Christian Testimony - February 2024

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 I had despaired of ever finding love again.  

A beautiful senior bride in a floral dress stands next to her new husband, as both beam with joy on a sunny summer day

No wonder George is smiling - he married Victoria!

I lost my wife of 23 years to ovarian cancer.

After 9 months of loneliness, and having never ventured onto dating sites before, I Googled Christian dating sites and Christian Cafe came up in the search results.

After comparing it with other sites that left a lot to be desired, I joined Christian Cafe just to see who was out there.

After one unsuccessful meeting with a lady, I gave up and let my membership lapse, until November 2022 when your site offered me a three day trial for being a past member.

I remember vacillating a lot, should I or shouldnÂ’t I bother again, but the Holy Spirit must have prompted me, so I put my profile back up.

Little did I know, Victoria had been sitting alone at night wondering if there was a loving man out there for her.

She also got the three day trial at the same time and like me, pondered about whether she should do the same as I did.

Thankfully the Lord prompted her too and she did...and we met!

We both quickly joined again to keep the conversation going and now 14 months later, we are husband and wife and we couldn't be happier.

We both thank God often for bringing us together via your wonderful site, as we never would have met without Christian Cafe.

To all those out there searching for love and companionship, never give up.

Remember to fully and honestly fill out your profile on Christian Cafe - that's what attracted Victoria to mine.

God has a plan for everyone, but it is in His time, not ours; and when the right person is available for you, then it will happen.

Thank you, Christian Cafe for your service and its wonderful results and God bless you.

George-curiousgeorge335 {Western Australia} & Victoria-victoria3372 {Western Australia} February 2024

[Editor's note: See April 2023 testimonial for George's first post and October 2023 testimonial for their engagement announcement!]

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 The first date lasted longer than anticipated and we both definitely felt a 'click'.  

A beautiful White woman in a wedding dress is full of joy as she stands next to her new husband, a handsome Black man, as they pose outdoors on a sunny Autumn day

Bjorn and Laura are so glad to have been matched!

A woman laughs with joy on her wedding day as she walks arm and arm with her new husband. A Bible verse is written above the couple

Those smiles say it all!

We messaged each other all the way home...

We first communicated with each other in December 2022 having viewed each other's profiles and started chatting via message.

After a couple of weeks we had our first of many regular phone conversations.

This progressed to a video call before finally deciding to physically meet about 4 weeks the first wink :).

We met up every week or two because we lived about 90 miles apart and spoke on the phone every day.

A good friendship was forming with the intention of seeing if God would lead us into a romantic relationship.

We decided to move on to relationship stage in March 2023 and it was obvious there was mutual attraction but also now a solid friendship.

We met each other's parents and also friends and family to get their insight. Thankfully their comments were positive, insightful and encouraging.

We started talking about marriage early on and provisionally started to plan.

Bjorn proposed in August 2023 and the wedding took place in November 2023.

Praise God, we're married and grateful to God for putting us together through Christian Cafe.

The staff running the site are helpful, caring and genuine and we are delighted.

Our advice to those wanting to get married: Pray to God, stay close to Him and don't give up.

We thank God for Christian Cafe.

Bjorn-polarbearab441 {England} & Laura-nirishlaura273 {England} February 2024

[Editor's note: See May 2013 testimonial for Bjorn's review of]

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 I joined 11 years ago and met my wife then :)  

Many thanks,

Yan-yan615 {England} February 2024

 Delete my account!  

May God bless you for what you are doing to help people meet each other.

I met my best half and eventually we got married!

Once again would like to say you words of appreciation. May God still be with you and bless your business tremendously .

Anna-annaki359 {South Africa} February 2024

 I have already found someone from!  

I am really thankful.

Naomi-louisenaomi952 {Hong Kong} February 2024

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 We are a match made in heaven!  

My husband and I met on this site on December 8.

There was instant connection.

We were married this past Saturday, Feb 10, 2024.

We are perfectly matched.

Thank you, Christian Cafe. Without you we never could have met.

We are so happy!

Violet-violet963 {South Carolina} & David-david3787 {South Carolina} February 2024

 I really appreciate you removing scammers from your site.  

And I really appreciate you responding so quickly to my email.

I had no response from the other dating sites' administration I had been on, so I really appreciate hearing from you.

Catherine-kingdomkate466 {New South Wales, Australia} February 2024

 I created a profile on Christian Cafe because someone in my Church told me her nephew met someone there.  

Christian Cafe has excellent features like forums, dating advice, prayer request options, etc., which are not typical for a dating site.

I appreciate your heart for serving others through your website.

Marriage is the first institution our LORD created, and you are serving our LORD by building more Christian families.

Deepika-deepika847 {California} February 2024

 Please remove my profile.  

Found my match!

I met her on Christian Cafe.

Daniel-daniel2517 {New Jersey} February 2024

 Christian mingle is no comparison with Christian Cafe.  

It is with real pleasure that I want to express my sincere congratulations for your site.

Christian Cafe has very intuitive functionality first of all.

The ease of finding what you want to search for, seeing if the person has seen your mail are also great.

But above all, ample space to search for specific areas and dedicated geographical areas.

Enea-sun828 {Italy} February 2024

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