Christian Testimony - October 2009

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 Thank you,! God used your site to bring my husband and me together as well as my former roommate and her husband.  

Christian single finds romance with Hawaiian and they hold hands while posing behind their wedding car

Spencer and Gracia on their wedding day

Christian friend smiles with her soulmate at their outdoor wedding

Gracia's former roommate Amy with her husband Drew

A Christian couple stand in a church and take a picture while in the background their friends marry

Amy and Drew attending Spencer and Gracia's wedding!

At 44, I honestly believed that God meant for me to be single my whole life and I was content with that.

Then my former roommate Amy who had moved to Colorado, emailed me saying "I know you're not into the online thing, but you should just check this out" and sent me the link to

She had met Drew on and they married on Aug 8, 2008, in Colorado. She told me about the Cafe and I met Spencer there and we were married on May 2, 2009, in Minnesota!

I don't think our photographer knew the significance of the attached photo. That's Amy & Drew in the balcony taking a photo of me & Spencer getting married.

Also attached is a picture of me & Spencer after the wedding just before changing his Hawaii plates to Minnesota plates and a picture I took at Amy & Drew's wedding (before I met Spencer).

When they met, Amy lived in Colorado and Drew lived in Michigan. They got married in Colorado and now live in Michigan. When we met, I lived in Minnesota and Spencer lived in Hawaii. We got married in Minnesota and also live here. The original plan was to get married in Minnesota then live in Hawaii but God had other plans for us :-)

I am so blessed to have met Spencer! He is a wonderful man of God and our relationship is a testimony to God's goodness. He is truly more than I could ever ask for or imagine. God is so good!

We've been married 5 months now and it is wonderful! Not always easy, but good. But then again, God is good. And God is faithful. So thank you,, for being the vehicle God used to bring us together.

Gracia-curiousone987 {Minnesota} & Spencer-spencer383 {Hawaii} (plus Amy-infoabtamy525 {Colorado} & Drew-apquinn194 {Michigan} October 2009

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 I am enclosing some pictures of my wedding that took place on Saturday, June 20.  

Mature Christians marry

Jan and Bill feel like teenagers

Widowed grandmother marries and stands next to her husband and granddaughter

Jan and Bill with Jan's granddaughter

Michigan Christian seniors marry in front of their children

Jan, Bill, Jan's daughter and Jan's son

At first all the predictions were for rain but the end result was a really beautiful day.

The wedding was held outside at my daughter and son in law's home. My son was Bill's best man and my friend of over 40 years, Ann, stood up for me. We didn't invite a lot of people, just a few friends.

I do want to mention that the ring I now wear on my left hand was my grandmother's that she wore for almost 60 years. Bill is a great guy and I'm crazy about him. When I think about the things I asked God for in a husband, Bill meets all of them with some bonus points.

He is a man who prays with me and we study the Bible together. If I don't feel well, he lays hands on me and prays for me. I don't remember what song it is but I remember the line that says "how could I ask for more?" He is every thing I have asked for and more. He cooks, cleans, does dishes, and fixes things when they break. Bill has a dog and I have 2 cats and they all get along together.

We met online at We talked for a few days and we both felt there was something happening.

He had to pick up some parts for a project that he was working on. The parts place was about 30 miles from where I lived. He came to visit me and spent 3 days in town.

We spent a lot of time talking and getting to know each other. When he left we were sure that God was putting something together. We spent hours talking on the phone like teenagers. It soon became obvious to both of us that we didn't want to be without the other.

I just want some of you senior citizens to know that love can come at this time in your life. I had been alone for 20 years and thought that would be my life until God called me home.

Surprise! Love is awesome no matter what your age. Bill and I are so happy and feel like teenagers most of the time.

I didn't think I would ever feel this way again but I do. If you are a senior and looking for love, don't give up!! God is still able to make your dreams come true.

There were so many things that "just happened" that we know God has His hand in this. I feel blessed beyond measure and I am very happy. We think that God has some ministry in mind for us. We will just have to wait and see.

Jan-jan6201 {Michigan} and Bill-willard467 {Michigan} October 2009

[Editor's note: See June 2009 for Jan's first testimonial.]

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 In February of 2008, Jan and I met on  

On August 2 of 2009, we were married on the beach in Hilton Head. What happened in between those two dates was a myriad of miracles, both large and small.

God truly worked to bring two lives and two families, from two states, from two backgrounds together. A common faith was the centerpiece and the building block that was needed.

I'm so thankful for what God has done in our lives and for giving me someone that I hate to leave in the morning and can't wait to see in the evening. Thank you for your help in bringing us together!

Larry-wvcavalier593 {West Virginia} & Jan {Kentucky} October 2009

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