Christian Testimony - July 2020

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 When I almost gave up I met this wonderful man.  

Black American Christian man smiling at beautiful Ethiopian wife while on video chat

Sam met the love of her life, Michael!

Christian couple in collage while wearing glasses

Michael sporting the shades to lighten the mood :)

Christian Couple meeting over Zoom while giving thumbs up and wearing COVID masks

Sam and Michael enjoy many ways of spending time online together during lockdown

After another member met the love of her life on your site, she transferred her remaining paid membership time to me.

I met the man I prayed for on and we celebrated our one year anniversary of our first meeting. I was planning to visit him but due to the pandemic we couldn't do it. Though we are 7000 miles away we talk for hours, pray, read , cook enjoying each other's company.

We are doing great. Though it is hard sometimes, we are enjoying the journey and trusting the Lord to lead through each step.

Sam-oldschool600 {Ethiopia} & Michael-harrismichael791 {California} July 2020

[Editor's note: See July 2019 testimonial for Sam's first post after meeting Michael and January 2023 testimonial for their engagement announcement. And don't miss their wedding photos in February 2023 and their happy update August 2023!]

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 When Walter came to Brazil for our wedding we were interviewed by a local TV show called Chegadas e Partidas.  

Canadian Christian man wearing baseball cap smiles and poses with his beautiful Brazilian wife with blonde hair

Walter and Rosana tell everyone they met on!

I am Brazilian and I signed up to the site in 2017, where I met my current husband Walter, who is Canadian.

Yesterday the TV episode aired here in Brazil and people found out that we met through Since then I have been getting a lot of texts asking me to direct them to you :)

Rosana {Brazil} & Walter-workingonit133 {Ontario} July 2020

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 Christian Cafe is great, and was a good investment.  

I met a wonderful lady (in August-Sept 2019) whom I've been in communication with since then.

I don't plan to use Christian Cafe anymore. Thank you!

Ricky-rbiblecardiol286 {California} & Khristine {Philippines} July 2020

 I met a wonderful lady and we are engaged!  

Thank you Christian Cafe!

Tom-waterlover801 {Alabama} July 2020

 God through opened my eyes for a lot of new things and refreshed my faith.  

I met my wife from Vietnam and we married in 2019. I was in Italy and it was really difficult to imagine that through one Canadian dating agency I would meet my Vietnamese wife.

Finding a lifepartner depends on several factors, including:

1. Intensity of desire to be married. I wrote hundred of messages to really nice ladies, from Panama to Vietnam, Philippines, Uganda, etc. and invested more than 200 hours! During my 6 months membership my profile was viewed more than 1000 times. The Bible is full with examples like this, where God blesses our desires (e.g. Hannah, who wanted to have baby). See Psalm 37:4.

2. Date only Christians. Don't date unbelievers (see tragic end of Samson).

3. When God see one burning desire to get married and blesses us with a Christian Family - for our happiness and for His Glory - He can work very strong in both partners.

Maybe our advice can help another singles who are looking to get married.

Anton-happyfuture505 {Italy} & Tam-juliadoan731 {Vietnam} July 2020

[Editor's note: See April 2016 testimonial for Anton's first impression of the site!]

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 I've found love! Thank you Christian Cafe!  

I met my actual partner ZSOLT , through Christian Cafe. We both are very happy, and grateful for that. We've been Skyping and sending emails for 6 months , now we've met personally and we both are in a very committed and deep relationship , so in Love.

Thank you for being God's instrument so we both could meet.

Arantxa-arantxa801 {Spain} Zsolt-zsoltip547 {Hungary} July 2020

 I was only on Christian Cafe for a short period of time when I met Frank.  

He and I started chatting and moved from there. He used to live in my city and we realized that we had more in common than we thought. We have been dating since May.

Thank you Christian Cafe.

Gayle-heartfelt137 {Arkansas} & Frank-borowalk658 {Arkansas} July 2020

[Editor's note: See September 2020 for an update and a wedding photo!]

  I have found my soulmate on here and we are looking forward to the next chapter in our lives.  

Thank you!

Fiona-faithfulfi363 {UAE} July 2020

 I met a man who sparked a fire in my soul!  

He is the One whom my soul seeketh ...we chatted on for about a week or two. From there it progressed to personal email, then telephone and text. Just last week we had our very first face to face meeting, where Kingsprince came to visit me by flying over from California to Georgia!! It was so successful that I just had to let you know.

We have plans to continue the visits and lots of ideas and preparations are in the works for our time together and the activities we will participate in.

We are so much in real agape love, and fellowship that God be glorified, and the world watch out!

If you're reading this, May YOUR joy be full, too!

Sharon-ladys362 {Georgia} & Craig-kingsprince {California} July 2020

[Editor's note: See February 2020 testimonial for Sharon's first impression of the site]

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