Christian Testimony - March 2023

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 The wait was worth it. We are now happily closing our accounts.  

A beautiful Christian single woman smiles radiantly next to a very happy man

Don't Astrid and Tray look so happy together!

A Christian couple laugh at the beach while posing for a selfie

Enjoying a day at the beach

Former Black single Christians hug at sunset at the beach

Nothing sweeter than a sunset with your loved one

A couple gaze in each other's eyes while smiling, and surrounded by greenery

The wait is over for Astrid and Tray!

Tray and I met here, and we are so happy about our new friendship and loveship. We thank God for everything.

Now, we are blessed to walk this new season of "getting to know you" offline, and God is so good and faithful.

We want to tell other Christian singles to keep seeking and trusting God and believe that God is good, loving, and always has good gifts for his children.

Here is a verse that encouraged us in the wait, Ephesians 3:20-21 - "Now unto Him that can do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, 21 Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, a world without end."

God bless yall!

Thanks to Christian Cafe ministry and online community. YAY!!

Astrid-Teapress237 {Arizona} & Tray-wtray825 {Florida} March 2023

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 God knew that he needed someone like me and I needed someone like him as well.  

A Filipino woman in sunglasses hugs her new husband, who looks very happy with his arm around her

Jessica and Dan together again, for good!

A newly reunited couple pose in front of The Embracing Peace statue and USS Midway in San Diego

A fitting setting to meet after a long journey!

Our Testimony of God's Faithfulness

My hubby and I first met here on Christian Cafe more than five years ago. He had some concern for me as a brother in Christ regarding my first post in the forums and he decided to share them with me. We started chatting as friends and soon after, we went to video calls.

Initially, Dan wasn't planning to meet someone outside of US. In fact, he had all his filters set for US only. But God had other plans for him!

After months of video calling, he came to visit me in the Philippines together with his brother and his wife.

We had a great time together and got to know each other much better. On the last night before they left for the US, he gave me a promise ring.

He came back twice more and we decided to get married at the city hall. A few months later we had our official hotel wedding ceremony on January 11, 2020 right before pandemic hit. His family was able to visit and witness our wedding.

Due to pandemic, my husband was unable to be with me for two years because of COVID travel restrictions.

Praise God that he was able to come back on August, 2022. He stayed with me until I got my visa to travel to the US in March 2023.

We finally came to the US together. We could not have known how long it would take and what we would be going through with the pandemic and everything.

There were many prayers and waiting on the LORD, but in the end, I am convinced that it was all in God's perfect timing and purpose for us.

To God be all the glory!

Jessica-godisfaithful881 {Philippines} & Dan-befree663 {California} March 2023

[Editor's note: See December 2017 testimonial for Dan's first impression of]

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 Ten years has passed and we are still happily married!  

A beautiful Black Christian bride is fed wedding cake by her new husband

A joyful Annie and Peter sharing wedding cake

A new Christian bride beams with joy on her wedding day, on a green grass background

The beautiful bride

A newly married White Christian man poses before embarking on holiday

Dashing Peter

I joined in January 2012 and I met my husband Peter.

We met in Johannesburg where I was staying at that time. Peter was living in Melbourne, Australia.

After dating for 2 and half months we got married in Johannesburg. Now we are all living in Melbourne.

We thank God for It's a good site to meet your soul mate, especially for Christian singles.

I have been greatly blessed by this organization.

I encourage any Christian to join if you are still looking for a reliable partner.

Annie-annamp845 {South Africa} & Peter-peterwb260 {Victoria, Australia} March 2023

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 I have a beautiful engagement ring!!  

A Latino Christian single woman smiles radiantly as she sits next to a very pleased man

A very excited Roland and Ilsi enjoying a romantic evening

A collage of photos for newly engaged Christians. Shown are the happy couple in front of a Christmas tree, the fireplace and the fiance with this guitar

Nothing better than celebrating New Year's with your loved one!

We are very grateful to God and to you, You are a serious medium and guided by God.

We started talking on November 26, 2022; it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

I had actually withdrawn from the app because I had found some fake profiles. But the Holy Spirit began to speak to me: "You've only used the site for one month, yet I already have the one chosen for you."

Roland was also listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit telling him to subscribe again, for one month only, and that his Esther was ready for him!!

I wrote to Roland, and it was love at first contact.

We progressed to phone calls and then video and I could see his face!! I don't speak perfect English, but when God is in the business, God cares!!

We had both been praying hard to be a genuine Christian couple with a heart to serve, and we have talked every day since then.

We met in North Carolina on 12-26-22... it was a heavenly meeting. I couldn't contain my tears of joy - it seemed like something out of the Bible (when Rebekah met Isaac they saw each other and loved each other)!!

We have promised to keep ourselves pure until marriage (we both had that promise, and it was a sign that brought us closer together - zero intimacy until we get married).

We spent another week in Indiana, then I went with my daughter and a friend and had another amazing week !! Roland's whole house testifies that he is a genuine man of God!!!

I am currently in my country, Honduras (many acquaintances of mine have joined as a result of my testimony).

Roland and the lawyer have already delivered all the documents for a K visa-1 fiance (we want to do everything correctly and obediently).

Roland will come to visit me and meet my family on April 21-22, God willing. It will be incredible to have a great time again together!!

We talk every night online and Google translator helps us a lot, while I continue my classes in English.

Every Saturday we have a romantic evening (we get dressed up and enjoy a glass of juice over video).

We are very grateful to God!!

I advise those who long to meet someone: Don't be so physically focused, but look at the person's soul!!

Look at your communion with God. The Bible says: "first seek the kingdom of God and His justice and the rest will come in addition"!! Be patient and listen to God's way!!

A photographer came and took some photos of us, which we're attaching. We celebrated the new year together with my green dress, enjoyed Roland's fireplace in his house in Indiana, and Roland's expert guitar playing.

Ilsi-ilsi877 {Honduras} & Roland-roliusa793 {Indiana} March 2023

[Editor's note: See September 2023 for their engagement announcement!]

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 Thank you Christian Cafe for helping me find the love of my life.  

A mixed Christian couple hold hands while sitting in front of a Christmas tree

Micheal is now engaged to the love of his life

I am happily engaged now, to a smart beautiful woman, that I met here.

I wish everyone success and God's blessings.

Michael-michaeldh181 {North Carolina} March 2023

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 Ten years ago my husband and I met after connecting on  

We married two years later and now are blessed with a beautiful family.

May God continue to bless your work in helping Christian singles connect.

Osanna {Michigan} March 2023

 What you offer at Christian Cafe is easily worth it.  

Let me commend you for the dating site you have here. There are so many lovely women here with winsome, charming profiles.

My wish is that each and every one could meet that special man. I should be so blessed to be that for one of them, as God directs.

It is a pleasure to be a part of this. Keep up your excellent work!

Eldon-scythiansweet901 {Kansas} March 2023

 Of all the Christian dating sites I've visited, you guys really have an outstanding website.  

It's clean, clear, easy to navigate, just really a good job guys!

Wendy-wendybird620 {North Carolina} March 2023

10 Day Free Trial. Start today!
Already a member? Sign in here. is way more Christ-based than the other dating site I was on previously.  

And it's a really neat site.

Bob-forgiven1234 {Pennsylvania} March 2023

 God used to bless me.  

I am married now with a guy I met in your site. We've been married for a year and a half now.

Our baby is 6 months old.

Thank you for the opportunity to change my life so completely!

Rezi-abcrrez746 {Albania} March 2023

 Thank you for your site. I am now engaged to the girl I met on here.  

Eric-maga299 {Arizona} March 2023

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 I have found someone through Christian Cafe.  

Thank you very much for connecting us through this tool that God can use.

Danielle-godsgirl9499 {Illinois} March 2023

 Your customer service is top notch.  

Jeff-jeffw816 {Tennessee} March 2023

 I feel at peace, at home when I am in Christian Cafe.  

You're the best dating site in the whole world.

Most people from your site very God fearing.

Alicia-favour841 {Kenya} March 2023

[Editor's note: See September 2021 for more praise from Alicia!

 I met my future wife on this site in October of 2022.  

She is from Canada. I was called by the Lord to buy the time for a membership which led to me meet my special lady.

We will be getting married this May (2023) and are looking forward to a long and happy life together.

We are blessed that the Lord chose to have us meet on Christian Cafe and we thank you for the good work that you all are doing in people's lives in being an instrument in God's plan for us.

Trevor-smppls776 {Alaska} March 2023

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