Christian Testimony - September 2008

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 Both Collette and I would like to thank you for your amazing website which has allowed us to meet, engage and soon to marry.  

TN Christian single laughs while hugging a Colorado single Christian woman who smiles

Barry and Collette are thankful for God's blessings everyday

Our initial contact was made on June 26, 2008 and after many hours of e-mailing, writing letters - (yes real letters!) and speaking on the phone, we were finally able to meet on July 25th.

Since then we have been engaged and plan to be married in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado on October 4th, 2008. We will return to Tennessee and start our new life together there.

The Lord has been good to us and we are thankful for His blessings everyday. Our relationship was based from the very beginning on Him and it will always be our starting and ending point.

Thank you again.

Barry-bodhi120 {Tennessee} & Collette-ckidd254 {Colorado} September 2008

 It all started with a little message on!!  

Happy wedding day for Ontario Christians

Nothing but smiles for Sarah and Dan at their wedding!

Very comfortable single Christians piggyback riding in the forest

Don't Sarah and Dan make a great couple!

A happy couple at a Red Sox game

Sarah and Dan are excited to see what the future holds!

Dan and I would like to thank for bringing us together.

We met in November 2006 when Dan sent me a message. Two weeks later we had a seven hour phone conversation (only ending because my phone battery died!), we became engaged in July 2007 and on April 26, 2008 we were married.

We have been blessed with a wonderful relationship based on our love for each other, our shared love of Jesus Christ and our desire to live our lives by His leading.

We are so excited to see what the future holds for us!

Sarah-jorritss118 {Ontario} & Dan-carpediem663 {Ontario} September 2008

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 I receive a invitation to try again, which I believe that was God sent.  

BC Christian man engaged and poses on a pier with his new fiancee

Jacques is so happy he returned to - look him now!!

I met my future wife to be (in 2 months' time).

We started emailing, chatting, and being honest with what we were looking in a relationship. It all went very well, as if it really was meant to be.

After many month of ongoing chatting and mailing, I decide it was time for us to meet, so I went to meet her in the Philippines, Surigao city, and stayed there for 3 weeks.

I had the time to get to know her and vice-versa and I also was involved with a Baptist church in her town. The mutual attraction was instant, since we had been honest with each other and thus we already knew what the person looked like and the kind of personality we each had.

I am so happy to have come to your site! I have no word to express my gratefulness for; I've been on other sites, but none that match the mutual spirituality that we were seeking in a meeting chat room.

So again thank you for offering a service for Christian believers seeking a partner in life.

Jacques-jacques173 {British Columbia} September 2008

 We felt compelled to write to encourage Christian singles everywhere to not give up.  

SC single Christian kisses Florida soulmate at the altar

James and Yolanda make it official

English and Spanish wedding for American couple

Yolanda and James were married in a bilingual wedding

A happy woman is hugged by a kind man

Yolanda didn't think would work, but look at her now!

My wife and I wanted to write you and thank our God and for helping us meet each other and start a relationship.

We met online in February of 2007 while my wife was living in Florida, and I was living in South Carolina.

My wife had previously been thinking that online dating wasn't going to work for her, and I was new and very optimistic to the Christian dating scene. (It takes all kinds).

After several emails and chats we agreed to meet for a coffee. After several months of more communication via chat, email and phone calls we dated exclusively and continued to ask God if this was something that we should go forward with or should we move on.

Considering all options we elected to work together and ask God to stop us if it wasn't His will. We went through some bumps and trials and we both became stronger. I proposed and then on 08/08/08 we married in a bilingual wedding.

We give God the glory and ask Him to keep our marriage strong.

To all singles reading: Living single can be a rough period in life, but remember - God is always there. We both believe that God has a purpose for everyone and that includes you. Thank you again

James-jmunn180 {South Carolina} & Yolanda-faith644 {Florida} September 2008

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 A friend in the LA area encouraged me to join in 2004 to meet Christian singles.  

Older single Christians pose next to the water after marrying

Emma overcame her hesitation and now she's married to John!

Since I lived in Manila, Philippines I was hesitant at first but did post it anyway without any expectations.

I had several replies but John was persistent in knowing me by sending me short emails almost every day. After many emails starting in January 2004, I came for a short visit to the US in December 2004 and we finally met at the Borders Bookstore in Torrance.

From then on there was no stopping the email exchanges, flowers, cards and long distance calls. Finally, in November 2007, I decided to join him in Ohio and we got married after our pastor did the premarital counselling.

After the short ceremony we went home. We decided to hold our wedding reception at the Queen Mary in California as most of families are here.

Thank you so much for having helped us meet. We both had been praying for someone that the Lord will lead us to and we found each other at

More power and I pray that those who come seeking will not only find the right person through your help and continue praying that the Lord lead them to the right person, which the Lord did for me.

Emma-libragee276 {Philippines} & John-johnk706 {Ohio} September 2008

 I came across when I was actually looking to join a Christian social networking site.  

Swedish Christian hugs English Christian as she takes a selfie

Giselle and Mokenge were on the same wavelength

A happy woman grabs her fiance's hands as he looks over her shoulder

Giselle and Mokenge see their future together with God at the centre

Beautiful engagement ring

What a beautiful engagement ring for Giselle!

I remember seeing the homepage and thinking it looked very warm and inviting.

I remember also thinking to myself at the time, I wonder when I will meet the right man? As soon as the thought had formed in my head, I experienced a strong sensation that flooded right through me and the words, "Within a month".

Roughly two weeks after this, I received mail from a man called Mokenge. I thought that he looked intriguing and very attractive. From the start, our conversation flowed easily and it was apparent that we were on the same wavelength.

I saw that he was intelligent, mature and had a deep faith in the Lord. We both noticed also that our emails to each other were getting longer with every communication.

I realised quite quickly that I was developing feelings for Mokenge. Topics surrounding marriage, family and commitment arose and I felt no resistance in discussing these things with him, even though I had only known him for a short time.

I found myself wanting to know more and more; What does he sound like? What are his mannerisms? What does his body language say? We swapped numbers. Our first conversation increased even more my attraction to him on every level, and also our common bond.

Shortly after, we discussed when I would go to visit him. I felt at complete ease with this and just over seven weeks later, I set out on my first trip to see Mokenge.

The moment we met, we were attracted to each other, and I had a feeling of complete ease, excitement and joy at the fact that we were finally in each other's presence. During my visit, Mokenge proposed to me and I accepted.

Some people may view this as quick but we both have a strong conviction in our hearts that we are meant for each other and that the whole process has been God-led - right from the beginnings of our frequent, deep and spiritual communications.

We next plan for me to visit in September, so I'm counting down the days! I give my praise, my thanks, my love and my all to our Almighty and gracious Father, whose love and power never cease to amaze me. He has made me a very happy person and has led me to the man I love, because He loves us.

I see Mokenge and I walking into the future, down the decades, with God at our centre, for the rest of our lives.

Thank you also to, which God used as a tool to bring Mokenge and I together. Praise God forever. Amen.

Giselle- gisellecaz771 {England} & Mokenge- mokenge205 {Sweden} September 2008

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 At Last, Our Love Has Come Along!  

Idaho Christian falls for Georgia soulmate and smiles on their forest walk

Leslie and Kip fell head over heels in love!

As we prepare to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary in a few months, we also highly recommend that others join us and take the plunge with!

Kip and I discovered each other on your site and wrote the first time around September 24, 2005. (I have saved the emails.) I skipped the wink and simply wrote him first, commenting that even though he was in Idaho and I was in Georgia, I simply wanted to share how much I appreciated his expression of faith and love of family.

(I knew as soon as I read his 'page', especially when he referred to 'being humbled by the Lord's presence', and viewed photos of his beautiful adult daughters and the lovely daylilies he enjoys growing, this was 'the real deal'.)

He told me that after enjoying the jokes I had included on my 'page', that he really wanted to get to know my sense of humor better as well. Anyway, we wrote all night, with Kip finally referring to the beautiful sunrise that he was witnessing there in Boise, Idaho.

That was followed by more email exchanges and phone calls all weekend, which was quite an accomplishment, since he was then 61 and I was 51. (I was not disappointed, when I shortly heard his deep, rich voice on the phone, filled with lots of warmth and genuineness.)

Fortunately, the impact was felt both ways, as he called me 'the total package' after our first communication. After that, we wrote and talked constantly for about a month, and then I flew 2200 miles from Atlanta to Boise in Oct 2005 for our 'first date', followed by another flight in November 2005, meeting two of his three wonderful adult daughters and experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the Northwest.

He then flew to Atlanta to meet my family for Christmas, and they, too, loved Kip's laugh, gentleness and love for life, just as I had.

So, with their blessings, we married right then and there on Christmas Eve 2005. (That's right, exactly 3 months after our first meeting, which proves 'falling head over heels in love' is not just for the young! Why wait, when you know it's right?)

I was then hired during a Boise phone interview the next week and submitted a Georgia letter of resignation, while Kip flew back home to prepare for my soon arrival (He knew life was going to change, when I asked him, 'So, where are you going to hang YOUR clothes?' - ha).

A month later, he flew back at the end of January 2005 to take his bride home, as we loaded a moving van and began the adventure of a lifetime!

To avoid probable snowstorms in the Rockies, we set off on the longest cross country trek possible, cutting an L-shaped path across the Southeast, then the Southwest, turning North in Arizona, then heading through Nevada, Utah, a corner of Wyoming and finally Idaho.

Since we were driving caravan-style, with me driving my car behind Kip in the moving van, I remember calling him at dusk as we entered my new home state, amazed at all the snow and asking what that 'funny looking animal' standing by the road was. His one word answer of.... 'elk'.... was especially amusing (Don't see many of those in Georgia).

We settled in and enjoyed those first few months in Idaho. However, because my adult daughter became seriously ill (later recuperated), we moved back to Georgia that summer of 2006 and have enjoyed our lives together here ever since.

In fact, Kip now calls himself 'a Georgia boy', and as a nationally renowned artist, captures much of the South's beauty in his paintings.

So, again, please accept our many, many thanks, and to those still contemplating if is right for them, take it from this cross country match made in heaven, 'it's never too late'!

Leslie-blessing691 {Georgia} & Kip-boiseguy906 {Idaho} September 2008

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 West Virginia meets Venezuela.  

Romantic wedding kiss

Karina had the romantic wedding she dreamed of

Beach wedding of her dreams for this bride who walks arm in arm with her husband

Karina thanks God every day for the man He sent her: Brian!

It has been a year since Bryan and I had the romantic wedding I always dreamed of.

I always tell everyone how we met and we even included our love story in the wedding program. I always believed was different from other dating sites. I could feel it since the first moment we exchanged our strong beliefs.

I was born in Maracaibo, Venezuela. I am very proud of my origin. I came to the U.S. nine years ago to pursue a career. Bryan was born in Charleston, West Virginia, a beautiful state he will always call home.

I had been praying to meet the right person, someone who places Christ first in his life. On my birthday a dear friend told me of a love story. Her roommate had just married and met her husband on

The next day I joined Two days later I started conversations with Bryan and two weeks later we met and became inseparable. We shared our beliefs and joy in the Lord. Love was imminent.

We rapidly became convinced through countless signs that we both were the answer to our prayers. After 4 months of dating he proposed. We felt under the spell of Christ. We knew it was too soon but it felt so right and it still does.

I thank God every day for the man He sent to me. I truly hope many other singles continue to find love through God's grace on

Bryan-catchawave191 {West Virginia} & Karina-cafelatte915 {North Carolina/Venezuela} September 2008

 I found the love of my life on  

Texas Christian single finds love with Philippines woman

Aimee and Alex love each other so much!

Thank you so much for your site. You have been an instrument and we're both so thankful for

We both love each other so much tremendously. We met online last August 2007 and Alex came to the Philippines.

We decided to get married on July 31 2008. We both had been so lonely and frustrated in life. Just one message from him started to cheer up my day. We continued emailing, chatting, calling and sending messages. Then we started to fall for each other.

We were engaged and we got married. We just hope in a year we will be together soon. For all Christian Believers out there try using maybe you'll see your other half!

Aimee-krestinmars965 {Philippines} & Alex-sangboem436 {Texas} September 2008

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 I met someone through Christian Cafe about a year and a half ago, and we just got married this summer, on August 9th.  

Newly married Christians laugh and hold hands

Tara and her husband are very much in love

A woman puts her head on a man's shoulder and he looks very pleased

Tara plans on living happily ever after !

Thanks so much! You brought my husband and I together.

We are very happy and very much in love, and plan on living happily ever after as one in Jesus Christ. God bless you and your wonderful ministry.

Tara-tara478 {Pennsylvania} September 2008

 Thank God for!  

A couple hug on the couch in a loving embrace

Terry-Anne is expecting her first child in February!

Christian couple met online and hug indoors with caption Meant to Be written

Terry-Anne was meant to be with her husband!

My husband and I met through in 2007 and married in February of this year, 2008!

We are expecting our first child in February of 2009 which is the greatest gift anyone could ever pray for.

I love seeing people's reactions when they ask how we met because we are both so down to earth! It goes to show that although dating sites can be a terrible place to meet someone who truly wants to find their lifelong partner and soul mate, is the one place where that is possible!

Thank you for your wonderful website!

Terry-Anne September 2008

 We would like to give thanks to OUR FATHER and OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST for having us meet through  

Canadian Christian couple hug

Pierre and Karoline hit it off right away!

Our first day of using the site as members our profiles caught each other's attention.

We started to communicate and with each passing day we found more and more wonderful things that we had in common. We were very careful about what we put up on our profiles being completely honest and forward with what we would be looking for in a person of God and Faith.

We put our faith and trust in OUR FATHER and decided to meet in a public place and from the very first moment we set eyes on each other we both knew that OUR LORD was not wrong in HIS wisdom.

Today is one month exactly from our first email and we have since become married in the eyes of OUR FATHER and LORD. The honor and glory only goes to HIM.

Karoline-Selam352 {Ontario} & Pierre-lifewithjesus153 {Quebec} September 2008

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 I met a wonderful woman several months ago.  

We chatted for about two months on and then decided to meet and have been seeing each other ever since February 2008.

What makes it interesting is that she is from Indonesia and I am from Texas. She was planning to come to Houston. So we started talking.

So by the time she arrived we had had a few email conversations. Had we not had, we probably would have never met in this huge city.

Billy-sumeen916 {Texas} September 2008

 Met my wife on  

We have been married 3 years and have a wonderful 2 yr. old son. Praise God for Christian dating services. God never gets it wrong!

John & Tina {Pennsylvania} September 2008

 I was a member for quite sometime before meeting Karen, last year.  

After all the disappointment I was about to terminate my membership with only a few days left.

She was considering the same, before we started writing through We got to know each other pretty quick then towards the end of the year I was going to Europe for vacation I decided to go to the Philippines and we met and got engaged.

We got married last month in the Philippines in front of our family and friends. I just want to say thanks to you guys.

Gerard-jerry845 {Sydney, Australia} & Karen {Philippines} September 2008

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  I so appreciate a bonafide site, truly Christian as recommended.  

So many committed Christians telling their hearts wishes & as overseen by their Creator.

Joy-abby116 {England} September 2008

 I met Jeremy through over 2 years ago.  

We have since developed our relationship, fallen in love, and recently Jeremy asked me to marry him and I said yes!

We are getting married in January. I think the internet is a great way to meet someone at a time in our culture when it is really difficult to do so, and if I had not had the courage to go on to, then I may never have met Jeremy - who is the most wonderful man I have ever known and truly my best friend.

Kristina-godslilpixie284 {New Zealand} & Jeremy-bodie September 2008

 I met a lady on your site about a year ago, and we were married on June 14th 2008.  

Thanks for your site! It has made me very happy!

Todd-teejay863 {Minnesota} September 2008

[Editor's note: See September 2009 for a photo of the happy couple!]

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 We are married now!  

Your service connected my husband and I together; three years ago!! It's been very good, wonderful!

Connie-kido417 & Steve-fordprobe583 {Michigan} September 2008

 Wedding Bells are Ringing!  

I met my future husband on back in July 2007, with our first date being Aug 4th and we are getting married on Oct 4th of this year.

We are so excited and remember the days when corresponding with each other through the dating service. It really can work. I hope this inspires other people to give it a chance.

Rose-gentleone628 {Ontario} September 2008

 Your 'personal touch' is probably the main reason I visit  

The integrity of the staff promotes confidence in the Lord's pleasure with this site and your mission.

I don't know any other endeavor that maintains the commitment, purpose, and godliness that you all do on Christian Cafe. You definitely uphold the Name of Christ Jesus in your particular 'mission'.

I like to thank you and rave about you to others every chance I get.

Carolyn-cee728 {Virginia} September 2008

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 I found my wife through you about four years ago.  

Jim-jerusalemjim216 {New Mexico} September 2008

  In March 2003 I met a wonderful man on  

We were married in Jan. 2004. We are still happily married and have combined our families and now we have a new member to add! She is 19 months old.

We thank for bringing us together. Without we would never have come in contact with each other as we lived in 2 different cities 3 hours apart.

Mary-wonderyankee932 & Randy September 2008

 I was quite apprehensive of meeting someone online.  

God has since humbled me and showed me that He can and will do things in His way and in His timing. My husband and I met on your website and we were married in August.

My husband is the one whom God set apart for me and I am so blessed. He is the most amazing man and we are excited to serve God together in marriage.

I have since recommended your website to anyone who will listen, believing that, "God is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine." Eph 3:20

Kristy- soldout150 {Maryland} September 2008

 I would like to thank you for helping me meet my future wife on  

I had been a member but had cancelled. But I decided to try again and I met the most honest, sincere and dedicated Christian woman and now we are making plans for marriage.

David-jagfan577 {Texas} September 2008

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