Christian Testimony - January 2023

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 The Lord has done more than I could have asked for or imagined.  

An American Christian man smiles and hugs his online date after meeting her for the first time

What a joy to finally be together in person!

A collage of engagement photos for former Christian singles. Shown are the ring, cake and family

We're engaged!!

I met the man of my prayers on about 4 years ago.

Being thousands of miles away from each other has its own ups and downs, but by God's grace we made it this far and we are enjoying the journey.

The last few years we celebrated our anniversaries on face time, exchanging gifts and eating dessert.

God is good. He has been leading and guiding us in each step of the way in our relationship.

It has been quite a journey.

Michael came to visit me on Christmas Day, which is also my birthday.

We're now engaged! is the best and may GOD Bless You for your wonderful service !!!

Sam-oldschool600 {Ethiopia} & Michael-harrismichael791 {California} January 2023

[Editor's note: See July 2019 testimonial for Sam's first post after meeting Michael and then her follow up in July 2020, and don't miss their wedding photos in February 2023 and their happy update August 2023]

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 When I discovered the forums things changed.  

Black and white photo of mature formerly single Christians standing side by side on their wedding day in a cabin. The bride holds flowers while smiling.

Anne and John built a relationship of trust first, and are now married :)

"msrunr372" joined approximately 2011. In 2013 I found the forums.

Coming on to just look at profiles can be disappointing - we can have expectations that are generally unrealistic. It can be used as a good time to grow up and adjust one's outlook on many things.

The forums are a place to 'grow up', refine one's views, express one's own reality of the Christian walk and engage with others from very different backgrounds.

"allyoursoul208" joined one week before contacting "msrunr372" in Nov 2019.

We met the first of the year.

We both live in the U.S., 7 hours apart. It was a lot of traveling, but since we are both retired we had more time to do so.

We spent 3 years purposefully planning and building trust and understanding.

And then wed January 3, 2023.

Anne-msrunr372 {Tennessee} & John-allyoursoul208 {Indiana} January 2023

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 May many more find their partners from here.  

A jacketless Christian man in a business suit sits on a stool while his new wife lovingly put her arm in his

Wycliffe is so glad he used - he found Beatrice!

I met my wife here!

We are grateful for Christian Cafe for providing a platform for us to meet.

Thanks a lot.

Wycliffe-ignite166 {Kenya} & Beatrice-Bettyb683 {Kenya} January 2023

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 I wanted a woman whose faith would match mine. Jaunita wanted the same.  

A Canadian Christian man leans into his new bride as she smiles contentedly at their church COVID wedding

Don't Brian and Jaunita look so comfortable together!

Senior Christians who have just married look lovingly at each other after marrying in church

Brian and Jaunita have never been happier!

I saw Jaunita's profile and thought she was too far away. But I chose to read her profile anyway.

It was very short but God spoke to me as I read how she had been a single mom like my mother and was now a retired English teacher. I wept as I read knowing she had struggled to raise her daughter.

After a month or so I drove down to visit her and the 8 hour drive gave plenty of prayer time as I asked God make her the one.

I arrived and got a hotel room and called her so we could go out for a late supper. We went to Mr. Mikes. I had no idea that steak was her comfort food.

I suggested she show me the town and because she had drove we took her car and I filled her tank with gas - my treat. She drove by her place so I knew where to find her the next day and toured the town.

Our real date was next day as we went to Calgary and visited the zoo. We walked around, held hands and talked and talked. Then supper at Red Lobster - what a treat!

I left to help a friend for three days and returned and we went to church that Sunday, with lunch after.

As I packed up my car to leave God talked to me about reducing that tense moment. I walked up to Jaunita who was standing on her steps. I gave her an acceptable hug, gave her a kiss on her forehead, then turned and got in my car and blew her a kiss.

I had been a gentleman and wanted her to feel safe and comfortable with me. Her daughter sent me a text: "Thank you for being a gentleman and giving my mom a wonderful time."

Jaunita came up to visit me two months later and we made perogies with my daughter and grandson, which won their hearts. Later, my kids gave me the blessing to marry Jaunita.

I would call her at 9:00 each morning and we would pray for our kids together. We talked about the pandemic and decided at our age there was no time to wait.

We got married January 5 after 7 months of intense courtship. We studied the Truth Project together and marriage counselling with my pastor. Covid reduced our wedding to 14 people.

We braided a cord of three strands 16 feet long - a gold strand for God, a blue one for me, and a white for my bride. It was placed over our hands as we made our vows and it now hangs over our bed.

It symbolizes God is in and touches every part of our lives.

I am now 70 and widowed Jaunita is 65. It's been a year of marriage now and we never been happier.

Brian-brian8780 {Alberta} & Jaunita {Alberta} January 2023

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 Another success story!  

I am on my way to my cousin's wedding this weekend and she met her husband via your dating site!

Natalie commented how is truly about connecting Christians and not just worldly standards or connections.

Sanett (Natalie's cousin), regarding Natalie-natalie112 {South Africa} & Jethro-murfs102 {Netherlands} January 2023

 This is a very good site and the easy layout and questions make it one of the best I have tried.  

Jeff-jeffwilks737 {Germany} January 2023 seems to be the only honest dating site.  

I looked at many other "Christian" dating sites but I don't believe they were really Christian.

Daniel-bellevue241 {Washington State} January 2023

[Editor's note: is Christian-owned]

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 It simply is amazing.  

I have been talking to someone I met on We have been praying for God's will to be done, not ours.

We know that nothing is impossible to our wonderful God.

May God keep blessing everything you do, especially the app.

Monica-mons485 {Brazil} January 2023

 I met my now fiancee on here back in September of 2022.  

Thank you for your dating service.

George-man179 {Texas} & Jesslyn January 2023

 We can speak about our experience with a lot of fondness.  

I met my now wife, Ruth, on Christian Cafe back in November 2021. We were married last month.

Stu-stuie822 {Queensland, Australia} & Ruth January 2023

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 You can learn a lot about a person reading their profile.  

I love how the profiles are lengthy.

I also feel like most of the members practice their faith.

Phyllis-newbeginnings158 {Colorado} January 2023

 Much better than Christian Mingle.  

I don't know what causes the difference between and ChristianMingle but all (except one) conversations on ChristianMingle were fake catfishing conversations.

Once a website becomes flooded with fake profiles it's just a waste of time and money.

By contrast, I've had multiple excellent conversations on ChristianCafe.

Whatever you guys are doing keeping it real keep it up.

Steve-sonuvaking875 {Ontario} January 2023

 Out of all the dating programs I have used, I find your profile format the best tool for compatibility evaluation.  

I hope more Christians find out about!

Charles-cyril900 {Manitoba} January 2023

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 Take my profile off!  

I've met someone :)


Ken-painterpilot855 {Ontario} January 2023

 I have used both eHarmony and ChristianMingle, and they are not near as good as ChristianCafe.  

You have one-of, if not THE best Christian dating website online. Why mess with something that is working successfully already?

I know ChristianCafe works successfully for some - it worked for my younger brother. And so, keep up the good work!

Tony-tonyb706 {New South Wales, Australia} January 2023

 I have found my wife on!  

Mark-markdavid812 {New Jersey} January 2023

 Almost 20 years later!  

I submitted a testimonial back in 2003 about 3 months after Amber and I first met. Incredibly, the testimonial is still there.

Thinking back to that time is so special. I think about how enamored I was around her. How I was the absolute luckiest guy on earth.

I knew I had scored. I knew it.

19 years later I thank God for that profile on back in 2003.

Still married to the love of my life.

Also, side note, still love at first sight. Told ya.

Blaine {California} & Amber {California} January 2023

[Editor's note: See March 2003 testimonial for Blaine and Amber's marriage testimonial!]

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