- Christian Testimony - August 2010
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 I set my daughter up (yes, as MOM) on  

Leigh with her daugher

The happy couple on their wedding day

A full wedding party on the beach!

I encouraged her to give this a try. In a new city for only a few months, a new college, a new job, and it's hard to meet other young people without doing the bar scene. Churches seem to forget the young adults sometimes as well. Our faith is important. She met a young Marine and Army Sgt that just returned from his 3rd tour in Iraq, new to the city and looking to meet other young people. A year later..... Wedding was June 19 in Hilton Head! And we have the son we have always wanted.

Leigh (proud mother!) August 2010

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 Ray and I (Stacy) both signed up on at the end of December 2009.  

We also both signed up out of curiosity; we never in a million years expected to meet anyone real online. On New Year's Day 2010, we met. We don't even know how it happened; we didn't fit each other's age and location search criteria. He says he viewed my profile because I viewed his, but I didn't view his until he viewed mine. It may have been a computer glitch in reality, but for us, it was clearly the work of God. Ray sent me a message, and we ended up using the instant message feature of the website to chat eleven hours that first day. We are now engaged to be married next summer. Thanks,, for being the venue God used to bring us together.

Stacy-stacytbb942 {Florida} & Ray August 2010

 We get married on 28th August 2010.  

Thanks or all your help.

Richard-bredanwine989 {England} & Debbie-hadassah838 {Minnesota} August 2010

 Just a quick note - I met someone via  

She was here in US on a speaking engagement from Kyrgyzstan. We are engaged.

Dennis-jack112 {New York} & Rushana-rushanchik624 {Kyrgyzstan} August 2010

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