Christian Testimony - May 2010

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 My husband and I met in Aug-Sept '09 on  

Love for Christian singles in Missouri on their wedding day in front of a cross

Lindell and Susie have been almost inseparable since meeting

We messaged for a week, then talked on phone every night for hours for a week.

We met in my town, as friends only, initially. I was also on crutches with a cast from a broken foot. When I watched him out my front window walking up my walkway, I knew I was in trouble! He was gorgeous!!

We had an awesome first date and have been almost inseparable since.

We just returned from our honeymoon in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

We are grateful to God for bringing us love again with such fun and compatibility.

I think is one tool God is using to bring love to people and it is because God loves us. Oh! The owners of the Bed & Breakfast we stayed and were married at also met this way four years ago!

Lindell-lindy735 {Missouri} & Susie-susiejan496 {Missouri} May 2010

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 It has been nearly 2 years since I met Barbie here in  

Christian couple at football game

David joined with no expectations and is now engaged to Barbie!

I came to with hopes but no expectations.

After coming out of a 25 year marriage that ended in abuse I knew I wanted to gentle soul who put God first in her life.

I received many responses from many wonderful women. But when I read her profile and when I could detect her wonderful demeanor in her words I wanted to know more about her. Needless to say with me living in Missouri and she residing in Texas I knew this was going to present some challenges.

A few emails led to phone conversations and after a few months conversing we decided to meet. She being a music worship leader was playing somewhere else in Texas that was not her home town.

I agreed to meet her that weekend in Sept 2008 and needless to say my life since that day has never been the same. She is the most gentle, sweetest and genuine woman I think that I have met in my entire life.

We knew after we had met that the sparks were everywhere. We had some challenges but we agreed on two major focuses. One is that God is #1 in both our lives. He comes before everything no matter what. Second is that no matter what we wanted, we were going to let things happen in His time. We did not push anything.

Over the course of the next several months, she came to visit me and I reciprocated by going to visit her and meet her family.

A year ago she left Texas and came to live with me and now we plan to be married in July 2010. The one thing that I also would like to say is that with all honesty I can truthfully say that each and every single individual day with her has been a Blessing. She shows me the same respect, love, kindness and gentleness that she receives from me and there is just no way possible that I could be happier.

The KEY to all this is simple. GOD. He has done it all. Without Him we never would have met and we both believe deep in our hearts that He brought us together. He allowed us to use as a vehicle to make this union possible and we both thank you very much!

Neither one of us has stopped smiling for a moment because we know that we are each gifts from God to the other, so how could we possibly not be ecstatic?

The most important component that can be forged into the foundation of a relationship besides love is Grace. And Grace can only come from the anointing and Blessing of the Holy Spirit. Together we do not have many things OF this world but we have our Father and we have each other as a testimony to His Blessings. Thank you Lord Father God!

David-bimmer169 {Missouri} & Barbie-lovinheart912 {Texas} May 2010

[Editor's note: So did it work out? See April 2024 for a wonderful update!]

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 My life was in total limbo at the moment I joined  

Missouri Christian man meets Filipina fiancee who hugs him closely

Nened let God mold her character prior to joining and now she and Daniel are engaged!

After meeting Nened, and having daily phone, text, and instant messenger conversation for several months, often for literally 3 to 4 hours at a time, we decided that it was time to meet in person.

I flew to Manila, Philippines where she had flown to meet me, and waited for a few hours until our flight to her home town, Davao City. We had a bunch of memorable days and nights together with her son (Heinrich), her brother and her parents.

August 31, 2009 at Pearl Garden Hotel (Manila), I proposed (and she accepted) marriage. After a tearful temporary goodbye, I boarded the plane back to US and she flew back to Davao.

We have continued to talk daily, and usually 2 and 3 times a day through messaging, texting and phone calls. We are looking forward to the day soon we will be joined together as a family here in the US.

Thank you for the service of your site. I have found my sense of purpose and direction to my life, God's will for me, to be my partner and wife and mother of our children, my collective soul, Nened.

Nened: A relationship I do look forward for is blessed with God's love and presence. Hence, I've joined

I have tried other sites yet nothing worked out well. I do encounter men who are worldly, no sense of commitment, just enrolled to a site to fool a woman's heart.

After a wink to DanielBryan512, he winked back, and everything worked out in His wonderful ways. I let God be my guide and mold my character to prepare me for my future man, for my true love.

When God finally gave me a GO signal, I felt a new life within me, a life to live with Daniel. God became the center of our relationship.

I looked for a man who is committed to God since if he is committed to God then he can be committed to me. Truly, I have found Daniel (DanielBryan512), my life, my perfect lover and perfect gift from God and perfect answer to my prayers and will always have him here in my life.

Now, we are engaged and will soon be getting married and will be as family in the US.

I am so grateful to God how has been an instrument for Daniel and I to have met. We will journey through life forever faithfully.

Daniel-danielebryan512 {Missouri} & Nened-godswillforu462 {Philippines} May 2010

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 Thanks to I am now married to a special man that God has provided.  

Senior Christian singles find love and are shown here smiling together

Who says you can't marry at 60? It worked for Bev and Bill!

Vacation for senior Christian couple

Bev found her soulmate Bill on!

We started emailing December 2007 and met in February 2008.

They say the chances of remarrying at 60 are not very high, but with it can be done.

I have found my soul-mate and my best friend. We got married on April 18, 2009 with a lovely church wedding.

We have waited on God for every step of the way and we will continue to do so. Thank you, for bringing us together and now we are looking forward to the future and depending on Him to lead us and be the centre of our lives as we join our lives together.

I have met many wonderful friends on, some of whom I still keep in contact with. If you are still looking, I wish you all the best as you seek the Lord in finding that someone special as well.

Bev-Bevster745 {Ontario} & Bill-Pipercub676 {Ontario} May 2010

 And yet another couple is living happily ever after thanks to!  

June wedding for Ontario Christian couple

Blaise and Kelly are "living happily ever after"!

A newly married Christian bride stands against a pioneer building while her husband chats with her closely

Blaise's profile deeply resonated with Kelly

Man rescues bride from train tracks

Blaise rescued Kelly just in time!

Shortly after I joined in October of 2007 I read a profile that deeply resonated with me and I sent a wink.

I was very disappointed that I didn't receive a reply but moved on and met some very interesting people during the remaining part of my 3 month membership - just not "Mr. Right".

I rejoined the Cafe once again in April 2008 and after a couple of weeks was very pleasantly surprised to receive an email from the man I had "winked" at back in October!

It turned out that back in October he was completely immersed in a project at work and had been ignoring the Cafe - but when viewing profiles in April he saw mine and decided to email me (he didn't remember receiving my wink!).

Long story short - we had our first "in-person" date on May 1/08, got engaged Thanksgiving weekend 2008 and were married in June 2009.

We would like to thank for bringing us together - although we both lived in Ontario we lived in cities that are about 1 hour apart - so we never would have met had it not been for the Cafe. We truly are "living happily ever after"!

Kelly-kmh920 {Ontario} & Blaise-bowen899 {Ontario} May 2010

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 I met my husband here on back in Aug of 2008.  

We chatted on line for a few weeks. Then talked on the phone for about a week. Then we met in person.

I knew as soon as we met for the first time, that I was going to marry him.

I was a single mom for almost 5 years and my husband, Troy, had been a single father of his two girls for almost 9 years.

After a few dates, we had the kids met and they too hit it off. We met in Aug of 2008 and were married in May of 2009. As our first anniversary is coming up, we wanted to thank

We only lived about 10 minutes from each other and I use to be a sub teacher at the preschool that the girls went to, however we didn't meet until we both got on

Now we are a very happy family. My husband and I were both very strong in our faith and now we are growing in our faith as a family. Both of our families were not so sure at first, because it was so fast. But if you ask them now, they all say that "It's a blessing from God that he gave us each other." The Lord knew what my son and I needed. And he knew what my husband and the girls needed. He filled everyone's needs. And we are so so very blessed.

Veronica-vlh496 {Arizona} May 2010

 Good thing he didn't cancel his membership!  

My fiance and I met on in 2004. I was in a free trial and he was about to cancel his membership because he hadn't met anyone.

Then we met and fell in love. We are getting married this August 2010!!!

Thank you for being there as a way for me to meet my future husband. God directed us to the same place. Thank you.

Stephanie-wildflower131 {New Jersey} May 2010

 My wife and I met on and had our first date on December 27th, 2002.  

I told my mother that this was the last person that I'm going to meet on a Christian singles website - and I kept my word.

Heather (I believe her Christian Cafe name was Sillybean or McBean) was a wonderful young woman who shared the same love and passion for Jesus.

I was amazed to meet her. We are so blessed to have each other. Now we have 2 children - Caleb (4) and Joshua (2).

Thank you For obvious reasons, I will never have to use your website again, but I have recommended that others use it - God has many different ways to bring people together.

Timothy-godsheart349 & Heather May 2010

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 This was the first and only dating site I have ever felt safe at.  

I have met quite a few nice men, and a few not so nice, but you made me feel safe talking with them.

I truly believe I have met what could be my new love, and at 55, love becomes so much more than just an adventure. Thank you again for your site for the comfort and safety it gave me.

April-cwgrluvslrd470 {Missouri} May 2010

 I met my wife on  

We would never have met were it not for your service.

I am from Tennessee and my wife is from Holland. Although we lived an ocean apart, we knew instantly that we were a perfect match. Even though we both had never entered a serious relationship, we were engaged only six days after meeting. was invaluable in answering a longtime prayer for both of us.

Ron-ronaldtn235 {Tennessee} May 2010

 I thought you would be encouraged to hear that I am getting married on 29th May 2010 to a wonderful man I met on your site about a year ago.  

We met in person on 1st June 2009 and knew instantly we would get on. We decided to get married very soon after and the big day is fast approaching.

Many thanks for your safe and helpful site. I hope others will also find the right person like we both did.

Kate-littlekate574 {England} & Matthew {England} May 2010

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 I truly enjoyed using your service in the past and am happy to report that I made a connection with someone from your site last year and we are getting married this summer!!!  

I have recommended your site to others and hope that they have the opportunity to find the happiness that I have found.

Christian Cafe is a wonderful tool in finding your true match and I wish you continued success in the future.

Susan-lovestolaugh943 {Ontario} May 2010

 My husband and I met through, and we have often said we needed to let you know.  

We met in the fall of 2007, e-mailing and getting to know each other for a couple months. When we finally exchanged numbers and met, we both removed our profiles to give our full attention to the other.

We dated for over 2 years, and I have never been so happy in my life. Being a single mom who is very attractive, I would get "hit on", but very rarely did anyone take the time to get to know "me".

Larry did that.

He got to know me, he got to know my two sons. My children love him so much, my heart melts. He is everything I every wanted, everything we needed. He says the sun rises and sets with me, that I am his world.

I am absolutely living the fairy tale that every woman longs for, and few ever experience.

Jennifer-virtuouslady233 {Tennessee} & Larry-lsmithboy383 {Tennessee} May 2010

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