Christian Testimony - September 2010

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 Three years ago I met a girl on  

BC Christian man marries an Irish woman who gazes at him and smiles

Paul met Esther, the woman of his dreams

No happier groom! Laughing groom hugs his beautiful wife who smiles

Paul can hardly believe his good fortune!

Excited bride marries dream man

An equally happy Esther, smiling at Paul

Fairy tale wedding for Irish Christian woman who is seated on a horse

The beautiful Irish bride rode in on a horse

One month ago she became my wife.

I am happy that my mother encouraged me to join I never thought that I would meet the woman of my dreams on here (a dating site).

Thanks to, I am a very very happy husband.

Our wedding was awesome - we had people from London, Ireland, USA and of course, Canada. The weather man called for rain but we did not see a single drop.

God's presence was so relevant. The worship, the ministers, and all the love people were sharing. I am and will always be a very blessed man.

To all of you who are searching for the love of your life. Do not give up, she or he is out there. I waited one year on here before one day she signed up, and the rest is history.

She moved all the way from Ireland to Canada to be my wife. You never know where the one God has for you is coming from and when they are coming.

Jacob waited 14 years for Rebecca. God Bless you all in your search.

Paul-canadianpauly393 {British Columbia} & Esther {Ireland} September 2010

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 For my 46th birthday, a dear friend gave me a gift subscription to  

Mature Christian singles finds true love

A gift to Chris allowed her to meet her fiance, Wes

Texas Christian single so happy to be matched. A woman laughs and hugs a man near water

Chris and Wes waited a long time for each other and look at them now!

I was reluctant to try it, and after a couple of weeks went by without setting up my profile, my friend sat me down at her computer and made me get started.

I whipped up a profile and she encouraged me to see who was out there. I scrolled through photos and profiles, and The Right Stuff (Wes) caught my eye immediately!

After reading his profile, I worked up the courage to send him a wink. After a couple of weeks of emails, followed by phone calls, we met for coffee on Easter Sunday afternoon, 2009.

The 30 minutes I had in mind for our first meeting turned into four hours!

We began dating and it was evident to both of us that our God had something in mind for us. We began building our relationship on friendship, spending time together that honored the Lord with our hearts, bodies, and minds, and found that God was drawing us closer to Him as he drew us closer together.

Wes proposed on July 10, 2010, and we are getting married on November 7th!

Chris-happycamper812 {Texas} & Wes-rightstuff567 {Texas} September 2010

 Thank you so much for leading me to the most amazing and loving man I could ever hope to meet.  

Arizona outdoor wedding for Maryland Christian single who holds his bride to be's hand

Analyn and Glenn were married March 10, 2010 in Arizona

I wrote a testimony here last July (2009); it was our love story. But now I am so glad to tell you that we got married last March 10, 2010, here in Arizona !

Thank you so much and may you continue to bless each one's soul to find their best partner for life !

Analyn-pureheartedf749 {Philippines} & Glenn-glenn769 {Maryland} September 2010

[Editor's note: See July 2009 testimonial for their engagement announcement!]

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 I would like to thank you for your services.  

Were it not for your offer of free days, I would have never have become a paid member.

I like that you give people a fair shot of your service.

I did meet my fiance via in July 09 and we will marry this 10.10.10 in Lake George, New York.

We bought a home in April that is half way, as we were over an hour away from each other. We will not officially move in together until we are married.

I never thought I would have found my soul mate but thanks to you, I DID!!!! Thank you so much!

I had also referred my friend to your site and she too met her husband from your service as well. I have recommended you to people who ask how we met.

Angela-orangekitty594 {Connecticut} & Francis-frankie621 {Massachusetts} September 2010

 Thank you for your diligence in protecting people from scams.  

I know what they are and I don't believe I would be taken in by them but I know of people who have lost thousands of dollars falling for such things. Thanks again.

Denver {Missouri} September 2010

 First of all we would like to thank you for having such a great site. It's where we first met!  

This email is to tell you our story, and how we met on

I was searching for a loving Christian man, but had no luck in my own home town. I had never been on a dating site, and was encouraged to sign up on one by my sister.

So, I tried [another site] and was rejected twice...obviously no Christian men on that site. So.....the story starts here. I had just signed up for a month on, and had begun my search.

One night I was getting ready to sign off, and I thought I'd have just one more look, but only at the men that are currently on line. I saw this picture of a great looking guy, and thought I would send him a response. His profile was very detailed and specific on who he was looking for, and a younger woman was part of the criteria.

Anyway, he did respond back to my email, and said I have reviewed your profile, and you are hot yourself, but I am looking for someone who is younger to have kids with, and didn't you read my profile? My response back to him was: 'I may be 48 years old chronologically , but feel like I am 35, look after myself, and with medical technology older women can still have children.' He responded back with an apology figuring he had hurt my feelings. I let him know he didn't.

This started our conversation. A week later I flew to Ottawa to meet him in person, and on June 26, 2010 we were married in Nova Scotia. He was everything in a man that I was looking for. I know the Lord has brought us together to grow in love and share our love of the Lord.

Susan {Nova Scotia} & John-daddywannabe737 {Ontario} September 2010

 Thank you for this site!!!  

I have met some amazing friends on here as well as a very special someone.

We met in 2004.

Cheryl- princess278 {Ontario} September 2010

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