Christian Testimony - September 2009

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 Dreams do come true!  

Christian widower finds love online and is shown looking very relaxed and in love with a smiling woman in this selfie

Todd and Mindy married after meeting 2 years ago this month!

After the loss of my first wife and mother to my four children, I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to love again - but that wasn't God's plan!

Since Mindy is from Lansing, MI and I'm from northern Minnesota, the chances of us meeting under ordinary circumstances would be almost impossible. was a Godsend!

I met Mindy there because our profiles showed that we both had volunteered our time in Honduras, providing access to dental care for people less fortunate and in need of our help. One thing led to another, and on the 21st of Sept. 2007, Mindy and I had our first chance to talk on the telephone, and did we hit it off!

I haven't been able to wipe the smile from my face ever since that first phone call!

Last February we had the opportunity to go to Honduras to serve together, and what a wonderful experience it was for both of us!

We were married on June 14th, 2008, and my girls and I couldn't be happier! Thanks for a safe, great place to meet like-minded people!

Todd-teejay863 {Minnesota} & Mindy {Michigan} September 2009

[Editor's note: See September 2008 for Todd's first post]

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 I'd never been married and had been patiently waiting on the Lord to send me His best.  

An overjoyed senior Christian woman hugs her new husband who laughs while holding up their marriage license

Rosie with Bruce, God's best!

I decided to try internet dating and signed up at your website, hoping to meet some good Christian prospects.

But the search was long and frustrating, so in times of frustration, I would terminate my membership. I was on and off

I've met and dated a couple of wonderful guys through this site. When the last serious relationship didn't work out, I was heartbroken and decided to give up my dream of getting married.

Meanwhile, a single, never-been-married guy from Arkansas was also at the end of a serious relationship. Frustrated, he decided to change his search criterion to "single, never-been-married".

Thanks to your persistence in inviting me back, I was again on your website when he found me in this category. It didn't take long for us to figure out we were God's best for each other and we got married in Sept. 2008.

To all singles out there, continue to trust in the Lord - He has someone special for you. And stay with - it's the best site to meet Christians, and in His time, you'll find the person that's best for you.

Rosie-histreasure502 {California} & Bruce-jcisforu894 {Arkansas} September 2009

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 I want to say THANK YOU GOD! And thank you for being the tool that God used to bring us together to glorify Him.  

Christian friendship leads to romance for this couple posing together and hugging tightly

Angelica and Dan fell in love after a deep friendship

A deep friendship developed over a few months and we soon realized that we were falling in love for each other.

Dan and I have been together since October 12 2006. "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God." - Ruth 1:16

Angelica-Angelica335 {Peru} & Daniel-Really746 {Illinois} September 2009

 During the spring of 2005, Warner and I wrote back and forth to each other for a few weeks, and over time we found out that we had many things in common.  

Beautiful Christian bride kisses her sweetheart while holding bridal bouquet

Veronica and Warner married at their church

Christian couple from Costa Rica look overjoyed while hugging on their wedding day

Veronica and Warner are as happy as ever!

Finally we met in person in a cafe, but still were cautious and went on several dates for several weeks before our first kiss.

We were fortunate to find each other. To both of us it was important that we shared the same Christian values (non-denominational).

Another plus is that both of us are short, so that made things easier for us in order to dance! Most people that meet us and ask us how we met are shocked to say the least, however, I wouldn't have it any other way, because it saved my time and Warner's time, since I knew what I wanted in my other half, and so did he.

My parents and extended family love him, and his family also loves me. He asked me to be his girlfriend, and we were together for 3 1/2 years until he asked for my hand in marriage at a lovely rose covered table in a fancy restaurant on March 29th 2008.

We got married 9 months later on December 27th at our church, and are as happy as ever! Now we both thank God that we have found each other, are partners for life, and can work towards our common goals.

Veronica-veronica876 {Costa Rica} & Warner-warnercamacho953 {Costa Rica} September 2009

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 I've been wanting to write for sometime to say thank you for the service that you provide.  

I was a brief subscriber/member during the summer of 2006, around July-August 2006, and I was incredibly blessed by your service.

I had not dated in a long time, purposefully having focused for a few years instead on growing more in personal maturity and in my relationship with God.

When I decided to again open the door for romantic relationships, I was really at a loss as to how to do that, as I was working 40-60 hours a week and involved in service and ministry when I wasn't at work.

One of the things that God put on my heart to do was to join three Christian dating websites, and of the three that I joined, was by far the most valuable experience for me.

During the time I was a member, I had a number of great Christian men contact me, three of whom I ended up actually meeting, and all of whom were kind, thoughtful, and respectful to me. Having a safe environment in which to meet and grow friendships with single men was more valuable to me at that time than I could possibly ever tell you.

God used to help me grow comfortable again with the world of dating and to learn how to walk in a dating relationship in a way that both honors God and the other person.

I am so thankful for my experience with because it was a key tool that God used to prepare me for the man that He had for me to marry, whom He brought into my life about two months later, in October 2006.

We have now been very happily married for almost a year and a half, and I thank God everyday for bringing such a wonderful, godly man into my life. I know that a large part of my being ready to grow in a healthy romantic relationship came through what I learned, and the single Christian men that I met, while on

Christine-songgirl618 {California} September 2009

 I met a wonderful man within an hour of joining your site.  

Thank you for helping bring us together! I will be recommending your site to my friends.

Vicki-leopard435 {New South Wales, Australia} September 2009

 I signed up about two months ago.  

Recently I met a girl and after several email exchanges arranged to meet. We were both pleased with who we met and this now appears will be a permanent relationship.

My congratulations to for a wonderful site.

Greg-alpha186 {Ontario} September 2009

 I met my match on!  

We're a lil more than 3 months in, and still going strong. We're planning to get married!

Michelle-chelle840 {California} & worshiper859 {California} September 2009

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