Christian Testimony - January 2016

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 It worked! It worked! It finally worked!  

A devoted man focuses his entire attention on a beautiful woman who looks radiant

Steve's complete attention is on Lorraine while on honeymoon in Antigua

A couple smile under an arch with flowers

Steve and Lorraine on their wedding day

I'd been on and off for a few years, and had given it a rest for a few months, but decided to give it a try again in the spring of 2014. I was still holding out hope that I could find my future spouse here.

That May, Steve was trying out a free trial. I came across his profile and was very impressed. I could tell he was intelligent, sincere, a man of faith in Jesus Christ, and I loved that I could see kindness in his eyes. We also had several interests in common.

I sent him a little note and was glad to hear back from him soon after. As it turns out, he was equally impressed! So we communicated via Cafe mail for about two months, at which time we were pretty sure the length of our emails were going to cause the site to collapse!

It was time to talk on the phone. We never seemed to run out of things to talk about. It became more and more evident what a good match we were.

In October 2014, we switched to video calls, and that November Steve flew from Maryland to Arkansas to meet me in person. It was a weekend full of fun activities and chance to see that we both wanted a relationship.

The next five months were filled with lots of video calls, meeting each other's families, dates in CA, KS, IN, MD, and AR... and falling in love.

On April 25, 2015, during a romantic picnic on a picture perfect spring day, Steve proposed and I said yes! We praise God that He answered our prayers and brought us together in marriage on September 5, 2015.

We honeymooned on the beautiful island of Antigua, and I moved to Maryland where we are now living out the happily ever after part!

Now that I'm on the "other side" of the search for a spouse, here are some words of encouragement to those still searching:

  • Don't stress - God's got this, and if He wants you to find someone on this site, it can and will happen.
  • Don't give up hope. Ever. I was 42 and he was 43, and God really, truly, brought us together at the right time.
  • Keep praying, but also expect God to bless your socks off!
  • Perhaps try looking a little outside of your regular "search parameters". I actually wouldn't have come across Steve's profile with my search settings; I only found him because I veered from my standard search to check out new member profiles.
  • Consider being open to long distance relationships. Granted, they are challenging and inconvenient, but if you've found the right person, it'll be worth it and the long distance part will only be temporary.

Thank you You truly were God's instrument in bringing us together.

Lorraine-breezy759 {Arkansas} and Steve-scm890 {Maryland} January 2016

Lorraine's patience paid off and her prayers were answered - she married Steve on September 5, 2015

 Thank You Very Much.  

Former Christian singles on social media telling others how they met

Naomi and Enrique are proud to tell the world!

A man sneaks a kiss from surprised wife during selfie

Enrique gives Naomi a kiss for the camera

A very peaceful and contented man nuzzles his chin into her shoulder

Naomi and Enrique pose for a selfie

These pictures from our first meeting speak for themselves :) Enrique came to Indonesia to visit me Dec 17, 2015 - Jan 5, 2016 after we met on

Naomi-naomi172 {Indonesia} & Enrique-kike910 {Spain} January 2016

[Editor's note: August 2015 for Naomi's first submission]

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 I met my wife on your site nearly 15 years ago and we are still married.  

I am still deeply in love with my wife.

Scot-thurm599 January 2016

 You guys are the best there is.  

You have a great website. It is much superior to [another service] as well as the other sites in terms of being able to find true, born-again Christians.

Dan-danrock314 {Illinois} January 2016

[Editor's note: See February 2017 testimonial for more praise from Dan!]

 The whole online dating practice is still hard for me to settle in my mind.  

Needless to say, my experience on the site was wholesome and modest and I felt my privacy was respected.

Tamickia-tamique420 {Jamaica} January 2016

 I would like to thank you at for your site, through which I met the lady to whom I am now engaged to be married in three months' time.  

Thank you for your very good site which brought us together in the UK.

Chris-sussexboy206 {England} & Jill-hepzi583 {England} January 2016
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