Christian Testimony - August 2023

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 With ChristianCafe I was able to find the man of my prayers and now we're married!  

An excited Christian Filipina bride smiles at her new husband, who looks at her lovingly while they're on a porch overlooking the water

An overjoyed Lyca with her love, Jimmy

A woman in front of a waterfall shows off her ring as a man leans over to kiss her.

Lyca shows off her ring as she sneaks a kiss!

I just want to thank ChristianCafe dating app exclusively for Christian people.

Jimmy visited me here in the Philippines and we had a good time! I'm feeling blessed and happy!

I had been praying for a man who will love me for my lifetime and God truly never fails. He gave me this man and after months of talking here visited me and now we're married!

God really works in mysterious ways and indeed, time isn't a measure of loving someone. We're excited for what the future holds for us.

Praying for abundance and success on ChristianCafe and to all of the singles looking for one true love!

To God be the glory!

Lyca-ohyesitslyca369 {Philippines} & Jimmy-kokomoman688 {Indiana} August 2023

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 Together at last :)  

A relieved woman seated in a restaurant smiles as her overjoyed husband puts her arm around her

What's more romantic than a date in Qatar!

I made it safely to Qatar and my husband and I are now together full time.

Praise God.

Sam-oldschool600 {Ethiopia} & Michael-harrismichael791 {California} August 2023

[Editor's note: See July 2019 testimonial for Sam's first post after meeting Michael and then her follow up in July 2020. Don't miss their engagement January 2023 and marriage announcement February 2023.

10 Day Free Trial. Start today!
Already a member? Sign in here. is such a breath of fresh air as compared to other sites, Christian ones included.  

I just feel so safe here.

Thank you so very much for this site. May God keep blessing your efforts.

Jay-jay1841 {Zambia} August 2023

 I joined while not really taking it seriously at all - mainly curious.  

Well, Anngelique and I met via Christian Cafe in 2022.

I hope our story encourages someone reading this.

Anngelique (originally from South Africa), mother of one gorgeous young girl, joined ChristianCafe, not realizing it was a dating site.

She thought it was just a forum for discussing God. She loved my profile and thought it was hilarious.

I (from New Zealand), father of 4 sons, had been on Christian Cafe before, and made friends on there in the past.

We (Anngelique and I), spoke as friends for the 1st few months as friends. A family member suggested and sponsored me to go visit Anngelique to find out once and for all if there was any substance to our relationship.

I went and within the first 15 min, I knew I wanted to marry her. I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was in love when I got back on the plane to fly home.

Our relationship has been from the beginning as untraditional as it gets. We both had baggage from the past, in the form of hurts and scars.

God definitely brought us together, and confirmed this time and time again, while we both at times tried running away from this.

Fast forward to August 23, 2023 - we are happily married and very excited about our future together!

Jentse-jentse139 {New Zealand} & Anngelique {South Africa} August 2023

 The kind of people on is wonderful.  

The staff seems kind and the site works well.

I think this site absolutely has the best search functionality of all dating sites.

Simeon-jsm912 {Netherlands} August 2023

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 She wrote to me, as you always suggest, and it went from there!  

I ended up dating and eventually marrying one of your former clients, Anna. She was a full-fledged member of your organization.

Her picture and her profile attracted me and she was attracted by mine as well.

We contacted each other, eventually exchanged contact info and eventually met in person (we lived 1 hour away from each other.)

We were married July 29 up in Muskoka county at a church I attend during the summer!

Right now we are staying up at my cottage until Thanksgiving :)

John-john5133 {Ontario} & Anna-anna2068 {Ontario} August 2023

 I would like to thank you for your Christian website and for the time being here.  

Thanks for this Online Christian service.

I've shared, learned from you and the community, even enjoyed, and having in mind and heart, that our faith is among all, the best, as the apostle Paul entrusted us.

Let me add also this brief feedback: ChristianCafe as a web page is very clear, concise, I'd say very functional and intuitive to use. I valued mostly how neat it is, and I mean also in the content.

I was very happy to know that in these Christian online webs, all brothers and sisters can find a Christian match.

Oscar-jose432 {Spain} August 2023

[Editor's note: See Sept 2021 for more praise from Jose!

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