- Christian Testimony - February 2016
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 Like's president, I was a missionary with YWAM.  

YWAM missionary meets his wife

Akram with his wife and their "Cafe Baby"

I met my wife on the site, and we are happily married with a beautiful baby. Thank you!

Akram-akram109 {Wisconsin} February 2016

 We would like to say THANK YOU for!  

Otaly is all smiles around Larry

The happy couple at Corcovado Mountain in Rio de Janeiro

Larry and Otaly on their wedding day

Larry tries feeding Otaly some wedding cake

My husband and I we were married on August 01 of last year and we are very happy. God has blessed us through this website and therefore we are very grateful. My husband and I met each other on this site. God has greatly honored us and for this reason we are sharing this blessing in our lives. GOD IS GOOD!!! God bless you guys in Jesus' name! Thank you so much!!

Otaly-nenabi431 {Brazil} & Larry February 2016
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 I really commend your site for the efficient service and how are things done to protect the members.  

Really in awe and very commendable! Felt so safe. I am really privileged for the time and chance that I experienced.

Maria-joybucketlist964 {Hong Kong} February 2016

 You helped me to find the special man in my life.  

Our engagement was recently:) Praise the Lord. I would like to thank you for your work, I am very grateful to

Eva-bijou557 {Hungary} February 2016

 I met my amazing godly wife here on  

We've been married going on 5 years. Thank you so much for your service.

Fred- manofgod277 {Indiana} February 2016

 As a result of joining I met my husband.  

We have just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary.

Ashley-sprunkie123 {Michigan} & Jacob February 2016
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