Christian Testimony - December 2015

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 I'm happy to inform you that I met my now husband of now 16 months through the site!  

Former Christian singles now married gaze lovingly on the grass in sunshine

Beth and Charles gazing lovingly on their wedding day

A couple holds hands as well as infant shoes in their pockets to symbolize her pregnancy

Beth and Charles are expecting their first "Cafe Baby"!

I met my husband in December 2013. He was just getting on the site and I was considering taking a few months off so the timing was perfect!

Charles was in Turkey and I was in California. He definitely was serious about pursuing my heart although he wasn't pushy at all. By February 2014 after much conversation with him, family, mentors, and definitely lots of prayer I knew I was going to marry him.

Being that he is military we only had time between deployment buckets to have our wedding, so much to everyone's surprise we married June 2014... Exactly 6

months and 1 week from the time we met.

Since then we have gone through a deployment and are also now expecting our first baby. We couldn't be happier!

I loved the set-up of Christian Cafe and it really feels like a community. Thank you so much and God bless!

Beth-womanofgod431 {California} & Charles-surrenderall772 {New Mexico} December 2015

 I found the LOVE OF MY LIFE and an ANSWERED prayer after so many years.  

A thankful Christian single woman smiles while her soulmate stands behind and looks over her shoulder

Florinda enjoying a selfie with Alan

A couple pose arm in arm on a rug

Alan shares a laugh with Florinda

A woman smiles while hugging her fiance and showing off her engagement ring on video

Alan and Florinda laughing and showing off the engagement ring!

We are really thankful for I have shared this site with my friends and colleagues and how it works. It worked for me and my fiance, Alan. Everything is on the hand of the Our LORD JESUS CHRIST Almighty. Whatever His plans are - two different nationalities, two different countries.

When I first joined I found my self reading profiles and I sent a wink to Alan because his profile really caught my attention. We then chatted about everything: spiritual life, family, our pasts. The conversation was good and amazing. We continued chatting until we wanted to meet in person. At every decision we made we prayed, asking for the Lord to guide us and bless us. Alan then travelled to Kuwait, where I have been working, for a visit for more than a week. We feel very blessed and happy with the joy the Lord has given to both of us.

Now we're engaged and still waiting for his PERFECT TIMING for our marriage on December 23, 2015 in South Australia. We are so BLESSED AND THANKFUL TO THE LORD ALMIGHTY, and to this site.


Florinda-looking8576 {Philippines} & Alan-fitzgerald216 {South Australia} December 2015

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 I met the most sweetest and most kindest man on here, at  

After all the time I have been waiting, God has blessed us with his favour. Yes, we are getting married very soon. Thank you.

Janet-simplyme264 {New Zealand} December 2015

 Just wanted to say thank you: I met my bride on your site.  

We were married Sunday the 8th November. I could not be happier.

Ty-greatmind939 {Maryland} December 2015

 I paid for a one year's subscription.  

Thanks to your help I have found a wonderful woman!

Matt-majovalo825 {Ontario} December 2015

 I have found someone pretty fantastic!  

Amy-beloved379 {Manitoba} & Chuck-winstead260 {Nebraska} December 2015

 Please take me off this site.  

I have found the Love of my life! God bless.

Amanda-aj692 {Alberta} December 2015
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