Christian Testimony - March 2024

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 I met my husband through Christian Cafe!  

A beautiful White bride and her Black husband touch their heads together in joy on their wedding day outdoors

Katarina and Giovanni were made for each other

A well groomed Black man in a suit bows his head in prayer as he stands next to his White wife, as they receive a blessing on their wedding day.

Receiving God's blessing on their marriage

A very proud newly married man presents his new wife after marrying. The bride's long flowing curly ginger hair complements her beautiful rose bouquet

Don't they look so happy on their wedding day!

Christian singles smile while standing together on a relaxed date together at an outdoor patio in the city on a nice summer evening

Katarina and Giovanni's first date!

A newly engaged man and woman are seated together, arms linked as they celebrate their recent engagement

Katarina and Giovanni are engaged!

We met in December 2022 and got married in September 2023. We are so thankful that God put us together through Christian Cafe.

Whoever knows us, now knows about Christian Cafe! We recommended it to everyone who is single, lol.

By the way, we are also expecting! I am 3 months pregnant now. Praise the Lord!

Blessings to whole team of Christian Cafe.

Katarina-kay9059 {Serbia} & Giovani March 2024

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 I am happy to let you know that I have found the love of my life!  

We met on your dating platform, Christiancafe.

Thank you so much and I wish others all the best in their search.

Kagi-kagi150 {Washington State} March 2024

 I have met a lady online here who lives in the Philippines.  

I recently met her in person.

Justin-newcreation463 {Arkansas} & Enn-joenah808 {Philippines} March 2024

 I wish to unsubscribe from the platform.  

I found a partner and I am excited to meet her in her home country soon.

Thank you very much for your services!

Kamil-wngd545 {Germany} March 2024

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 What a wonderful site your team created and operates, thank you.  

Thanks to God via your site I met a man who seeks God first.

Sabrina-sabrina423 {British Columbia} March 2024

 I am currently meeting and seeing a man from Christian Cafe.  

We have had a couple of phone calls and met once and shared many testimonies and our failures and regrets.

Let the Holy Spirit lead me and Larry.

Thanks for this platform and connecting Christians.

Simona-inthetruth538 March 2024

 I take my hat off to your staff!  

I've served in church leadership (and I help with case management in the transitional housing ministry I volunteer with) - and I want to say again that my hat is off to you all.

There are a lot of complex situations you have to navigate on the admin side and you are daily balancing propriety and grace.

May God bless and strengthen you all for the task, and may He be glorified as you seek to represent Him well in this community.

Elisa {California} March 2024

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 Thank you for helping me to connect with someone!  

I met someone and we have so much in common! And we're getting know each other more!

Thank you!

Stephanie-sam5682 {North Carolina} March 2024

 I've been on three different dating sites but I have to say was definitely the best.

Jeff-christianlife537 {California} March 2024

 I met my husband Donald back in 2011 in Christian Cafe.  

Today we are living in Canada serving the Lord and loving each other.

You are the only site I can recommend as one with truly Christian values.

I helped my sister to open an account recently, prayfully believing God with her for a real born again man of God that they can serve Jesus together and have a happy life.

God bless you all and thank you.

Joselyn-joselyn4838 {Dominican Republic} & Donald {Alberta} March 2024

 I found my truelove on Christian Cafe.  

We have been together almost 2 years since we met on Christian Cafe.

So thank you and God bless you all.

Sarah-sarah3190 {Brazil} March 2024

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