Christian Testimony - August 2008

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 My dear wife Violeta and I want to write and thank for helping us to meet.  

A beautiful bride looks at her new husband lovingly as he places a ring on her finger

Steve weds his beautiful bride, Violeta

A woman can't contain her laughter as she holds hands with a smiling man

A touching moment for Violeta and Steve

A man tenderly hugs a beautiful woman who holds flowers in a winter setting

Married at last!

We have been married six months now and are so thankful to be together.

Here is how we met.

As an American missionary living in the very secular city of Prague, Czech Republic, I found it challenging to meet Christian singles. Violeta, a Bulgarian national, found a similar difficulty in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We both decided to try to meet someone special on-line, and was, to both of us, the obvious best choice.

In October of 2006, I sent a wink to Violeta. She responded, and we soon began an amazing email correspondence. We met for the first time in March of 2007, in Sofia. Several trips to Bulgaria later (for me), a trip to Prague and a trip to America later (for her), we became engaged.

On January 5th, 2008, we were married in Sofia.

Compressed in that short paragraph were hundreds of emails, hours of Internet-telephone, seemingly days of chats, and travel and time spent over thousands of miles.

It also includes a friendship and a romance that grew and blossomed into something that was even more than we asked for.

We now live in the US, where I teach college and Violeta plans to continue her studies, and are planning our future there. We are deeply thankful to God for his graciousness to us. He is the true source of everything good.

But, in a secondary but still important way, we also want to thank the Christian Cafe. One wink and a response led to so much.

We are writing this to encourage Christian singles, especially those who are having difficulty meeting appropriate dating partners. The single period of life can be very fruitful, but also very painful.

Still, we both believe (and did so believe even before we met) that God has a purpose for everyone's life and that hope should not be lost.

Steve-SteveCZ348 {Czech Republic / USA} & Violeta-Violettak320 {Bulgaria} August 2008

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 We would like to thank God first FOR giving us this blessing and thank you so much  

California single man smiles as he holds hands with a beautiful woman from the Philippines

Mike and Paula, happily engaged!

I met my 'only one' here. He is nice and sweet.

He visited me last May 15 2008 and we are already engaged. We are getting married soon, by the end of this year. Thank you so much.

Mike {California} & Paula-paula959 {Philippines} August 2008

 Married since Dec. 2001  

A very happy man stands behind a beautiful smiling woman while hugging her in front of a Christmas tree

Jame and Rob now have two "Cafe Babies"!

Thanks to, my husband and I found each other in July of 2001 and were married in December of that year.

We now have 2 beautiful children. It has a glorious experience full of God's blessings.

I was new to the online dating scene. In fact, was the only place I felt safe. It is possible to find quality Christians on your site that are true to their faith. God bless you!

Jame-shebelieves641 & Rob-rbtallhandsome674 August 2008

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 I am not single anymore!!!  

2 very happy Christian singles smiling for this selfie

Kenneth's research led him to, which matched him with Beatriz!

I am engaged to a former Cafe member. Her name is Beatriz and she is living in Brazil.

We are very happy and God is blessing our relationship. After she has entered the country by the end of this year we plan to marry.

I want you all to know that God has used Christian Cafe, I have tried other sites such as e-harmony, some other Christian dating sites, my-space (ungodly no longer using it), etc.

I did research and found that I had the best chance of finding genuine Christians is on Christian Cafe. I highly recommend your site to the sincere Christians who are looking for their soul mate.

A friend of mine suggested I try Internet dating because I am very busy with my job. I at first was hesitant, but after I learned how to communicate and discern I enjoyed it and stuck with it and I am glad I did.

I have met my soul mate and we will serve the Lord and one another as long as we live. Thank you for your dedication and service. God bless each of you and the ministry.

Kenneth-soldout408 {Virginia} & Beatriz {Brazil} August 2008

 I met my now husband on and we married this January 4th, 2008.  

A couple look very happy together and laughing with arms around each other

Judi and John absolutely clicked!

John & I began corresponding in July of '07.

John flew to Manitoba to see me for the first time in November of '07 and we absolutely clicked and knew that GOD brought us together!!

John proposed to me in that very short time we were together and of course I said "YES!!" LOL Then in December he flew out for Christmas and I went back with him to Ontario thinking it was just a time to be together and meet his family, but oh no, we snuck away and got married in a pastor's home with a total of 5 people there!!

That was awesome and to this day, we can't thank GOD enough for our new lives!! To GOD be the glory forever and ever amen!!

Judi-judi115 {Manitoba} & John {Ontario} August 2008

 Hal and I would like to testify to you that by the grace of GOD we got married on the 19th of June 2008 in Kampala, Uganda.  

A senior Christian man stands next to his beautiful new bride, who beams with joy

Hal and a beaming Ruth on their wedding day

Newly married Christians walk hand in hand after marrying

Hal and Ruth were married in Uganda

A very happy man leans next to a beautiful Christian woman in bridal dress and veil

Ruth was about to leave the Cafe but Hal reached her first. And look at them now!

Thank you so much for accommodating us there to enable the will of God be accomplished through you.

Hal, my lovely handsome husband comes from San Diego/California/USA and I am originally born from Uganda, but now a citizen of South Africa.

What attracted me most to Hal when we met later is his well shaped moustache and well built body and a handsome constant smile.

What aroused my interest before we met is the way he started his conversation with me through his first e-mail. He started communicating with me on my birthday. I was so thrilled, because his approach was not direct, but indirect.

I am a woman who likes to be approached indirectly by he got the catch! I was going to delete my profile prior to reading his message.... but then the Spirit of God's voice told me check one last time and voila there was mail from Hal.!!!

We started communicating with one another and exchanged private addresses later. He came to visit me in South Africa on the 19th of September 2006, January 2007, September 2007 and December 2007 and then we got married on the 19th of June 2008 in Kampala, Uganda.

Hal-halherlan850 {California} & Ruth-ruth1515 {Uganda / South Africa} August 2008

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 I was one of your 'more reluctant' female members.  

A very joyful looking Christian couple laugh together cheek to cheek just after marrying

Cindy overcame her reluctance about and now she's married to Ian!

One who didn't 'reallllly believe' that 'on line romance' was possible, or could EVER happen to me.

But being a Believer, I did believe the Lord could and 'does' do anything He wants to - so, I half-heartedly tried

That was two years ago - and today? Today, I'm emailing you from Ian's home office desk in Kingston, South Australia! We married in the Kingston Town Hall just this past April and have always thought of eventually sharing our 'whirlwind International Love Story' and give our THANKS to you & to Jesus for having us meet.

Ian is a 54 year old (dare I say, 'incredible'??? YES! He IS!) farmer from Australia and I am a 51year old business woman from the United States. Our relationship began when I prayed one night and asked the Lord 'for direction' and actually 'surfed' On the very first page, I saw Ian's photo, saw his 'laidback' attitude and his laconic smile and LOVED his 'Profile' when I read it.

I took the plunge, created my profile and wrote to him! 1000 emails later and zillions of telephone minutes, too and he flew out to Utah to visit for 3 weeks. We found our relationship to be IMMEDIATELY as if we'd known each other forever.

For, you see - when you email someone and share so many intimate areas of your heart, as you do when you 'write' rather than 'date' - you REALLY get to know the depth of an individual rather than just 'skim the surface'... at least, that's our thoughts on the matter!

Anyway - later that year, he invited me to continue to actually 'date him' in Australia (while I looked for employment) for a year or so, to 'see' how I'd like it - his life, the people.

Needless to say I DID like life 'in the Outback' and have finally found 'my home' even if it WAS 1/2 way around the world from my old place of 'mere existence'!

Now two years later, we are the happiest we've EVER been and the state of South Australia has one more resident! We farm his land together raise Angus beef and Suffolk Sheep, read Scripture by the firelight in the evenings and frankly, each morning I thank Jesus for His bringing us together.

Thanks for everything Cafe Staff, and to my brothers and sisters 'out there' in cyberspace -- Believe your Spouse - your 'Soulmate' - is out there. DON'T be afraid to 'try' and know that 'after 50' there IS someone that was specifically MADE FOR YOU, as I am for Ian, and he was for me.

We KNOW the Best is Yet to Come! I thank the Lord that I finally listened to Him and just 'dared' to email Ian.

Cindy-lauren162 {Utah} & Ian-newbegining709 {South Australia} August 2008

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 I joined in January 08, hoping to meet new people.  

Cut Christian singles smile and pose together in front of a waterfall

Amy and Stuart weren't sure initially if could work and now they're married!

Boomer had been a member for a few years and was thinking of ending his membership.

One night I decided to go into the chat room. I had never been in a chat room and wasn't sure what to expect. Boomer was in the same chat room saying goodbye to some friends he had made.

We introduced ourselves and he asked me for a private chat. I agreed and that was the beginning of a wonderful future for both of us. At first we weren't sure where this would lead because we lived on opposite sides of the country, he in California and I in Connecticut.

However we both knew there was a strong attraction and decided to pursue a relationship. We started chatting on a regular basis and this led to phone calls and visits.

In April he flew me out to California. The minute we saw each other at the airport we both knew this was what we wanted. By the end of the week we were engaged.

He then came to Connecticut to meet my family and we started to plan our life together. I am now living in California. We were married on July 13th. Did I mention that we have 8 kids between us? :-) I have 5 and he has 3.

The Lord has truly blessed us and things are going well with blending our families together. I will always be thankful that God led me to this site and worked out many things in both of our lives to bring us to the place we are at now.

I look forward to many wonderful years with my new husband. Thank you!

Amy-amy572 {Connecticut} & Stuart-boomer307 {California} August 2008

 Thank you for providing a wonderful outlet for single Christians to meet.  

Single Christians have great chemistry together while outdoors

Cheryl and Harvey took their time getting to know each other, as friends

A couple very much at ease with each other embrace by the water

It was worth the wait: they're now engaged!

Harvey and I met through the site in late July of 2006. We took our time getting to know each other and became good friends.

We had a couple of false starts with the next step of our relationship; but in February of 2008 we finally met in person. He was definitely worth the wait!

We realized that the chemistry we felt through our emails and phone calls was even better in person. Although we live over 700 miles apart, we know that we have found the love of our lives.

On July 28, 2008 we became engaged and are planning a July 2009 wedding. We thank God for each other and for

Cheryl-ncshirley546 {North Carolina} & Harvey-harv755 {New York} August 2008

[Editor's note: See August 2009 for the marriage update!]

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 It was a fantastic experience that ended in finding the perfect match!!!  

Lucky Idaho single Christian sits next to a beautiful Christian single from Colorado, as they both smile

It only took 1 message for Richard to connect with Christy

A newly married couple only have eyes for each other

Richard found Christy, his best friend to share his life with!

I went onto to find build a friendship with other Christians around the country.

I never expected to find someone special and fall in love. I looked through the photos and bios and was drawn to a photo of a beautiful lady with the most mesmerizing smile I had ever seen.

I sent a wink and never expected to get a response. She sent me an instant message and before long we were writing back and forth. I couldn't wait to get to my computer at the end of the day and check to see if she'd written.

We spent about a month talking before my company sent me to her home town on business. I asked her to dinner and 9 hours later our date ended. As I drove to my hotel I thought, "Oh my goodness, what a fantastic lady. She's just as beautiful inside as she is outside."

We went out to dinner the next night as well, with a similar experience. Talking to her was so easy. We shared our hopes and dreams, our faith in God and life stories.

I knew at that point we had something special.

For the next year I travelled every other weekend to visit and spent at least two hours on the phone each night.

Last month we were married. I am SO thankful for! My desire was to find a Christian friend that I could talk to. What I found was my best friend to share my life with.

We are so thankful to the Lord for bringing us together and credit for the introduction.

Richard-joneseroni178 {Idaho} & Christy-godknows277 {Colorado} August 2008

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 Rock Chuck here. An ecstatic Rock chuck I might add. Did I set some kind of record? Is there a prize involved? (yup, a BIG one)  

Christian singles meet and are full of smiles as they hug

Dick let God do the aiming and He hit the bullseye with Elaine!

I met my future bride less than 24 hours after posting my profile.

I posted in the morning and got an email from Elaine that same evening. It didn't start out as fireworks, of course (more like a wet match in the wind), but something was there that got my attention.

We are 600 miles apart but I have family in her area. After a couple months of writing & phone calls, I got a chance to go visit my sons and pay her a visit.

Then the Lord stepped in.

Neither of us could afford the necessary travel to get really acquainted but He provided. BOY did He provide!!! Elaine's daughter works for an airline which gives employees...and their standby travel anywhere the airline goes...which is from there to almost here.

Elaine was able to make numerous trips by air, free of charge, over the last 10 months. Well, not totally free of charge. It's 120 miles from here to the nearest airport where the airline goes so a lot of gas was involved.

In the meantime, I went out with several very nice ladies that I met on Christian Cafe. However, God didn't aim me that way. He had other plans.

Elaine & I hit some bumps but God sort of told me to just lay back and trust Him. I did and things worked themselves out nicely. We got on the same cell phone plan so we have unlimited minutes between us. We've eaten up mega-hours of computer chat time.

And, Elaine's flight miles would take her to the moon and back.

We're planning the wedding in November which will be a little over a year since we met. She'll be moving here so we have a lot of planning to do to get her stuff moved.

God set this all up, though, so I know for a hard fact that we'll get it all done. When you let God do the aiming, you're guaranteed to hit the bullseye every time.

Dick-Rockchuck483 {Idaho} & Elaine-countryelaine640 {Washington} August 2008

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 Just to let you know I have now found my Christian partner. is excellent by the way.

Angie-ann662 {England} August 2008

 We got married!  

Just to let you know, we met online at last summer. We got married July 4th. Thanks for letting God use you to bring us together!

Cindy-cindy959 {California} & Don August 2008

 My daughter recently married someone she met on  

She was a 34 year old single living in NYC and he a 39 year old in Missouri. After 6 months, she flew out to meet him.

Eventually, 11/2 years later, they are now happily wed.

No usernames provided August 2008

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 Just wanted to say that I got married on the weekend to a man that I met on ChristianCafe!!!  

Ladonna-novicenurse731 {Saskatchewan} & Don August 2008

 Sean and Sue sincerely thank for bringing us together!!!!  

Where to begin! June 10th, 2008....a Heavenly Wink changed our lives beyond what either one of us could have ever dreamed possible.

On that day, we both met our Soulmate. We thank God for blessing us with each other and for allowing us to truly get to know each other from the inside out before meeting.

It made meeting the first time much easier, more like a reunion - it's so hard to put into mere words.

Sean: The day I sent a wink to Susie my whole world began to change.

To think that one little wink would lead us to finding a love that could only have been created, and sent by God, is a blessing that neither one of us could have ever imagined, we are so grateful.

To find a heart and a soul that mirrors your own is an experience that that we cherish and thank The Lord for every day. My love for Susie brings joy to my heart like I never known. Her face radiates the love that God has placed into her beautiful heart, a love that lights my every day with an unwavering kindness and compassion.

I truly thank God and for the gift of love that has blessed my life.

Sue: Sean and I find ourselves tapping out the same sentiments on emails, saying the same things via phone at the same time; it is truly our God who brought us together.

My prayer has been for quite some time that if the Lord wanted me to live the remainder of my days alone to please take the yearning of a companion away, but if He would grant me my prayer of a mate please let that mate find me!

Wow! What an awesome blessing beyond what I've pleaded for. I've been found by my soulmate and I know it was by God's divine Hand...via!

So for all those who are searching, remember (which is hard to do I admit): it's in God's timing not ours! I thank God daily for Sean, who's brought me more happiness/joy/love.

I've never ever been so secure about a relationship - to be with a true born again Christian man who has such a loving/caring/compassionate heart, like I've never known. I am truly blessed!

Sean & Sue [No usernames provided] August 2008

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 Thanks for being a part of our success story!!!  

My wife and I met on We were married December 3, 2005.

Daniel-corbus221 August 2008

 I am about to get married (16th of August 2008) to a Christian woman I met online on!  

Samuel-samuel145 {Guadeloupe} August 2008

 I met the man of my dreams on in June!  

We are planning on being married sometime next year.

Laura-imforjesus278 {California} August 2008

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