Christian Testimony - April 2016

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 Praise the Lord! He is truly mighty and a God of miracles!  

South African singles hugging in a parking lot

Leslie and Nicholas are very happy to have connected!

We wanted to share with you that the Lord brought Nicholas and I together in August last year.

We were married on the 21 November last year, 4 months after meeting and reside in Cape Town.

Thank you for everything from Nicholas and I and God bless you richly !

Leslie-leslie007 {South Africa} & Nicholas-hopeful5541 {South Africa} April 2016

 Happy Anniversary to us  

Man with white hair smiling and hugging a red haired woman

Ken and Sarah, all smiles together!

Couple sitting next to Santa Claws

Ken and Sarah with the man in red

A couple sit with their pets next to Santa in front of fireplace

Ken and Sarah proudly display their dogs with Santa

A relaxed man waves while sitting next to a happy woman by the fireplace

Loved ones by the fireplace

Ken and I are celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary on April 5th. We met on 11/3/2009, and became engaged on Feb. 14th, 2010. Being old (our 50's), we were in a hurry (laugh.) He was from Grass Valley, CA and I was from Ohio and we both had been through some very difficult times and we knew it God's will and God's direction that we meet and get married.

It hasn't always been easy - he is still a neat-a-holic and I am still a slob-a-holic - but he is the best dog-dad and Godly man that I have ever met. This past Feb. 14th, we became members of a new church and told the congregation how we met on your site and how God had blessed us in our relationship and used us through various ministries. There is so much more we could say, but I write you every year and want to once again thank you for providing such a great and safe site for Christians to meet. Your organization is a real blessing.

Ken-kennyg842 {California} & Sarah-dogmom396 {Ohio} April 2016

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 The emails we exchanged on are part of our wedding album!  

Steve and I first connected on March 2003. We visited a while on the site, exchanging emails, till June or so.

Then we met in July 2003 and got married in December 2003! We're very happily married.

It was a very fun courtship and I'm very Thankful to have met such a wonderful man, that Loves God first! I get the great benefit of that relationship, because the Love of our Father God flows through Steve into my life and onto our children. I'm richly blessed!

Sherry-wanda735 {Alaska} & Steve-greyscribe334 {Alaska} April 2016

 Thursday, my wife and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  

Many thanks and praise the LORD!

Larry-deliteinlord636 & Janie April 2016

 I met my husband 10 years ago on and we are happily married.  

melba775 {New York} April 2016

 You are most surely "the best Christian site" I have known.  

I love your NEW DESIGN! I have been blessed to be a part of this site for a long time. I have made some great friends and knowing that all things are possible, may meet my future partner!

You have worked so hard to keep this site a place where we can all find some peace, and fellowship, friends, and many even mates! I pray that God would reward all your hard work.

And thank you so much for making this a place I can come and enjoy.

Patsy-agape737 {California} April 2016

 Some years ago I met through this site a great man.  

No romance but a great friend. We did two missionary trips to Uganda. It was life changing and a tremendous blessing. Now this time I have established contact with another member, e-mailing regularly. It seems very clear we have a lot in common and are planning to meet in not too distant future. He is a real diamond.

Maire-reindeer871 {England} April 2016

 I won't be renewing.  

I have been corresponding with someone special. Hopefully this will lead to a lasting relationship so I won't be renewing. I'm very grateful!

VictoriaRae-victoriarae502 {North Carolina} April 2016

 Thank you very much for all you do for me  

and other single ladies and men from over the world for one really small price!

Anton-happyfuture505 {Italy} April 2016

[Editor's note: See July 2020 testimonial for Anton's marriage update!]

 Through I found the love of my life.  

We are getting married in October. I would also add that many people had been praying for us. So to God be the Glory. I will forthwith unsubscribe.

Many, many thanks. I pray for all the singletons using that they may be as happy as we are. God's richest Blessings to the management and staff.
A satisfied customer.

Richard-richardcole1978 {Ireland} April 2016

 My fiance and I met on in October 2012 and are getting married this summer.  

Eva-evina870 {Spain} & Sean-nolan957 {South Africa} April 2016

 I cancelled my account, but not because I am dissatisfied with your services in any way - just the opposite!  

I met my husband on your site in February 2015 and we have been very very happily married since last summer!!

We met and fell in love and are incredibly happy. God bless you and thank you for providing a safe and now very modern and wonderful website to find my soulmate!

We will both be forever grateful to God and to you GUYS!!!!!

Bev-happyinhope7777 {Ontario} & Michael-kindstrong981 {England} April 2016

 I do not need the service any longer. It has served me well.  

I have used your service for a number of years and appreciate the opportunity it provides singles to connect with someone that may turn out to be their potential spouse. has served that purpose for me well and I don't hesitate share that information with friends and people that I meet. I have been married since this past September.

Ari-sierraapex537 {South Carolina} April 2016
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