- Christian Testimony - August 2015
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 I met my husband Sam through  

Sharing a laugh while cutting the wedding cake

Danielle and Sam embrace after marrying

When I first joined for the free trial I would have never thought I would meet such a great man with the same faith as me. We went on are first date November 2013. We had dinner, then went for a walk and talked lots. The second date is when we both realized we were going to date long term. After 6 months of dating we started talking about marriage. 10 months after our first date, in September 2014, we got engaged. We planned a summer wedding and got married on July 4, 2015. Yes, we are newly weds :)

Danielle-danikristen246 & Sam {British Columbia} August 2015
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 I don't need your site now. Thank You very much!  

I want to tell you that I found my love on We are very happy to report that we are planning a wedding for next year if God permits.

Naomi-naomi172 {Indonesia} & Enrique-kike910 {Spain} August 2015

 Praise God, a few days ago I met God's promise to me, my future husband.  

Thank you for your site, blessing many people. It also brings to me to encourage and strengthen confidence, and learn many lessons. There are many awesome brothers and sisters in here too. I will continue pray for your site, and I will spread the word about to brothers and sisters who in need. Thank you for the cares and help. Thank you for your wonderful life, to bring blessings to many. May God give you, today, tomorrow, the future more and more favour, Amen!

Lydia-lydia869 {China} August 2015

 My wife and I met on 12 years ago  

and we have been happily married for 11 years... Just wanted to say thanks!

Eric-wrshpr461 & April-april473 {Oklahoma} August 2015
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