Christian Testimony - August 2022

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 We are holding on to the Lord, we are holding on to love.  

A beautiful Black Christian woman smiles and hugs a handsome White Christian man

Teopista and Mikis holding on to love

A young attractive interracial Christian couple pose outdoors on their wedding day

Mikis made the best choice of his life by travelling to meet Teopista!

An interracial Christian couple cuddle and smile together in an African wedding

Don't Mikis and Teopista make a wonderful couple!

I have been looking forward to sharing our testimony in more detail.

I first talked on Christian Cafe with my husband either in November or December 2020. Things picked up quite quickly, and in January 2021 we had started talking of maybe having our wedding in December 2021.

I took a fast prior to Mikis' birthday, 9th Feb 2021. During my 7 days fast we decided not to talk to each other to ensure we were clearly listening to God with no distractions. On his birthday we talked, and things were still fine, but a few days later he completely changed.

Mikis drew back, feeling the relationship was moving too fast. Mikis said he also wanted to know for sure from God. I tried to give him the space he needed. So we took a break for a few months. However, I didn't give up - somehow I knew he was going to be my husband.

In June, we started talking again more seriously but he said he would need to first see me in person (Mikis is from Denmark, I'm from Uganda) and at that time we would even refer to each other as boyfriend/girlfriend.

A friend of mine joined me in a new fast and prayer time on 1st July 2021. On the same day, Mikis lost his job. Mikis determined this was opening his eyes to an opportunity from the Lord to go to Uganda.

Mikis then changed all his focus to coming to Uganda and marrying me. We had talked previously of marrying in December 2021 but Mikis came to Uganda in August and we married on 24th September 2021.

We have had a lovely learning journey, the Lord teaching us about each other.

We keep referring people to Christian Cafe because the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Blessings to the whole team at Christian Cafe! May the Lord continue to use the site for the purpose of uniting people in marriage.

Teopista-atteopista787 {Uganda} & Mikis-mikis295 {Denmark} August 2022

[Editor's note: See June 2022 testimonial for Teopista's the marriage announcement]

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 Fell in love at first sight.  

A Western theme Christian wedding with pastor in cowboy hat too

Char and John and the pastor all decked out Western-style!

A happy Christian woman snuggles with a Christian man who looks very pleased

Aww, isn't that sweet!


I was a widow, he was a bachelor, never married. He lived in Tennessee, I lived at Kentucky.

He loved Music and was a guitarist. I sing with my Grandson in a Gospel group.

We sent messages through Christian Cafe for awhile and then later met in person on December 10, 2021.

Long story short, we haven't been separate since then. We were married May 21, 2022.


I was about to give up on computer dating for a while until I got some free time on Christian Cafe.

I searched for matches and saw the most beautiful woman that I could ever find, that was close to my age.

I saw that she was from Kentucky, just a little over an hour from me.

So I took a chance and sent her a message, thinking she wouldn't respond because I didn't think I stood a chance!

Well, lo and behold, she responded to my surprise, not once, but twice!

So I signed up for a 3 month membership and it all worked out :)

We decided on a cowboy wedding, as we had western clothes and it was the cheapest route to go.

The wedding went okay, except the wedding cake was a disappointment, the wedding pictures didn't turn out, and it rained throughout the day. In spite of that, everything went well.

We were blessed by the people who showed up. We had a good reception as we were able to do some things indoors.

Char-char368 {Kentucky} & John-jubel222 {Tennessee} August 2022

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Very happy strong groom carries his new bride, who beams with delight

Brian and Kitchie so happy to be married :)

After meeting on your site chatting for over 2 years we got married May 27th.

Brian-wildwoodca215 {California} & Kitchie-babyk694 {Philippines} August 2022

[Editor's note: See March 2022 testimonial for their engagement announcement]

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 I could truly be myself with him.  

Former divorced Christians stand arm in arm on their wedding day

Don't Jenny and Curtis look so contented with each other!

Collage of a Christian couple's relationship, including their marriage

Jenny and Curtis' love story in a timeline!

Jenny's Testimony:

I had been on Christian Cafe for a few months as a paid member. I chatted with a few men but none that had potential.

That is, until June 7, 2020, when I came across Curtis' profile. I thought he was cute and there were many things I liked about his profile.

I especially liked that he was an assistant pastor because I wanted to serve God by supporting a man in ministry. I messaged him and in my first e-mail, commented on one of his last profile points - the fact that he didn't drive. I don't either so that was a safe place to strike a conversation.

He wrote back and we continued to message each other for a whole afternoon. There was something different about him and we had a great rapport right from the start.

We continued to chat. However, because I hadn't dated since my divorce nine years ago, I had a lot of anxiety. Our first month was bumpy but after we decided to go steady, I soon after evened out.

He was in Ontario, Canada, and I was in Nova Scotia, Canada, so we were long distance but I was okay with that. I always sensed if I was to marry again, my future husband wouldn't be in Nova Scotia.

I was more than willing to date long distance for the right person. Curtis was the right person.

I trusted him which is quite amazing considering what I went through in my previous marriage to an unfaithful spouse. Plus, from our very first phone conversation, we laughed so much together.

It was awesome to have met my best friend.

We met in person exactly five months after our first e-mail.

We were a little bit shy with each other for only a short while and before the end of that first week, I knew that with Curtis I was more myself than I had ever been.

We had a total of three visits before he proposed. On that third visit, he came to Nova Scotia to meet my family and asked for my parents' blessing on a future marriage.

After we were engaged, we had one more visit. We wanted God's blessing on our marriage, which we worked towards from very early on.

We decided that when we visited each other, we would stay with our respective parents' to avoid unnecessary temptation. We are now two months into our marriage and are so glad we did things God's way. We will never regret it.

I made the move from Nova Scotia to Ontario. It was a lot to consider, and I didn't rush the decision but it became clear God led me to Curtis and to this new life.

I'm very happy I didn't let fear talk me out of meeting him the first time, which I almost did because Covid was new then.

I'm also glad I didn't let fear get the best of me on the wedding day. I had nerves about moving and this new life.

However, now that I'm living that life, I realize those fears were unfounded. I'm very happy and settling in nicely. I love my new church and being with my best friend all the time. It's a joy to support him.

There is much more I could say about our story, but if I had any advice for others looking for their match, I would encourage them to wait on God and for His best.

There might be some differences you didn't expect but go by His counsel. Don't be led by feelings or others' opinions.


Curtis' Testimony:

I met my lovely wife Jenny on Christian Cafe on June 7th 2020.

I had previously been on other dating sites for Christians but I could not meet a good match on those sites.

Also I had been abandoned by a former wife and divorced 11 years prior to this. So God had to do a healing work in me. By the time Jenny contacted me, I was already prepared to trust and open up to someone new.

It all started when I received a short simple message from her on Christian Cafe on June 7th 2020. Our messaging on continued back and forth all afternoon. I thought "I may have found a friend."

But the distance was far. I am in Ontario, Canada, and she was 1800km away in Nova Scotia, Canada. So I initially thought the distance might be a barrier. But it wasn't.

We ended up being more than friends. We became BEST friends and lovers.

We would eventually get married exactly 2 years later on June 7th 2022.

Our messages started off short, to the point, but open honest and fun, with a special emphasis on faith in Christ.

She wanted to marry a pastor, and I was exactly that. I wanted a woman who was honest, faithful, and serious about the work of God in the church. She definitely fit the bill.

We started off a bit unsure, because Jenny started to pull back a few times in the first month due to nerves and uncertainty. And both of us had a former marriage to someone who had been unfaithful. So I knew we must move forward slowly with much understanding and openness.

She always came back to me. And after 2 months, we were steady with each other. We sent emails, chatted on the phone, and spent a great deal of time on the Internet doing video chats with each other. She even regularly watched our church live stream services on the Internet.

When we met in person for the first time, I felt relaxed and comfortable. We clicked immediately. I found myself laughing and enjoying my time with her, being my true self.

And I could see she was very comfortable and open with me also. We have similar types of humour, the same faith in Jesus Christ, and she totally respected my love and knowledge of Scripture.

We had a total of 4 airplane trips to visit each other before we got married. It was supposed to be 5 plane trips but we had to cancel the trip in May 2021 due to flight restrictions imposed by the government.

We also honoured Romans 13:13 KJV (do not practice "chambering" (premarital cohabitation) and Hebrews 13:4 (marriage is honourable). Thus whenever Jenny visited me, she would stay at my mother's home instead of mine. And when I went to visit her, I stayed at her parents' house instead of hers.

Now that Jenny and I are married, she moved in with me here in Ontario, and we are BLESSED. God blesses those who honour His word and His ways in Christ!

So airplane delays aside, we believe God matched us together in Jesus' Name though

We are grateful for this marriage and I am blessed every day to have Jenny in my life as my wife!

She now attends my church, where I teach the Word and lead worship on piano as Assistant Pastor. Jenny has even joined in with her violin on the worship team! This is a story of two broken hearts that Jesus healed - then brought together in holy matrimony.

My advice to Christian singles looking to get married: be patient, stay close to the Lord, and be aware of His calling on your life. Don't give in to dating someone who is not a good match for you.

Use your single life for His glory and keep asking Him and seeking Him for a spouse.

Our perception of time is different than Christ's. It took me over 40 years to find the right woman, and in reality, God caused her to find me first!

So be true to the Lord, and walk as He calls you. As a divorced Christian, I spent years ministering to Christian singles of all walks of life at our local church and online.

God has a purpose for you in every season, including seasons of singleness and seasons of marriage. Many Christian singles struggle after going through loss.

I found it helped me to heal by helping other Christian Singles in the church by leading a singles group focused on the value of singleness to God and the call to follow Jesus as disciples.

And I was not afraid to let go of relationships that were less than ideal. I was willing to stay alone in the Lord.

Little did I know that God had prepared Jenny. The timing was perfect. Any sooner and Jenny would not have been ready yet.

God is so good at matching couples.

Jenny-hazeleyes492 {Nova Scotia} & Curtis-viewfinder837 {Ontario} August 2022

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 We're celebrating our 2nd anniversary!!  

A former widower stands with his new beautiful bride on their wedding day

Boniswa has brought joy to Thokozani!

On December 2019 we were engaged in district office (home affairs) in Malawi.

On April he paid lobola, then on 30 August 2020 we got married - a white wedding in church.

My husband is an Introvert and is very shy but I was aware. We love each other so much.

We met when he was mourning for his late wife who died in 2018 September. My brother-in-law thanked me so much that I brought joy in his brother's life again :)

I love his 3 children as mine because they are mine. We don't have a baby together we are staying just the 2 of us and we are trying and growing in marriage until our loves mature.

We both love Christ. My husband was a pastor in Malawi and that's the main reason I chose him. He teaches me and we care deeply for each other.

We will remained married until Jesus tarries. We are married to God first, next to each other, and we are God fearing couple.

Boniswa-boniswa613 {South Africa} & Thokozani {Malawi} August 2022

[Editor's note: See December 2019 testimonial for their engagement announcement]

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 Remove my membership.  

I met someone from ChristianCafe!

jesusfreak6842 {Utah} August 2022

 I want my account deleted.  

I found a girl friend!

Gokhan-weryu174 {Turkey} August 2022

 I met my fiance years ago here and we have been together since.  

We both met each other on Christian Cafe and now we are getting married next week!!

We are very happy and encourage others to keep the faith and stay positive in Jesus' name.

Gladys August 2022

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 In earlier times, I was turned off of the idea that i had to pay money to meet and mingle with single (women).  

It put the notion in my head to a degree that it was not that much different than a mail order bride type of relationship site where you pay to meet or pay for a match.

Then years later, a new perspective was explained to me that said I'm paying for the subscription that filters out the scams that're found elsewhere on the Internet all over other social sites.

I'd love to make monthly payments to my account.

Shaun-therev368 {Alberta} August 2022

 I met a guy on Christian Cafe at the beginning of COVID.  

And now he is my husband!!

I am from Washington State and he is from Maine. We have been married for 1 and half years.

Going strong still.

Emily-sarahg431 {Washington State} August 2022

 I met my wonderful Christian husband through Christian Cafe 3 years ago.  

We were happily-marrieds for almost 3 years. Unfortunately he had a major stroke a month ago and went home to be with Jesus.

Kim-dimsum246 {Massachusetts} Hembree-hsfmsc527 {South Carolina} August 2022

 It's been a really good experience.  

Your platform is great!

Candice-candice209 {South Africa} August 2022

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