Christian Testimony - March 2016

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 Without I would not have been married for 8 great-every-day exciting years.  

Beautiful South American woman in sunglasses sits next to a man who leans into her for a hug

Mike with his wife of 8 years

My wife is from Paraguay and it was quite a risk in making the long journey. Both being Christians and using your site made it possible. Just wanted to say thank you for 8 wonderful years.

Mike-gringoishere241 {Florida} March 2016
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 We are pleased to inform the general public that a second look at Christian Cafe Dating site shows that this is the best dating site in the world.  

As an Attorney at Law we have found that has put together a team of very good people who are extremely courteous and always prepared to help.

Brenda and I are in a very friendly relationship and we sincerely believe that we have begun our journey towards a meaningful relationship that by the awesome power of the Holy Spirit in Christ Jesus would lead us to marriage in 2016. As the Lord directs, Amen!

Paul-pamenordia807 {Missouri} & Brenda March 2016

 I would like to express my appreciation for your site. I think it's the best one I have been on to date.  

(Not just Christian but all dating sites I've checked - that would include 6 or 7). has so many useful features.

Johnny-jonnee409 {Texas} March 2016

 This is truly a Christian site and I enjoyed using it.  

In three years I made some good contacts, one almost to an engagement. I will trust God to connect the right one in His way and time. Blessings to you all :)

Asit-bijoy800 {Tennessee} March 2016

[Editor's note: See January 2018 testimonial for Aist's engagement announcement!]

 Praise for your new design!  

What a better user friendly site. Easy to see and view all that you have to offer. I am glad you have stepped into a more up-to-date format. Well done.

Anonymous March 2016

 Awesome new design!  

Still really easy to navigate, looks great, significant upgrades. Well done!

Wayne-wef154 {Ontario} March 2016

 I love love love your new design!  

Thanks so much for redoing the website; what a beautiful layout. It will make the search much easier for your clients.

Theresa-eyesonchrist207 {Ontario} March 2016

 Love the new design.  

Makes negotiating around the site so much easier and the photos are so much easier to see.

Shane-wotmo636 {New Zealand} March 2016

 I think the new design is great! Looks fresh and is user friendly.  

Danne-unscripted509 {Florida} March 2016
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