Christian Testimony - April 2024

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A beautiful blonde bride holds flowers as she stands next to her new Christian husband, as they celebrate outdoors

The beautiful couple on their wedding day

It is here where we met each other on December 12th 2021.

Thank you for your nice effort and good job, Christian Cafe!

We travelled to meet each other and got married on April 13th 2022.

Now we have a son Joshua, who is 1.3 years old.

God is loving, caring and very graceful.

We just want to encourage all singles out there to be genuine, be who you really are, because it is God who creates and performs great marriages.

He sees you. No matter how complicated your case is or how impossible it is for the world, all things are possible if we are in God.

But you have to complete yourselves with Jesus first, before you start looking for a wife/husband. We are whole only in Him. And we become one only through Him.

Without Jesus being a centre of our lives, marriage can hardly ever be happy.

May the Lord help you connect with the right one!

Lilit-grace5142 {United Arab Emirates} & Erik-yerikdm720 {Quebec} April 2024

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 Joy told me for the first time she loves me. I already knew this and came prepared :)  

A collage of photos of 2 single Christians meeting for the first time

Matt and Joy's first meeting June 1, 2023

A single Christian woman in the Philippines tells an American man that she loves him. A collage of photos showing their adventures on a tour boat and on a beach in the Philippines

1st time Joy said I love u to Matt

A formerly single Christian woman shows off her new engagement ring as she poses with her new fiance

The proposal at Villa Angeline Luxury Suites, Dakak, Philippines

A shy man stands next to a very happy and beautiful woman, on a stage at church as he announces publicly his intentions to marry her.

Engagement Celebration at Joy's Church

A newly married interracial Christian couple giggle in a series of images as they celebrate their wedding day

Wedding in Missouri March 24, 2024

Newlywed Christians enjoy day trips for their honeymoon in Missouri

Honeymoon in Missouri

A Christian man treats his new wife to many romantic dates on their honeymoon in Miami

Extended honeymoon in Miami, Florida

Isaiah 55:8-9 (NKJV)
8 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways," says the LORD. 9 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts".

Who can ever think that God would lead me and Joy in a relationship despite distance and cultural differences? God has His own way on how we come to know each other.

He directed our paths to join Christian Cafe, where we met in late October of 2022. He heard and granted our hearts' desire for companionship, for a partner who is single and pure and has same faith and heart in the Lord Jesus Christ.

At first, from my perspective, we were not a match. Joy is a missionary and would not see through me. But God is our perfect match maker. Through His way, He led us in this relationship, and we see beyond what our eyes can see, as it says in 1 Samuel 16:7 (NKJV):
"7 But the LORD said to Samuel, "Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart."

We learned to look each other's heart and what's even more, we fell in love with each other.

God paved the way for me to have my first visit to the Philippines in June 2023 and to meet Joy personally - just a casual meeting! At that time we were not yet in a relationship, but we agreed to meet first and see how the Lord would bring us into a deeper connection.

Before I left St. Louis, I told God I wasn't going to fall in love. Then On June 6, 2023 Joy took me to Dakak Beach Resort. While waiting for the jet skis to be put in the water I kissed her hand. When I looked up and saw her smile and the glow on her face I fell in love.

God's ways aren't my ways. His ways are higher.

Joy hadn't told me how she felt about me because she was dealing herself with her fears because of my balance issue.

But God is so amazing for working and helping Joy to overcome her fears. Indeed, Love drives out fear.

Joy also was consistent in saying that when she does fall in love, she would rather say it to me face to face.

So, I took the risk on December 13, 2023 - I left for my second trip to the Philippines!

I went to spend Christmas and New Years with Joy and her family. I had confidence in God that I would be hearing what I wanted to hear from Joy.

On December 17, at Paradise Island, Samal Island she told me for the first time that she loves me. I already knew this and came prepared. I had bought an engagement ring before I left for the Philippines. Now I could put my plan into action.

December 22, 2023, we went back to Dakak Beach Resort for a day tour. My plan was to propose on the Beach. But plans were changed when we had to register at a different desk - we went to Villa Angeline Luxury Suites instead. We went to a restaurant after registration which wasn't in my plans.

God had different plans. God provided the most beautiful scenery. It was an intimate, private, and romantic place.

Which leads us today - March 24, 2024. The original wedding day Joy and I agreed to is December 20, 2024, in the Philippines. This date we plan on keeping.

So, what changed? I plan on retiring from my employer. To name Joy as Joint and Survivor on our retirement we need to be married.

Through praying together via online video and seeking wise counsel, we decided to get married on March 24, 2024.

Indeed, Proverbs 16:9 is true, "A man's heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps".

The wedding here in St. Louis we took it as from the Lord, for He is the one who guides and directs us. He orchestrated everything and put all things into place for His glory and honor.

Joy and I thank God for His Amazing Grace for bringing us together, leading us in our relationship and for being our Mizpah while we were apart from each other.

The encouragement that we can give to the subscribers of Christian Cafe is: Don't force anything. Let God be God and allow Him to lead. Always be in prayer for God's leading.

Joy adds the following:

I married a faithful Christian man from Christian Cafe.

During the engagement celebration in my church in the Philippines that was Dec.31, after the worship service, Matt spoke to the church of his pure intention of me for marriage. It was his first time speaking in front of more than a hundred people.

Thank God for Christian Cafe for using you to fulfill God's purpose in our life with Matt.

Joy-jade677 {Philippines} & Matthew-mmckee208 {Missouri} April 2024

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 Relationship status update! :)  

A beautiful Christian woman cuddles in with her new husband at home

Jessica and Steven are loving married life!

6 months married!

We will be going to Orlando, Florida soon, for 7 days!

Many Blessings!

Jessica-redeemed732 {Pennsylvania} & Steven-sas902 {Pennsylvania} April 2024

[Editor's note: See October 2023 testimonial for their wedding announcement!]

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 God had His hand in our relationship since long before we knew Him.  

A pretty blonde woman relaxes outdoors on her husband's shoulder while laughing

Don't David and Barbie look great together!

A middle aged groom is overjoyed as he holds his bride's hand as they marry

The happiest man on Earth (and who can blame him!)

A new bride giggles in delight as her husband leans in to kiss her

David and Barbie make it official :)

A mature Christian couple receive a blessing on their wedding day outdoors.

Receiving God's blessing on their lives

A woman affectionately touches her husband's cheek as they stand by the water on a cool, windy day

A touching moment by the water

A man in a cowboy hat tenderly consoles his wife who stands by the water with tears in her eyes

Isn't that the most romantic photo?

A mature Christian couple laugh as they pose for a Christmas photo together, while wearing Santa hats

No one better to spend Christmas with than your Love!

In 2006, the last year of my 25-year marriage, I was also fighting non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Plus, I was also a 4-time victim of domestic violence. I was too deep in my codependency to protect myself. Instead, I protected her from prosecution for her drug addictions.

About 8 months after I divorced, I thought about dipping my toes in the proverbial pool of dating. But I was 52. I didn't know anything about dating anymore.

The only thing I knew was that whoever was going to be in my life again, she was going to have a foundation in Christ. That was non-negotiable.

Before I did anything, I prayed to God. Now, I'd prayed many prayers to God in my life, but if I'm to be completely honest, every one of those prayers were selfish. Something I wanted from God.

This was different. This was a prayer of commitment. Telling God I didn't want to be in control of my life anymore. You lead Father, I'll follow.

Later that day, I went on my computer and googled Christian dating sites. I intentionally didn't look at another very well-known Christian dating site, simply because all their advertising left me feeling like I'd be joining a trend and I don't do trends of any kind.

I stumbled upon Christian Cafe and I liked what I was reading so I joined.

Meanwhile, 2 states away my future wife had been divorced 10 years. Her marriage ended in her husband's alcohol addiction. While he didn't abuse her or their 4 children, his self-abuse was enough to end the marriage.

In the final 2 years of those 10 years of being single she found herself in 2 dark relationships. During the latter part of her 10-years of being divorced she began to pray to God, asking if there was ever going to be anyone in her life again.

If the answer was "no" and that was His will, she was okay with that. But every time she prayed that prayer, God answered with the same response every time. One word: Wait.

Then one day she went to her church where they had an outdoor prayer garden. She prayed that same prayer of commitment that I prayed.

When she got home she googled Christian dating sites and joined Christian Cafe, the SAME week I joined.

That week there were 6 women who left messages in my inbox. Hers was the only one I answered.

She said that she absolutely loved my profile and knew that what I had shared was earnest and from my heart. Even though she loved my profile, she started to click ahead to the next profile. That's when God spoke to her and said, "Look closer. Look again."

We talked for about 10 weeks, when she informed me that she was driving 3 hours north of where she lived to play guitar and sing for the worship at a retreat for a worldwide women's ministry called Celebration Ministries.

No sooner that she spoke those words and God gave me the courage to just blurt out, "I'm coming to meet you that weekend!"

That weekend we kinda just validated everything each of us had been feeling up to that weekend.

We visited each other several more times, and after 10 months she moved to where I lived and we started our lives together.

Can I tell you, it's been 16 years and we've absolutely been madly, deeply in love with each other every, single day, without exception.

Not only that but we've also not had a single argument. God had His hand in this since long before we knew Him. He was just waiting for us both to make that commitment to Him!

The moment my wife Barbie, prayed that prayer of commitment, that started the whole ball rolling. That's all God was waiting for.

This woman is the love of my life, my very best friend, and I cannot possibly breathe a day without her.

This woman loves me more than anyone I could have ever imagined at any time in my life.

Shortly after we started our lives together, I told her, "I've been in love with you my entire life. It just took 52 years to find you."

We spent months pinching ourselves and asking if it was real. I finally told her that God doesn't want us to live in the question. That doesn't show faith. He wants us to LIVE in the fact that it is real - a True gift from him, and everything from our Father God is real!

Thank you Christian Cafe for being in God's plan for us!

David-bimmer169 {Missouri} & Barbie-lovinheart912 {Texas} April 2024

[Editor's note: See May 2010 for their engagement announcement!]

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 Keep believing God to give you a spouse. If I can be blessed, you can too.  

An Asian woman flashes a peace sign as she leans into her White husband, as they smile in the back of a car

Don't Bhing and Benjamin make a great couple!

A Christian couple proudly shows off their daughter, who is in the forefront wearing a yellow toque in a restaurant

Proud parents with "Cafe Baby", Moriah

In 2014 & before, I struggled to get dates or even friendships with women. I asked family and even co-workers for help.

Ultimately I did what I should have done first: I prayed.

God led me to, in 2015. They gave me a free trial.

The very first young lady who greeted me is now my wife!

I'm forever grateful to God, my wife Bhing and Christian Cafe for the best blessing in this life that I've ever received.

Bhing and I have been married since August 4th, 2017, our daughter Moriah is 3.

Benjamin & Bhing April 2024

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 Still very much In Love - Stronger Than Ever!  

A middle aged Christian couple laugh together while take a selfie outdoors with their dog

Char and John living the dream :)

A married Christian couple pose in front of a polar bear at Christmas time

Enjoying the Christmas season together

A mature Christian couple kiss in front of a Christmas wonderland scene

Very much in love!

A woman in a plaid shirt kisses a man while they sit on a park bench with their dog

*Still* very much in love!

A woman wearing sunglasses grins as her husband laughs while taking their selfie

Enjoying every moment together

A pretty blonde woman in a black cowboy hat smiles while holding her dog at an Autumn festival

Char looks great in a cowboy hat!

A man sits in a very comfortable chair with an Afghan blanket, while several small breed dogs sit on his lap

John's other loves :)

A group of singers on stage at church. The men are wearing cowboy hats on either side of the woman

Char and John in music ministry

May 21st will be our 2 year Anniversary.

We now have a Live Service Ministry together.

Music Ministry is still John's calling.

Char-char368 {Kentucky} & John-jubel222 {Tennessee} April 2024

[Editor's note: See August 2022 for their marriage announcement!]

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 I do not need to continue on this site!  

I was successful in finding someone using ChristianCafe :)

Thank you!

Elijah-elicoal322 {Colorado} April 2024

 I'm a great fan of your site.  

Christian Cafe is Christ centered, faithful and wonderful to be on.

There is no website I have seen that is so faithful and Christ centered and which attracts the most devoted Christians as Christian Cafe.

You are just terrific with a personal attention that you give to the people on the site hoping to find real faith and fulfillment in relationships in Christ.

I think you are amazing and deserve the "ABCD" award - "above and beyond the call of duty"

Gary-bibleguydb121 {Philippines} April 2024

[Editor's note: See our blog for one of many customer service awards has won over the years.]

 I met my spouse back in 2002.  

I'm now single and back on Christian Cafe because, to me, Christian Cafe is the best Christian dating app where you can see genuine, practical and dependable Bible believers with worldwide members, compared to other Christian dating apps.

As a result l have a duty to make sure this testimony remains the same and improve so that children of the kingdom all over the world can find their spouse in Christian Cafe like I did over 20 years ago.

Solomon {New York} April 2024

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 When God is in the picture miracles happen!  

I met Robert on November 17th 2023. We are very well matched and believe God's hand is on/in our relationship.

He came up all the way from Louisiana to Camrose, Alberta at Christmas. Stayed a month with me and my daughter and proposed marriage.

I had not dated since my ex left over 27 years ago and I wasn't interested in marriage until last fall.

Prior to meeting Robert, I was a victim of an online romance scam which ressurected good feelings I thought were long dead and gone. That's when I made the decision to post a profile on Christian Cafe.


Lynn-lynn5420 {Alberta} & Robert-cactusblob275 {Louisiana} April 2024

 I love for a few reasons.  

The first is through the profile's written answers section - it is much easier to get to know someone's interests or story.

Another reason is for the customer support. I have never seen support as efficient and generous as's.

Josue-josue434 {Brazil} April 2024

 Thank You for offering this opportunity of a Free Trial.  

That's absolutely valuable and really priceless the experience over all!! :) Thank you again!!! :)

Also your site provides a very nice system to select what I want, and to skip what I don't.

I have been in multiple Dating Sites and truthfully in my opinion is one, if it is not the only one left that is good and decent enough.

cougar246 {South Dakota} April 2024

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 I no longer need  

I found a lady :)

Richard-solotario394 {Colorado} April 2024

 I met my future wife on Christian Cafe in 2005.  

I initially signed up for a trial membership and then paid for the membership for a short while.

But pretty soon I no longer needed it :)


Cheyne {Colorado} April 2024

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