Christian Testimony - February 2023

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 Keep praying people!  

A Christian single man wearing glasses and toque laughs next to a woman who smiles with him for a selfie

Nathan with the right choice - Nicole!

I met my wife on here with a lot of prayer and desire to meet the one God would want me with and to be less lonely.

It wasn't everyone I spoke to, but it was the right choice after seeking the Father's guidance.

We spoke on here and soon thereafter we texted, spoke, dated and went from meeting to marriage in 5 months.

She is the 2nd love of my life, only second to God.

Don't forget as children of God He wants to be part of our marriage. He takes that covenant so seriously. There will be strife between husband and wife but Jesus is the glue that binds us.

Nathan-ardridh360 {Ohio} & Nicole-nicoleohare892 {New York} February 2023

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 By His grace and through Christian Cafe platform we found each other.  

A beautiful Christian bride and husband smile while seated behind a uniquely decorated wedding cake

A very proud and happy Rob and Mila!

A Christian Orthodox couple are crowned while the wedding priest reads while facing away

Marrying before God

Former single Christians marry in an orthodox ceremony while holding candles and preparing to wear crowns

Doesn't Mila look beautiful!

A new bride in white dress kisses her tuxedo husband while they each hold photos of saints

The newly wedded couple kiss

We wanted to follow up and share with you that we got married.

God works in mysterious ways. He finds way to do His wonders in our digital age.

We pray for other Christians to have strong faith and find true love and joy.

Thank you for the work you do - God bless!

Mila-alina658 {Texas} & Rob February 2023

[Editor's note: See October 2022 testimonial for Mila's first post after meeting Rob]

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 Thanks for helping us find each other and create life together.  

A Christian married couple pose while cross country skiing on a sunny day with their 2 children, in the forest

Salem and Eric making memories together with their 2 "Cafe Babies"!

We met on Christian Cafe March 17th, 2020.

We lived across country from each other but decided to talk. A week later we flew to meet each other and realized we were supposed to get married :)

We were Wed in July of 2020.

Fast forward and we have 2 kids today and could not be happier.

Eric-eric3834 {Colorado} & Salem-morwen552 {North Dakota} February 2023

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 We're married...finally!  

A beautiful African Christian bride and her American husband stand proudly after marrying. Blue and white celebration balloons in the background

The beautiful couple

An Ethiopian woman prays a wedding blessing over the married couple, who bow their heads

Prayers of blessing over their marriage

A new husband and wife light a Unity Candle at their wedding ceremony

Lighting a Unity Candle

A newly married Christian man and his wife show off their rings right after marrying

Here's proof - we're married!

A group of wedding guests toast the bride and groom over a wedding cake

Toast to the bride and groom!

A Christian husband tenderly holds his wife's hand as she prepares to cut a wedding cake, while guests cheer and applaud

Let's celebrate!

A new bride roasts Ethiopian coffee beans and holds the smoking pan to her new husband, who smells the flavoured smoke

Ethiopian coffee beans - mmm!

A Christian groom stands with his jacket off and smiles, looking relaxed as he prepares to eat and stands next to his new wife

A relaxed and pleased Michael

A relieved woman wearing glasses leans on a handsome man who looks pleased to be with her, as they stand outdoors in Ethiopia.

Well worth the wait!


After waiting for years through COVID lockdowns and restrictions...

... spending hours and hours connecting online, celebrating our days together online, sharing meals together and even anniversaries online...

... we are now married :)

Thank you so much !!!

Sam-oldschool600 {Ethiopia} & Michael-harrismichael791 {California} February 2023

[Editor's note: See July 2019 testimonial for Sam's first post after meeting Michael and then her follow up in July 2020. Don't miss their engagement in January 2023 and their happy update August 2023.

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 There are free sites out there but I prefer this app because of the quality.  

This app is better quality than most. I have used most Christian dating apps including Upward. has better quality people than most and it gives room for details on profiles and advanced searches.

This is a great app and I have met some wonderful friends.

They also are great about giving periodic free messaging. Great work and God bless!

Matthew-backtotheword884 {Indiana} February 2023

 Delete my account as soon as possible!  

I have met someone, that's why :)

Joshua Cornelius-ssimba596 {Sweden} February 2023

 I've met my future husband.  

Thank you!

Opal-opal804 {Florida} & Marc Dion-marcdion906 {Tennessee} February 2023

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 I think it was probably after decades, but I met someone.  

Technically we met on many years ago, dated briefly, but it didn't work out at the time.

But fast forward to now and we are dating steadily and i strongly believe he is God's choice for me.

I just wanted to you to know because it was through that we met and I wanted to say thanks.

Sonja-niggle615 {New Jersey} February 2023

 We're both happy and we owe this to you.  

And I'm writing to thank you.

I'm now in a relationship with someone for more than a year now and we're planning to get married soon.

Thank you so much. May God bless you and your Christian Cafe family.

Celia-virgo898 {Philippines} February 2023

 I met my wife on this website 11 years ago  

Still going strong!

Tim-smithy129 {Ontario} February 2023

 I no longer need the membership!  

Yes, I did meet someone on :)

Rebecca-rebecca9547 {Arizona} February 2023

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