found a love that is beyond my wildest dreams.

God has truly used you to fill our needs. David Ray has asked to marry me and I said yes! We are getting married this Sunday (June 21) :)

Kathy-kathy189 {Kentucky} & David Ray June 2009

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