Christian Testimony - May 2024

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 We got engaged over the holidays!  

A mature Christian bride in a pink skirt holds a bouquet of flowers and laughs excitedly next to her bearded husband, dressed in a black suit, as they stand in a church lobby

Lynn and Robert are overjoyed on their special day

A Christian couple wearing glasses and spring jackets stand arm in arm outside a church, which has the letters R and L hanging from the door

Don't Robert and Lynn look great together!

I signed up for a free trial after seeing an ad on another dating site I had been on for TWO YEARS and where I met only crazy people and scammers; it was horrible.

I was on for just a few days and then I got a message from a woman telling me she read my profile and said I'd set my sights a little high in my search for Miss Right.

I told her I was a widower, knew what I wanted and thanked her.

After a few more days I found the feature where I could see who viewed me. I noticed a woman in Canada and clicked on her profile; it was an AHA! moment - just everything I wanted.

I asked her why she hadn't written me: "Is it because I said =only US residents=?".

She said it was, her name was Lynn, and it turned out that she was the one who had written and told me not to get my hopes up so high!

My Dad was Canadian and Canada is special to me, so we chatted on site for a while and then eventually moved to email, phone and then video-chat.

Then Lynn invited me to visit for the holidays. So I got a passport and headed to the Great White North for a month!

She moved out of her master bedroom and into the 1st floor with her 39yo daughter (our chaperone!) and it was Wonderful!

We got engaged over the holidays!

I returned to New Orleans and sold my home, we reunited in Canada and were married May 3rd!

It's colder in Canada than it is in New Orleans, but to me it's just free air conditioning :)

And I couldn't be happier with my Canadian cutie! "He who finds a wife finds a good thing and favor from the LORD." -Proverbs 18:22

Here are a couple of photos of us: one right after the wedding, and one in our street clothes in front of the church. Lynn has no idea why the R and L are on the opposite doors from left and right... neither do I haha :)

Robert-cactusblob275 {Louisiana} & Lynn-lynn5420 {Alberta} May 2024

[Editor's note: See April 2024 testimonial for Lynn's testimony of a miracle!]

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 I met my love in your site!  

Thanks to God for him! His name is Gil and he is from Brasil! :)

Thank you for being there!

Diana-diana6687 {Sweden} & Gil {Brazil} May 2024

 I no longer need your services!  

I have already met the love of my life here on and we plan on getting engaged later on this year. is definitely the best Christian dating site worldwide and I have referred many of my friends and family to

You are providing a valuable service to Christian singles all around the world...and I am very proud that you are a Canadian company that started up many years ago in my home town of Toronto, Ontario.

A collective thanks to for being a wonderful vehicle to facilitate the coming together of like-minded single Christians!

Ernest-ernestisreal252 {Ontario} May 2024

 Please remove my account.  

I actually met my fiance through Christian Cafe, and we are getting married next month.

Angie-lucy3783 {Georgia} May 2024

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 You folks are SO Helpful compared to EVERY other site out there.  

Linda-linda3264 {Vermont} May 2024

 I met Kerry on Christian Cafe dating site.  

It is 5 years ago this month.

We met in person soon after corresponding and are now happily married

Thanks to you!!!!

Renate-renate859 {New Zealand} & Kerry-sailer581 {New Zealand} May 2024

 I would like to delete my Christian Cafe account.  

I found my future husband, thank you!

I'm so thankful! My Richard is Such a wonderful person. A one of a kind.

A godly man that doesn't drink nor smoke. My dream!

Karlari-stellasnow533 {Texas} & Richard-ribu274 {Uganda} May 2024

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 I find easy to use.  

Thank you for the great job of making a user friendly intuitive site!

Larry-simplegardner759 {Virginia} May 2024

 Your service was very instrumental in helping me to find my wife.  

I appreciate what you are doing for people.

May God bless you tremendously as you help others to find Godly matches!!

Michael-mike9736 {Kansas} May 2024

 Kindly delete my account.  

I have found someone special.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much for everything.

I'm so grateful!

Judith-jaber446 {Kenya} May 2024

 I met someone on this site and we are getting married.  

Tim-faithfulman818 {Colorado} & Christine-bluebees380 {Ontario} May 2024

 I renewed my membership with and I've already met someone.  

I started dating someone and we have decided to become serious.

Martine-marielle860 {California} May 2024

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