- Christian Testimony - April 2010
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 My wife and I met on and got married last June.  

Don't Jason and Lori look great together!

Jason and Lori in front of Big Ben

She is from Florida and I am from Wales...we now live in the USA. We are expecting our first baby any day now...!

Jason-missionman310 {Wales} & Lori {Florida} April 2010

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 My husband and I met on in October of 2008.  

Megan with her husband Aaron on the most wonderful day of her life

After two months of emailing, we decided to meet in person. We both knew within a few weeks of meeting that our relationship was headed for marriage, and after a whirlwind engagement, we were married in September of 2009. It was the most wonderful day of my life. Aaron is everything I was looking for in a man, and I can't begin to say how happy I am in married life. I recommend your site to all my friends!!

Megan-megan3755 {Virginia} & Aaron-enigamatic941 {Virginia} April 2010

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 I have really had a wonderful time on!!  

The reason I am leaving is NOT because I am unhappy!!! In fact, I have met my Mr. Right on your website, and we are engaged!! So that is why I no longer require your services!

Xenia-sophia560 {England} April 2010

 I think your site is one of the best.  

allforhim596 {Colorado} April 2010

 We wish to thank for our recent marriage.  

Without your assistance we would have never met each other since we lived 900 miles apart but thanks to your ministry we are able to live deliriously full filled through our "Golden Years". Life is so much richer, sharing it with a godly mate. We have never laughed or enjoyed life like we do now. Every day is a blessing being with the person you are "head over heels in love with". The warmth of a hand gently taking yours while watching the sun come up or a little pat while doing the dishes from one's sweetheart is priceless.

Dr. and Ashley R. (no usernames provided) April 2010

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