Christian Testimony - April 2023

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 My wife and I want to share our story with you in gratitude for the amazing service provides to Christian singles and couples.  

A newly married American man sits next to his new Chinese bride, at a park in Taiwan

Cuddling in close on their special day :)

A newly married Christian couple gaze into each other's eyes next to pillars in Taiwan

Victor and Christina only have eyes for each other

Christina and I met on this platform a couple of years ago.

My first interaction with her was on Oct 6, 2021. I exchanged a few mailbox messages with her and we agreed to try a video call.

She lived in Taichung, Taiwan so due to the time zone she took her lunch break to meet me on the video call while it was my night time at home in America. We had around 12 hours of difference.

I remember that she agreed to do the video call with me in hopes that it wouldn't be another scam like what happened to her before. Thank God, we both confirmed to meet a real person. I inquired about her English skills because I was looking for someone whose communication skills worked well with mine.

Fortunately, I enjoyed the video call and her cheerful personality delighted me. After that we continue exchanging text messages, photos and videos about our lifestyle for one year.

After having almost daily audio conversations and weekly video calls we decided to try our first in-person meeting in the United States. Not an easy task because of COVID restrictions but we both were interested in taking the relationship to the next level.

After so much prayer, travel preparation and conscientious talks we finally met at Newark International Airport. She seemed tired from her trip but also happy to meet me in person for the first time. This event was really great and seemed so surreal for us.

I took her to have a quick Korean meal, we talked and then I drove her to an airbnb location in my area where she would stay for a while.

The next day we started our vacation plan. We had so much to do for the next two weeks before she returned to Taiwan. So we experienced food, family, church, and other activities that helped us to get to know each other better as we interacted in multiple environments.

Time seemed short for us. She said bye to me at the airport as she prepared herself to take her flight back to Taiwan. We agreed that after this trip we would talk about taking the next step if our in-person meeting turned out to be successful.

It did, by God's grace.

We both still remained enthusiastic about the relationship so we planned our next in-person meeting. One year after that we finally met again in person. This time in Taiwan where I met her family and friends for the first time.

We arranged an engagement party considering cultural and language barriers because we thought seriously about formalizing our relationship.

Again, it took time, work and a lot of prayer to reach that level but we both still had the motivation and the interest in our relationship.

We got engaged in her hometown and afterwards we flew back to the United States where we got married and have lived since then.

Victor-vhm492 {New Jersey} & Christina-chia435 {Taiwan} April 2023

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 I have met the love of my life.  

Senior single Christians out on a date cuddle in for a photograph while on a date

Isn't this the look of a happy couple on a date :)

A very happy single Christian pilot from Western Australia poses with his date in front of a small plane

George treats Victoria to a flight around Perth!

Thank you for your wonderful site. I have met a lovely Christian lady, Victoria, in my own city (Perth, Western Australia) and we are very, very happy together.

The Holy Spirit led us to put both our profiles up at the same time and we immediately started chatting on the site before it progressed to phone calls , then a meeting for coffee two days before Christmas last year, at a beautiful cafe by the river where we talked for hours.

We found out that we lived only 20 minutes apart, another blessing. Our relationship was a definite answer to prayer for both of us and the Lord has blessed us with such happiness.

Since meeting, our relationship has progressed immensely and God knows what the future holds for us.

To all Christian singles out there, know that God has a plan for you and this site may help you find that special someone, as it did for us.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!

P.S. I'm a pilot and have included a photo after returning from a flight around the city of Perth.

George-curiousgeorge335 {Western Australia} & Victoria-victoria3372 {Western Australia} April 2023

[Editor's note: See October 2023 testimonial for their engagement announcement and February 2024 testimonial for their wedding announcement!]

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 I met someone and we got engaged on March 28!!!  

An American Christian woman smiles as she holds the head of a handsome man from Colombia

Could Colleen's smile be any bigger!

A newly engaged Christian couple cuddle next to his parents, while the woman displays her engagement ring and a huge smile

Engagement bliss with family :)

We met Feb 25, 2022 on Christian Cafe and knew right away we were meant to find each other!

We talk every night on video and have met in person three times.

He proposed March 28, 2023 with his whole family present.

The basis of our relationship is our strong faith in Christ.

We are so grateful for Christian Cafe and the providence of God bringing us together.

Colleen-colleen843 {New York} & Juan-juan614 {Colombia} April 2023

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 You have been the tool God used to bring us together and we will always be grateful for that.  

A beautiful Argentinian Christian woman beams with joys while seated in a car next to her new American husband, as both show wave and show off their new wedding rings

Andrea and Samuel full of joy after marrying

An interracial couple prays with their pastor while being married at a church at Christmas

Receiving God's blessings over their marriage

A pastor marries a couple as the bride laughs while holding her husband's hands

Laughter during the ceremony :)

A middle aged Christian couple surrounded by their wedding party pose on the edge of a forest

The whole wedding party!

Like so many other couples who've met through, my story is quite long but I'll try to keep it short :)

My profile on dates from the year 2019. In the month of September I began a friendship with Samuel.

From the beginning, we connected because we shared a lot in common - our faith, love for reading, sports and many others.

We are both Christians, we prayed for many years to meet the right person, we have both been single and had no children before our marriage (Samuel is 55 years old and I am 48).

I am from Argentina and Samuel is from the United States, and our bond strengthened over time and we finally met in person in January 2020 in my hometown in Argentina.

Samuel surprised me with a special visit to meet me! :)

The story is full of details worthy of the best Hollywood movie, but I will limit myself to saying that since then we formalized our relationship.

We agreed to meet again in April 2020, during Holy Week, so that together with my family we could formally celebrate our commitment.

But everyone knows what happened in March of that year - it was impossible for us to meet again, amid the uncertainty due to the world situation.

We had to rely on God and we prayed a lot for strength and endurance. And God answered our prayers! We started the long visa process to see each other again.

In September 2021 I was given an American visa and in October I arrived in the United States. Finally, and after going through many battles, we got married on January 1, 2022.

We are very happy and we want to encourage everyone who is looking for true love, not to give up.

Everything is possible, and we are very grateful to Christian Cafe, because without you our meeting would never have been possible. Thank you so much!

God used this medium to connect us and allow us a life together.

We have been greatly blessed, God is faithful and He gives us much more than we ask for and we are capable of dreaming - Ephesians 3:20.

Andrea-andrea656 {Argentina} & Samuel-hog696 {Georgia} April 2023

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 Lena and I married 11-03-2023!  

A beautiful Middle Eastern Christian woman in her bride's dress looks lovingly in her new husband's eyes while he holds her hands on their wedding day

Philip has found his happiness - Lena!

A beautiful bride walks down a flower covered aisle accompanied by her father

The beautiful Lena walks down the aisle

An attractive couple take a selfie in Paris outside the Louvre museum

Philip and Lena outside the Louvre

A man wraps his arm around a beautiful woman beneath angel wings at the bottom of a staircase

Don't they look happy together!

A man in sunglasses smiles while a woman leans her head on his shoulder, outside the Atomium in Belgium

Outside the Atomium in Brussels!

A couple enjoys a selfie on the beach at sunset while the waves roll in

What a beautiful way to spend time together!

A Christian family poses at night near a statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris

Smiles all around at Disneyland Paris!

I am from Belgium and Lena from Lebanon, we met on 23/11/2020 on Christian Cafe.

Thank you God for letting us come together on ChristianCafe.

Bless this site and may more people find their happiness.

In Jesus' mighty name,

Philip-philipm976 {Belgium} & Lena-lenakm289 {Lebanon} April 2023

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 The Lord brought us together and Christian Cafe is the tool He used.  

A woman with a beautiful smile poses with her husband in front of the ocean

4 years of happiness for Anthony and Genia!

A married Christian couple are bundled up in front of a Christmas tree in Chicago

What better way to spend Christmas than with your love :)

A middle aged Christian couple smile and pose in front of a Key West mural while on honeymoon

Honeymoon in Key West!

A couple wearing sunglasses pose on either side of the Mile 0 sign in Key West, Florida

Enjoying adventures on honeymoon

A man and a woman with big smiles and wearing sunglasses take a selfie with water in the background

The look of happiness :)

A woman wearing sunglasses and colourful top sits next to a man holding a water bottle

Still smiling :)

A Christian couple laugh at Christmas time in front of a large display of Christmas trees and poinsettia plants

Christmas in Chicago

A couple wearing shorts and sandals smile at the camera in front of a house with a porch and nice shrubs

What a beautiful photo!

A bride gazes into her new husband's eyes as they dance closely at their wedding

First dance on their Special Day

A man in shorts and sunglasses poses with a woman wearing red pants, while on a boat tour

Another adventure, this time on a boat!

A man in a goatee cuddles next to a woman with beautiful blue eyes, while out in the cold together

Full of joy!

While there are other Christian dating sites, what drew us to Christian Cafe is that it had the most depth.

It forces candidates to think. To be real. The profile requires responses to the thoughtful questions, because what a person believes is at the core of their being.

Other Christian dating sites focused more on interests and personality matches.

We met online in spring 2018. We had both been in three-decade long marriages.

Anthony's spouse went to be with the Lord while Genia's husband left. Genia dated sporadically for 10 years but had given up on finding a godly man. Anthony dated some but was stunned and disoriented by how much dating had changed for the worse. Looks seemed to count more than character.

After exchanging messages on Christian Cafe, we eventually moved to email. Then we began talking on the phone.

The calls got progressively longer and at times were marathon 4-hour sessions. We enjoyed learning about our common conservative and traditional evangelical beliefs, personalities, and interests. We were strongly attracted to each other though we had not yet met.

We finally met over the Independence Day weekend in 2018!

Over those 3 days, it was love at first sight for Anthony. Genia's heart had already been moved.

On July 3, 2018, we proclaimed our love for each other for the 1st time.

Anthony proposed to Genia over Labor Day weekend, and she accepted. We were married on March 16, 2019. Anthony's and Genia's children participated in the small church wedding.

After a honeymoon, we lived in the Midwest for two years and then moved to Florida in spring of 2021. It was a great decision.

We've been married for four years.

It's been challenging dealing with issues like aging parents, resolving conflict, health, but on the other hand, we're best friends, we date often, we hold hands, we love serving the Lord, and we cherish influencing our children and grandchildren for Christ.

Love is a commitment, not a feeling. We love each other deeply, are committed to each other for life, and will honor our wedding vows until death separates us.

We firmly recommend Christian Cafe. It brought us together.

We thank the Lord for this wonderful, well-designed dating site. God can use this tool to find the right person for you too! God can give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4.

Anthony-veritas767 {Illinois} & Genia-gwood318 {Florida} April 2023

[Editor's note: See January 2019 testimonial for their engagement announcement and January 2020 for their newly-married update]

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 I found someone on this site.  

Thank you!

John-diakonos708 {Ohio} April 2023

 I have met someone on Christian Cafe.  

It was very easy to meet someone on this site, and the people that emailed me were very nice and polite.

Laurie-lg674 {Georgia} April 2023

 Just when I was not believing...God did a miracle.  

I want to thank the site and let you know that finally after 6 years (on & off) I have found the person I am willing to spend my whole life with here on Christian Cafe.

Anonymous {Portugal} April 2023

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 We are so grateful that God used your site in order us to meet.  

Thanks to your website I have found a great Christian lady and we have married recently.

We got married here in New Zealand and are now happily living together by God's grace and providence.

Again, we really appreciate the effort the Christian Cafe team brings to all single Christians here on

Rob-nzman370 {New Zealand} & Dinah-nowaybealone331 {Philippines} April 2023

 Christian Cafe helped me to better present myself.  

By reading the profile questions and also reading posts in the forums to ascertain the viewpoints of other members of the community helped me to present myself better.

Helped me discern what I wanted. Thank you so much this journey.

Fonegna-funengha362 {France} April 2023

 I have been on many dating sites and this one is by far the best.  

I just want to thank you for the site. I really do love and appreciate all that you guys have done here.

Michael-michael6014 {Missouri} April 2023

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 Please delete my account.  

I am excited to say that I met my life partner on here!!

Faleisha-lovefe272 {Colorado} April 2023

 I will not be renewing my membership.  

This is because I have been dating a woman that I met through your website for the past 10 months.

Matthew 6:33

Joe-winston422 {Massachusetts} April 2023

 I met someone on  

Ging-armani908 {Belgium} & Rebekah April 2023

 I just want to thank you guys for the awesome platform and work you guys are doing.  

Christal-faithful7466 {South Africa} April 2023

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